How to use Maui Meta to Write or Repair IMEI

Updated on January 1, 2020

These are the instructions to use Maui Meta Tool to Write (flash) or Repair IMEI on Mediatek Smartphone, Feature Phone, and Tablets.

Requirements: You need to have a physical MediaTek Smartphone, Feature Phone, or Tablet to follow the below Guidelines.

Use Maui Meta Tool to Write or Repair IMEI

Step 1: Download and install Maui Meta Tool on your Windows Computer.

Maui Meta Setup

Step 2: Once Maui Meta Tool is installed on the computer, launch it.

Maui Meta Launch

Step 3: Once Maui Meta Tool is launched, you will be able to see the following screen:

Maui Meta Tool

Step 4: Now, Select the Connection Type (as per your device; if you’re having Smartphone then choose Smartphone Checkbox or if you’re having Feature Phone then choose Feature Phone checkbox).

Maui Meta Connection Type

Step 5: Now, Click on the Reconnect Button.

Maui Meta Reconnect

Step 6: Now, Connect your Device to the Computer using the USB Cable and Turn it ON.

Mobile Connect Computer

Step 7: Once, your device is detected by the MauiMeta Tool, it will enable Meta Mode on the device (device will stuck at boot animation; dont panic). And you will be able to see Yellow Circle in the Tool.

Maui Meta Connected

Step 8: Now, Click on the Dropdown Menu and Select IMEI Download.

Maui Meta Dropdown IMEI

Step 9: Now, you will be able to see the IMEI Download Dialog Box.

Maui Meta IMEI Download Dialog

Step 10: Now, Click on the Change NVRAM Database File Button and locate the BP File (you can find the BP file in the Stock Firmware of your device or download the AP BP base collection).

Maui Meta IMEI Download Dialog NVRAM Maui Meta BP Select

Step 11: Now, Enter 14 digit IMEI in the IMEI Box (15th digit of the IMEI can be entered in the Checksum Box). Do the same process if your device is having multiple SIM support. And then click on the Download to Flash Button to Flash or Install the IMEI.

Maui Meta Enter IMEI

Step 12: Once IMEI Flashing is successful, you will be able to see the Success Message.

Maui Meta IMEI Success

Congratulations! Now, Disconnect your Device from the Computer and restart it. Once your device is restarted, you can dial *#06# to verify the IMEI of your device.

Readme Once:

[*] Caution: Flashing IMEI other than the original is illegal in many countries and may cause serious trouble to you. We recommend you to flash the original IMEI that came along with the device.

[*] AP BP Base: If you are looking for the Database files to Flash or install the IMEI on Mediatek Devices, then head over to AP BP Base Download page.

[*] Alternative Tool: You can use SN Write Tool or Read & Write Tool to flash or repair IMEI on Mediatek devices.

[*] Credits: MauiMeta Tool is created and distributed by Mediatek, Inc. So, full credits go to them for sharing the tool for free.

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