These are instructions on how to update your Android Phone and Tablets using the OTA method and using the PC Suite method.

Updating any Android Phone through Air

Step 1: Connect to WI-FI or Mobile Network on your Device.

Step 2. Open Settings on your Phone.

Open Settings on Android Device

Step 3. Then Tap on About Phone.

Android About Phone

Step 4. Then Tap on System Updates.

Android System Updates

Step 5. Then your Android Device will check for the available updates.

android checking for updates

Step 6. If there is no update available for your android device then you might get the message “your device is up to date”.

Android Device Up to Date


[*] Updating phone through air is very nice feature but downloading large updates may cost extra network charges.

[*] Many of you might face some issues with this method, like unable to get the latest update. In this case you should you must prefer updating phone though Software.

Updating any Android Phone through Software

Updating Android Phone through software is also a simple task. You need to have the Sync Software of your Phone, means if you have Samsung Device then you need Samsung Kies Software, for HTC Device you need HTC Sync Software, For Sony Device you need Sony PC Companion, For LG Devices you need LG PC Suite.

Example: Below we are going to Guide you how to Update your Samsung Phone using Samsung Kies:

Step 1: Download and Install Samsung Kies on your computer.

Samsung Kies

Step 2: Once installation is completed, Open Samsung Kies and Plug your phone to the computer using Data Cable.

Mobile USB Computer

  • Once Samsung Kies recognize your phone, you will be automatically get notified about the latest available update for your android phone. Click on the Update button to proceed.

    Android 4.2.2 update available for Galaxy Grand Duos

    Step 4: Now, you will be able to see Firmware Update Caution message. Simply Tick “I have read all of the above information” then press Start upgrade button to proceed.

    Kies Firmware Update Caution message

    Step 5: Now, Kies will prepare your phone for firmware update by downloading upgrade components. Once preparation is done it will automatically start downloading the latest firmware update for your phone.

    Kies downloading upgrade components

    Step 6: After downloading the latest firmware update for your phone, Kies will install it on your smartphone. Once installation is completed you will see Firmware upgrade complete message on Kies.

    Kies Firmware upgrade complete

    Congratulations, just above you have learned how to update your Android Phone.


    [*] PC Softwares available: For Samsung is Samsung Kies, For HTC phone is HTC Sync Manager, For Sony Xperia is Sony PC Companion, For LG Phone you have LG PC Suite.

    [*] Above we have only listed the important software only. Where as you can look after the website of your Smartphone manufacturing companies for the PC Suite Application which will help you to update your android device through computer.