Xiaomi Mi Unlock Tool is a tool developed by Xiaomi Inc. that allows users to unlock the bootloader of their Xiaomi device to flash and root their device. This tool is mainly used for unlocking the bootloader of Xiaomi devices and can be used in combination with the Mi Flash Tool to flash and root the device.

Xiaomi Mi Unlock Tool

Features of Xiaomi Mi Unlock Tool

Portable Application:

My Unlock Tool is a portable application, so you don’t need to install it on the computer. Instead, download and extract the Unlock tool on your computer > Open miflash_unlock.exe to launch the tool.

Unlock Bootloader:

It allows you to unlock the bootloader of the Xiaomi device. It can be handy if you are trying to unlock the Xiaomi Device, Flashing Stock Firmware, or Flashing any Custom ROM on the device (see guidelines).

Supports Qualcomm and Mediatek:

It supports Xiaomi Devices running on the Qualcomm or MediaTek Chipset. The tool automatically detects the Chipset of the Xiaomi device when the device is connected to the computer and get ready the device for unlocking.

Root Support:

Unlocking the bootloader of the Xiaomi device enables us to get root access to the device. The root can be gained using any Rooting Application or installing any root package through the custom recovery.

Download Xiaomi Mi Unlock Tool

Mi Unlock Tool is compatible with all versions of Windows OS, including Windows 7 to Windows 10 (x32 or x64 bit). If in case you were looking for the latest version of the Mi Unlock Tool, then use the following links to get it on your computer:

v1.0.1225.2: Xiaomi_Mi_Unlock_Tool_v1.0.1225.2.zip

v1.1.0317.1: Xiaomi_Mi_Unlock_Tool_v1.1.0317.1.zip

v1.1.1111.1: Xiaomi_Mi_Unlock_Tool_v1.1.1111.1.zip

v2.2.406.5: Xiaomi_Mi_Unlock_Tool_v2.2.406.5.zip

v2.2.624.14: Xiaomi_Mi_Unlock_Tool_v2.2.624.14.zip

v2.3.724.7: Xiaomi_Mi_Unlock_Tool_v2.3.724.7.zip

v2.3.803.10: Xiaomi_Mi_Unlock_Tool_v2.3.803.10.zip

v3.3.525.23: Xiaomi_Mi_Unlock_Tool_v3.3.525.23.zip

v3.3.827.31: Xiaomi_Mi_Unlock_Tool_v3.3.827.31.zip

v3.3.1212.33: Xiaomi_Mi_Unlock_Tool_v3.3.1212.33.zip

v3.4.703.18: Xiaomi_Mi_Unlock_Tool_v3.4.703.18.zip

v3.5.719.27: Xiaomi_Mi_Unlock_Tool_v3.5.719.27.zip

v3.5.724.32: Xiaomi_Mi_Unlock_Tool_v3.5.724.32.zip

v3.5.910.35: Xiaomi_Mi_Unlock_Tool_v3.5.910.35.zip

v3.5.1030.37: Xiaomi_Mi_Unlock_Tool_v3.5.1030.37.zip

v3.5.1108.44: Xiaomi_Mi_Unlock_Tool_v3.5.1108.44.zip

v3.5.1128.45: Xiaomi_Mi_Unlock_Tool_v3.5.1128.45.zip

v4.5.514.47: Xiaomi_Mi_Unlock_Tool_v4.5.514.47.zip

v4.5.707.49: Xiaomi_Mi_Unlock_Tool_v4.5.707.49.zip

v4.5.813.51: Xiaomi_Mi_Unlock_Tool_v4.5.813.51.zip

v5.5.224.24: Xiaomi_Mi_Unlock_Tool_v5.5.224.24.zip

v6.5.224.28: Xiaomi_Mi_Unlock_Tool_v6.5.224.28.zipLatest


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[*] Credits: Mi Unlock Tool is created by Xiaomi Corporation, LLC. So, full credit goes to them for sharing the application for free.