These are instructions on how to use Amlogic Burn Card Maker Tool to Flash or Burn Amlogic Firmware (ROM) on the SD Card Memory.

Caution: Flashing or installing Amlogic Firmware using the SD Card method will wipe the data from the device. Therefore, we recommend you take a backup of your data before using the tool.

Install Firmware (ROM) using the Amlogic Burn Card Maker

  1. Download Stock Firmware (.img based) of your Amlogic Device (if in case you have already downloaded the Stock Firmware, then SKIP this Step or else you can find the .img based Stock Firmware on FirmwareFile or through Google).
  2. download

  3. Now, Extract Amlogic Burn Card Maker Tool on the computer (assuming you have already downloaded it; if not then Download Amlogic Burn Card Maker Tool). Once you have extracted the tool, you will be able to see the following files:
  4. Amlogic Burn Card Maker Files

  5. Double-Click on the Burn_Card_Maker.exe to Launch the Tool:
  6. Amlogic Burn Card Maker Open

  7. Once the tool is launched, Click on the Help Menu and Select the Language Option:
  8. Amlogic Burn Card Maker Help

  9. Select the English Language and Click on the OK Button:
  10. Amlogic Burn Card Maker Language

  11. Restart the Application (this will launch the tool in English Language):
  12. Amlogic Burn Card Maker

  13. Connect the SD Card to the Computer (you can connect it via the SD Card Reader Slot or using the External Card Reader) and Click on the Choose Disk Dropdown Menu and Select the SD Card.
  14. Amlogic Burn Card Maker Select Card

  15. Tick the Partition and Format Checkbox and Under Erase Flash, Choose Erase in Force Option:
  16. Amlogic Burn Card Maker Select Erase

  17. Click on the Open button and Locate the .img Firmware of your Amlogic Device:
  18. Amlogic Burn Card Maker Open Locate

    Amlogic Burn Card Maker Select Firmware

  19. Click on the Burn button to begin the Write/Burn process on the SD Card:
  20. Amlogic Burn Card Maker Make

  21. It will ask you to Confirm the SD Card Format and begin the Write/Burn process. The Write/Burn process may take a few seconds to complete.
  22. Amlogic Burn Card Maker Burn

  23. Once the Write/Burn process is completed, you will get the Success Message at the End.
  24. Amlogic Burn Card Maker Success

    Congratulations! Now, disconnect the SD Card from the Computer and insert it on the Amlogic Device (where you want to install the firmware).


[*] Language: You can change the language of the application by selecting the Help > Language. You can switch between the English and Chinese Languages.

[*] Alternate Tool: Amlogic USB Burning Tool and Amlogic Flash Tool are the best alternative tools that allow you to flash or install firmware on devices powered by Amlogic Devices.

[*] Amlogic USB Driver: If you are looking for the Original Amlogic USB Driver, then head over to the Download Amlogic USB Driver page.

[*] Credits: Amlogic Burn Maker is created and distributed by Amlogic, Inc. So, full credit goes to them for sharing the Application for free.