How to use RockChip FactoryTool

Updated on March 27, 2020

These are the instructions on how to use RockChip FactoryTool to flash stock firmware on any RockChip Smartphone and Tablet.

Use RockChip FactoryTool to Flash Firmware

Step 1: Download and Install RockChip Driver Assistant on your Windows Computer.

USB Logo

Step 2: Download and extract RockChip FactoryTool on your Computer.

Step 3: Now, Open RockChip FactoryTool.

Step 4: Once RockChip FactoryTool is launched, you will be able to see the following screen:

rockchip factorytool launched

Step 5: Now, to Change the Language of the Application, Click on the Language Button:

rockchip factorytool language button

Step 6: Now, Select the 2nd Option in the Language Menu i.e English.

rockchip factorytool language english

Step 7: Now, You need to add the Img or Bin firmware that you wants to flash on your RockChip Device. To Add the Firmware, Click on Firmware Button and locate the Firmware File on your Computer.

rockchip factorytool firmware rockchip factorytool select firmware

Step 8: Once you have successfully Added the Firmware on RockChip FactoryTool then it will automatically show the Firmware Version, Loader version and the Chip.

Step 9: Now, Connect your RockChip Device to the Computer (Power Off the Device First, then Press and Hold Volume UP Button and At the same time connect the Device to the computer).

Step 10: Now, your device will be listed under Device Type as Loader. Which means you are ready to flash the firmware.

rockchip factorytool loader

Step 11: Now, Click on Run Button to begin the Flashing Process.

rockchip factorytool run

Step 12: Now, Firmware will be flashed to your RockChip Device. Flashing Process usually takes upto 5-10 minutes.

rockchip factorytool flashing

Step 13: Once, Flashing process is completed you will be able to see Green Success message on the Right Panel.

rockchip factorytool success

Step 14: Now, Disconnect your device from the Computer and Restart it. After restarting the device, you will be able to use it properly.

Keep in Mind:

Caution: After Flashing the Firmware with RockChip FactoryTool, your personal data will be deleted permanently. So, take a backup of your personal data before following the above tutorial.

[*] Alternative Tool: RockChip Batch Tool is the best alternative to RockChip FactoryTool. It also allows you to flash the stock firmware on any RockChip Device.

[*] Credits: RockChip FactoryTool is created and distributed by Fuzhou RockChip Inc. So, full credit goes to them for sharing the tool for free.

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