Tiny ADB and Fastboot Tool is a small application for Windows Computer that allows you to install and set up the ADB and Fastboot files on the Computer.

Here on this page, we have shared the latest version of the ADB & Fastboot Tool and the previous versions.

Tiny ADB and Fastboot Tool

Festures of Tiny ADB and Fastboot Tool

Portable & Installer Application:

It comes as Portable and Installer application. Download and extract the preferred version on the computer and open the Tiny ADB and Fastboot.exe to launch the Setup Window. Once the setup window is launched, follow the screen instructions to complete the Setup.

Installation Location:

It allows you to choose where you want to set up the Fastboot files on the Computer. You can set up/move the location of Fastboot files to your preferred location through the setup window (default location is: C:\Program Files (x86)\Tiny ADB and Fastboot).

Desktop Shortcut:

It allows you to create/set up the Shortcut of the Fastboot Window on the Desktop. Using the Shortcut, you can easily launch the Command Window inside the fastboot files folder. Therefore, the Shortcut can be convenient if you are working with the fastboot files.

System Path Environment:

It allows you to add the fastboot files to the System path environment. The System Path Environment enables you to run any executables located inside the command prompt variable’s path without giving the full executable path.

Download Tiny ADB & Fastboot Tool

It is compatible with all versions of Windows OS, including Windows XP to Windows 11 (x32 or x64 bit). If in case you were looking for the latest version of the Tool, then use the following links to get it on your computer:


v1.0.0: Tiny_ADB_and_Fastboot_v1.0.0.exe

v1.1.0: Tiny_ADB_and_Fastboot_v1.1.0.exe

v1.1.1: Tiny_ADB_and_Fastboot_v1.1.1.exe

v1.1.2: Tiny_ADB_and_Fastboot_v1.1.2.exe

v1.1.3: Tiny_ADB_and_Fastboot_v1.1.3.exe

v1.1.4: Tiny_ADB_and_Fastboot_v1.1.4.exe

v1.1.5: Tiny_ADB_and_Fastboot_v1.1.5.exe

v1.1.6: Tiny_ADB_and_Fastboot_v1.1.6.exe

v1.2.0: Tiny_ADB_and_Fastboot_v1.2.0.exe

v1.2.1: Tiny_ADB_and_Fastboot_v1.2.1.exe

v1.3.0: Tiny_ADB_and_Fastboot_v1.3.0.exe

v1.4.0: Tiny_ADB_and_Fastboot_v1.4.0.exeLatest



v1.0.0: Tiny_ADB_and_Fastboot_v1.0.0_Portable.zip

v1.1.0: Tiny_ADB_and_Fastboot_v1.1.0_Portable.zip

v1.1.1: Tiny_ADB_and_Fastboot_v1.1.1_Portable.zip

v1.1.2: Tiny_ADB_and_Fastboot_v1.1.2_Portable.zip

v1.1.3: Tiny_ADB_and_Fastboot_v1.1.3_Portable.zip

v1.1.4: Tiny_ADB_and_Fastboot_v1.1.4_Portable.zip

v1.1.5: Tiny_ADB_and_Fastboot_v1.1.5_Portable.zip

v1.1.6: Tiny_ADB_and_Fastboot_v1.1.6_Portable.zip

v1.2.0: Tiny_ADB_and_Fastboot_v1.2.0_Portable.zip

v1.2.1: Tiny_ADB_and_Fastboot_v1.2.1_Portable.zip

v1.3.0: Tiny_ADB_and_Fastboot_v1.3.0_Portable.zip

v1.4.0: Tiny_ADB_and_Fastboot_v1.4.0_Portable.zipLatest


[*] How to Install: If you want to learn to install the Tiny Fastboot Tool on the computer, then head over to How to install Tiny ADB Fastboot Tool page.

[*] Alternative Tool: Minimal ADB & Fastboot is the best alternative tool, which also allows you to install the ADB and Fastboot files on the Computer in few Seconds.

[*] Setup ADB and Fastboot using Android SDK: If you want to learn to set up the ADB and fastboot files using the Android SDK package, then head over to How to setup ADB and Fastboot Drivers page.

[*] Credits: Tiny ADB Tool is created and distributed by K3V1991 (XDA Developer). So, full credit goes to him for sharing the Application for free.