These are instructions on how to unlock the bootloader of any Xiaomi Device using the Xiaomi Mi Unlock Tool.

Requirements: Your Xiaomi device should be in working condition to unlock the bootloader.

Unlock the bootloader of any Xiaomi Device

  1. Open Xiaomi Mi Account Settings on your Xiaomi Device (found under Settings > Accounts):
  2. xiaomi mi account

  3. Create or login in your Xiaomi Mi Account (if you are already logged into your Mi Account, then SKIP this Step).
  4. signin mi account

  5. Enable Developer Options on your Xiaomi Device by Tapping 5 times on the MiUi version (found under Settings > About > MiUi Version). If in case Developer Options is already enabled on the device, then SKIP this step.
  6. xiaomi about miui

  7. Open Developer Options (from Settings > Additional Settings):
  8. xiaomi settings additional

  9. Under Developer Options, Enable OEM unlocking:
  10. xiaomi oem unlocking

  11. Power off your Xiaomi Device.
  12. xiaomi power off

  13. Enable Fastboot Mode on your device by pressing Volume Down + Power Button (press and hold for 3-4 seconds, till you see the xiaomi fastboot screen):
  14. xiaomi fastboot mode

  15. Download and extract Mi Unlock Tool on your Computer. If in case you have already downloaded the Mi Unlock Tool on your Computer, then SKIP this step.
  16. Download

  17. Once Mi unlock Tool is extracted, you will be able to see the Following Files:
  18. mi unlock tool files

  19. Open miflash_unlock.exe to Launch the Tool:
  20. open mi unlock tool

  21. Once Mi Unlock Tool is launched, you will be able to see the Disclaimer window:
  22. mi unlock tool disclaimer

  23. Click on the Agree Button:
  24. mi unlock tool disclaimer agree

  25. Sign In into your Xiaomi Account (must be the same account that you have created/logged in in Step#2 on your Mobile device):
  26. mi unlock tool sign in

  27. Now, you will be able to see the following Window:
  28. mi unlock tool not connected

  29. Click on the Settings:
  30. mi unlock tool settings

  31. Click on Check Button next to the Click the button to install the driver.
  32. mi unlock tool install driver

  33. Now, you will be asked to Connect your Xiaomi Device to the Computer to complete the driver installation process (make sure device is in Fastboot Mode):
  34. connect mobile computer

  35. Once your device is detected by the Mi Unlock Tool, you will be able to see the Phone Connected Status:
  36. Xiaomi Mi Unlock Tool

  37. Click on the Unlock Button:
  38. mi unlock tool unlock

  39. Now, you will be able to see the Unlock Warning Dialog Box. Click on the Unlock Anyway button to proceed:
  40. mi unlock tool unlock warning

  41. Bootloader will be unlocked now. And may take a few seconds to complete:
  42. mi unlock tool unlocking

  43. Once the unlocking process is completed, you will be able to see the Unlocked Successfully message:
  44. mi unlock tool unlocked

  45. Click on the Reboot button to exit the fastboot mode on the Xiaomi device and restart the device.
  46. mi unlock tool unlock reboot

    Once the device is restarted, you can check the Bootloader unlock Status from Settings > Additional Settings > Developer Options > Mi Unlock Status.


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[*] Credits: Mi Unlock Tool is created by Xiaomi Corporation, LLC. So, full credit goes to them for sharing the application for free.