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On this page, we have managed to share the Intex Stock ROM Firmware (Flash File) for all Intex smartphones, featurephone and tablets.

All the following Intex Stock ROM (zip file) contains the original Intex USB Driver, Flash Tool, and the Firmware File. After Downloading the firmware, follow the instruction manual shipped with the firmware to flash or install firmware on mobile.

Intex Stock ROM Firmware

Whats Intex Stock ROM and its Advantage

The Stock ROM (Mobile OS) is the Most Stable ROM released by the device manufacturers depending on the device model and Android version. However, the Stock ROM don’t offer many customizations or features for the device.

While in general third-party firmware (Custom ROM) has system bugs and stability issues. In this case, you may experience battery issues, network issues, camera issues, missing features, lags, overheating, slow performance, and many more. But whenever you switch to Stock ROM, you can quickly fix them all.

Advantages of Intex Stock ROM

  • Unbrick the device.
  • Upgrade or downgrade Mobile OS.
  • Fix OTA update issue.
  • Fix a problem with the device startup loop.
  • Fix bugs on your phone.
  • Fix Lag or Stuttering on the device.
  • Fix battery drain issue.
  • Software performance improvement.
  • Returning a stock ROM entitles the warranty on the phone.

Download Intex Stock Firmware

Model NameDownload
Intex A-OneFirmware
Intex A-One PlusFirmware
Intex Ablaze 2Firmware
Intex AlphaFirmware
Intex Aqua 3.2Firmware
Intex Aqua 3GFirmware
Intex Aqua 3G MiniFirmware
Intex Aqua 3G NFirmware
Intex Aqua 3G NeoFirmware
Intex Aqua 3G NSFirmware
Intex Aqua 3G PlusFirmware
Intex Aqua 3G ProFirmware
Intex Aqua 3G Pro QFirmware
Intex Aqua 3G StarFirmware
Intex Aqua 3G StrongFirmware
Intex Aqua 3XFirmware
Intex Aqua 4Firmware
Intex Aqua 4.0 3GFirmware
Intex Aqua 4.0 4GFirmware
Intex Aqua 4.5 3GFirmware
Intex Aqua 4.5 ProFirmware
Intex Aqua 4.5EFirmware
Intex Aqua 4G MiniFirmware
Intex Aqua 4G PlusFirmware
Intex Aqua 4G StrongFirmware
Intex Aqua 4XFirmware
Intex Aqua 5Firmware
Intex Aqua 5.0Firmware
Intex Aqua 5.5 VRFirmware
Intex Aqua 5.5 VR PlusFirmware
Intex Aqua 5XFirmware
Intex Aqua A1Firmware
Intex Aqua A2Firmware
Intex Aqua A4Firmware
Intex Aqua A4 PlusFirmware
Intex Aqua AceFirmware
Intex Aqua Ace 2Firmware
Intex Aqua Ace MiniFirmware
Intex Aqua ActiveFirmware
Intex Aqua AirFirmware
Intex Aqua Air 2Firmware
Intex Aqua AmazeFirmware
Intex Aqua Amaze PlusFirmware
Intex Aqua AmoledFirmware
Intex Aqua AuraFirmware
Intex Aqua ClassicFirmware
Intex Aqua Classic 2Firmware
Intex Aqua Classic MiniFirmware
Intex Aqua CostaFirmware
Intex Aqua CrazeFirmware
Intex Aqua Craze 2Firmware
Intex Aqua CrystalFirmware
Intex Aqua Crystal PlusFirmware
Intex Aqua CurveFirmware
Intex Aqua Curve MiniFirmware
Intex Aqua DesireFirmware
Intex Aqua Desire HDFirmware
Intex Aqua DreamFirmware
Intex Aqua Dream IIFirmware
Intex Aqua E4Firmware
Intex Aqua EcoFirmware
Intex Aqua Eco 3GFirmware
Intex Aqua Eco 4GFirmware
Intex Aqua FishFirmware
Intex Aqua FlashFirmware
Intex Aqua FreedomFirmware
Intex Aqua G2Firmware
Intex Aqua GenXFirmware
Intex Aqua GlamFirmware
Intex Aqua GloryFirmware
Intex Aqua GlowFirmware
Intex Aqua HDFirmware
Intex Aqua HD 5.0Firmware
Intex Aqua HD 5.5Firmware
Intex Aqua i2Firmware
Intex Aqua i3Firmware
Intex Aqua i4Firmware
Intex Aqua i4 PlusFirmware
Intex Aqua i5Firmware
Intex Aqua i5 HDFirmware
Intex Aqua i5 MiniFirmware
Intex Aqua I5 OctaFirmware
Intex Aqua i6Firmware
Intex Aqua i7Firmware
Intex Aqua i14Firmware
Intex Aqua i15Firmware
Intex Aqua IristFirmware
Intex Aqua Jewel 2Firmware
Intex Aqua JoyFirmware
Intex Aqua KatFirmware
Intex Aqua LifeFirmware
Intex Aqua Life IIFirmware
Intex Aqua Life IIIFirmware
Intex Aqua Life VFirmware
Intex Aqua Lions 3GFirmware
Intex Aqua Lions 4GFirmware
Intex Aqua Lions 2Firmware
Intex Aqua Lions 3Firmware
Intex Aqua Lions 5Firmware
Intex Aqua Lions E1Firmware
Intex Aqua Lions E3Firmware
Intex Aqua Lions N1Firmware
Intex Aqua Lions T1Firmware
Intex Aqua Lions T1 LiteFirmware
Intex Aqua Lions X1Firmware
Intex Aqua Lions X1 PlusFirmware
Intex Aqua LiteFirmware
Intex Aqua M5Firmware
Intex Aqua MarvelFirmware
Intex Aqua Marvel PlusFirmware
Intex Aqua MusicFirmware
Intex Aqua N2Firmware
Intex Aqua N4Firmware
Intex Aqua N7Firmware
Intex Aqua N8Firmware
Intex Aqua N11Firmware
Intex Aqua N15Firmware
Intex Aqua N17Firmware
Intex Aqua Note 5.5Firmware
Intex Aqua OctaFirmware
Intex Aqua P2Firmware
Intex Aqua P3Firmware
Intex Aqua PlayFirmware
Intex Aqua Plus 4.5 ProFirmware
Intex Aqua PowerFirmware
Intex Aqua Power 4GFirmware
Intex Aqua Power HDFirmware
Intex Aqua Power HD 4GFirmware
Intex Aqua Power IIFirmware
Intex Aqua Power IVFirmware
Intex Aqua Power MFirmware
Intex Aqua Power PlusFirmware
Intex Aqua Power ProFirmware
Intex Aqua PrideFirmware
Intex Aqua ProFirmware
Intex Aqua Pro 4GFirmware
Intex Aqua Q1Firmware
Intex Aqua Q1 PlusFirmware
Intex Aqua Q2Firmware
Intex Aqua Q3Firmware
Intex Aqua Q4Firmware
Intex Aqua Q5Firmware
Intex Aqua Q7Firmware
Intex Aqua Q7 ProFirmware
Intex Aqua Q7NFirmware
Intex Aqua Q7N ProFirmware
Intex Aqua Q8Firmware
Intex Aqua QwertyFirmware
Intex Aqua R2Firmware
Intex Aqua R3Firmware
Intex Aqua R3 PlusFirmware
Intex Aqua R4Firmware
Intex Aqua R4 PlusFirmware
Intex Aqua RazeFirmware
Intex Aqua Raze 2Firmware
Intex Aqua RingFirmware
Intex Aqua SFirmware
Intex Aqua S1Firmware
Intex Aqua S2Firmware
Intex Aqua S3Firmware
Intex Aqua S7Firmware
Intex Aqua SecureFirmware
Intex Aqua SelfieFirmware
Intex Aqua Sense 5.0Firmware
Intex Aqua Sense 5.1Firmware
Intex Aqua SharkFirmware
Intex Aqua Shine 4GFirmware
Intex Aqua SliceFirmware
Intex Aqua Slice IIFirmware
Intex Aqua SpeedFirmware
Intex Aqua Speed HDFirmware
Intex Aqua StarFirmware
Intex Aqua Star 2Firmware
Intex Aqua Star 4GFirmware
Intex Aqua Star 5.0Firmware
Intex Aqua Star HDFirmware
Intex Aqua Star II HDFirmware
Intex Aqua Star LFirmware
Intex Aqua Star PowerFirmware
Intex Aqua Strong 5.1Firmware
Intex Aqua Strong 5.1 PlusFirmware
Intex Aqua Strong 5.2Firmware
Intex Aqua StyleFirmware
Intex Aqua Style 3Firmware
Intex Aqua Style 4.0Firmware
Intex Aqua Style MiniFirmware
Intex Aqua Style ProFirmware
Intex Aqua Style VXFirmware
Intex Aqua Style XFirmware
Intex Aqua SuperFirmware
Intex Aqua SuperbFirmware
Intex Aqua Supreme PlusFirmware
Intex Aqua SwadeshFirmware
Intex Aqua SXFirmware
Intex Aqua T2Firmware
Intex Aqua T3Firmware
Intex Aqua T4Firmware
Intex Aqua T5Firmware
Intex Aqua TrendFirmware
Intex Aqua Trend LiteFirmware
Intex Aqua TrendyFirmware
Intex Aqua Turbo 4GFirmware
Intex Aqua TwistFirmware
Intex Aqua V PlusFirmware
Intex Aqua V2Firmware
Intex Aqua V3Firmware
Intex Aqua V3GFirmware
Intex Aqua V4Firmware
Intex Aqua V5Firmware
Intex Aqua ViewFirmware
Intex Aqua ViturboFirmware
Intex Aqua WaveFirmware
Intex Aqua WingFirmware
Intex Aqua WonderFirmware
Intex Aqua Wonder QuadcoreFirmware
Intex Aqua XFirmware
Intex Aqua X15Firmware
Intex Aqua XtremeFirmware
Intex Aqua Xtreme IIFirmware
Intex Aqua Xtreme VFirmware
Intex Aqua Y2Firmware
Intex Aqua Y2 1GBFirmware
Intex Aqua Y2 IPSFirmware
Intex Aqua Y2 PlusFirmware
Intex Aqua Y2 PowerFirmware
Intex Aqua Y2 ProFirmware
Intex Aqua Y2 RemoteFirmware
Intex Aqua Y2 UltraFirmware
Intex Aqua Y3Firmware
Intex Aqua Y4Firmware
Intex Aqua YoungFirmware
Intex Aqua ZenithFirmware
Intex AuarFirmware
Intex Aura NXFirmware
Intex Avatar 2.8 T&TFirmware
Intex BladeFirmware
Intex BoomFirmware
Intex Boom 2Firmware
Intex BossFirmware
Intex Boss 5.2NFirmware
Intex Boss 5.2N PlusFirmware
Intex BraveFirmware
Intex Brave LXFirmware
Intex Bravo 2.6Firmware
Intex CandyFirmware
Intex CharmFirmware
Intex Classic PlusFirmware
Intex Classic ZXFirmware
Intex Cloud 3G CandyFirmware
Intex Cloud 3G GemFirmware
Intex Cloud 4G SmartFirmware
Intex Cloud 4G StarFirmware
Intex Cloud BloomFirmware
Intex Cloud BreezeFirmware
Intex Cloud C1Firmware
Intex Cloud ChampFirmware
Intex Cloud CrystalFirmware
Intex Cloud CubeFirmware
Intex Cloud Fame 4GFirmware
Intex Cloud FlashFirmware
Intex Cloud ForceFirmware
Intex Cloud FXFirmware
Intex Cloud GFirmware
Intex Cloud Gem PlusFirmware
Intex Cloud Glory N CISFirmware
Intex Cloud JewelFirmware
Intex Cloud M4Firmware
Intex Cloud M5 IIFirmware
Intex Cloud M6Firmware
Intex Cloud MatteFirmware
Intex Cloud NFirmware
Intex Cloud N IPSFirmware
Intex Cloud N4Firmware
Intex Cloud N4 PlusFirmware
Intex Cloud N12Firmware
Intex Cloud N12 PlusFirmware
Intex Cloud O3Firmware
Intex Cloud PaceFirmware
Intex Cloud Power PlusFirmware
Intex Cloud Q5Firmware
Intex Cloud Q11Firmware
Intex Cloud Q11 4GFirmware
Intex Cloud S3Firmware
Intex Cloud S9Firmware
Intex Cloud Scan FPFirmware
Intex Cloud String HDFirmware
Intex Cloud String HD ProFirmware
Intex Cloud String V2.0Firmware
Intex Cloud Style 4GFirmware
Intex Cloud SwiftFirmware
Intex Cloud SwingFirmware
Intex Cloud TreadFirmware
Intex Cloud VFirmware
Intex Cloud VXFirmware
Intex Cloud X PlusFirmware
Intex Cloud X1Firmware
Intex Cloud X1 PlusFirmware
Intex Cloud X2Firmware
Intex Cloud X3Firmware
Intex Cloud X3 PlusFirmware
Intex Cloud X4Firmware
Intex Cloud X5Firmware
Intex Cloud X11Firmware
Intex Cloud X12Firmware
Intex Cloud X15 PlusFirmware
Intex Cloud Y1Firmware
Intex Cloud Y2Firmware
Intex Cloud Y3Firmware
Intex Cloud Y4Firmware
Intex Cloud Y4 PlusFirmware
Intex Cloud Y5Firmware
Intex Cloud Y7Firmware
Intex Cloud Y10Firmware
Intex Cloud Y11Firmware
Intex Cloud Y12Firmware
Intex Cloud Y13Firmware
Intex Cloud Y13 PlusFirmware
Intex Cloud Y17Firmware
Intex Cloud Y17 PlusFirmware
Intex Cloud Z5Firmware
Intex Cloud Z6Firmware
Intex Cloud ZestFirmware
Intex Cool i4Firmware
Intex Crystal 3.5Firmware
Intex Crystal 701Firmware
Intex Crystal 702Firmware
Intex EagleFirmware
Intex Eco 102Firmware
Intex Eco 102 PlusFirmware
Intex Eco 102eFirmware
Intex Eco 104Firmware
Intex Eco 105Firmware
Intex Eco 105eFirmware
Intex Eco 106Firmware
Intex Eco 106 PlusFirmware
Intex Eco 205iFirmware
Intex Eco 210Firmware
Intex Eco 210 PlusFirmware
Intex Eco 2400Firmware
Intex Eco BeatsFirmware
Intex Eco i10Firmware
Intex Eco i11Firmware
Intex Eco i12Firmware
Intex Eco MusicFirmware
Intex Eco NCFirmware
Intex Eco PlusFirmware
Intex Eco SelfieFirmware
Intex Eco SportFirmware
Intex Eco Sports PlusFirmware
Intex EcoNCFirmware
Intex Elyt DualFirmware
Intex Elyt E1Firmware
Intex Elyt E5Firmware
Intex Elyt E6Firmware
Intex Elyt E7Firmware
Intex Elyt E8Firmware
Intex Elyt E8 PlusFirmware
Intex EzeeFirmware
Intex FameFirmware
Intex Fame 301Firmware
Intex Flip X8Firmware
Intex Force 2Firmware
Intex Force PlusFirmware
Intex Fulvu E5Firmware
Intex GrandFirmware
Intex HelixFirmware
Intex i1Firmware
Intex I-BuddyFirmware
Intex I-Buddy 3Firmware
Intex I-Buddy 7Firmware
Intex I-Buddy 7.2Firmware
Intex I-Buddy Connect 3GFirmware
Intex I-Buddy Connect II 3GFirmware
Intex I-Tab 5TFirmware
Intex IN 4470N PlusFirmware
Intex IN-FabioFirmware
Intex IN-ForcaFirmware
Intex IN-HartyFirmware
Intex IN-RodeoFirmware
Intex IN-StunFirmware
Intex IN-TrifFirmware
Intex IN-TrippleFirmware
Intex Indie 15 IM0418NDFirmware
Intex Indie 15DFirmware
Intex Infie 3Firmware
Intex Infie 3 IV0318NDFirmware
Intex Infie 15 IM0418NDFirmware
Intex Infie 33Firmware
Intex IP041BNDFirmware
Intex Jazz 2Firmware
Intex JS DubaiFirmware
Intex Killer 3Firmware
Intex Killer PlusFirmware
Intex LeoFirmware
Intex Lions 6Firmware
Intex Lions G1Firmware
Intex Lions G2Firmware
Intex Mega 502Firmware
Intex Mega 510Firmware
Intex Mega 2400Firmware
Intex Nano 3Firmware
Intex Nano StarFirmware
Intex Neo 4Firmware
Intex Platinum A9Firmware
Intex Platinum BladeFirmware
Intex Platinum CurveFirmware
Intex Platinum DreamFirmware
Intex Platinum MatrixFirmware
Intex Platinum MetalFirmware
Intex Platinum MiniFirmware
Intex Platinum PowerFirmware
Intex Platinum UltraFirmware
Intex PlayerFirmware
Intex Player PlusFirmware
Intex PoloFirmware
Intex Selfie NFirmware
Intex Sharp 2.4Firmware
Intex Shine 1800Firmware
Intex SlimzzFirmware
Intex Slimzz 401Firmware
Intex Slimzz DuozFirmware
Intex Slimzz FMFirmware
Intex SPY 7Firmware
Intex Turbo 108 PlusFirmware
Intex Turbo 2400Firmware
Intex Turbo DuozFirmware
Intex Turbo GlowFirmware
Intex Turbo i6Firmware
Intex Turbo i7Firmware
Intex Turbo i7 ProFirmware
Intex Turbo i14Firmware
Intex Turbo S1Firmware
Intex Turbo S2Firmware
Intex Turbo S4Firmware
Intex Turbo S5Firmware
Intex Turbo SelfieFirmware
Intex Turbo Selfie 18Firmware
Intex Turbo V2Firmware
Intex Turbo V4Firmware
Intex Turbo V6Firmware
Intex Turbo V7Firmware
Intex Turbo XtremeFirmware
Intex Turbo Z6Firmware
Intex Ultra 2400Firmware
Intex Ultra 2400 PlusFirmware
Intex Ultra 3000Firmware
Intex Ultra 3000 PlusFirmware
Intex Ultra 4000Firmware
Intex Ultra 4000iFirmware
Intex Ultra G3Firmware
Intex Ultra MagicFirmware
Intex Ultra SelfieFirmware
Intex V2Firmware
Intex VictoryFirmware
Intex Wisp 3GFirmware
Intex YaariFirmware
Intex Yuvi AIRFirmware
Intex Yuvi LXFirmware
Intex Yuvi ProFirmware
Intex Yuvi 2 PlusFirmware


[*] All the above Intex Stock ROM contains Driver, Flash Tool, and Firmware. After Downloading the firmware, follow the instruction manual shipped with the firmware to flash or install firmware on mobile.

[*] Intex USB Driver: If you are looking for the original USB Driver, then head over to the Download Intex USB Driver page.

[*] Intex PC Suite: Intex also provides Intex PC Suite application, which allows you to sync data between the Intex Device and the computer.

[*] Request Firmware: If in case you are looking for any Intex Stock ROM that is not listed on this page, then you can request it through the comment box below (do not request firmware through the contact page, or else it will be ignored).