In this page we are going to guide you how to replace KingUser with SuperSU Application using SuperSu-Me Application on you android device.

Caution: It seems SuperSU-Me App isn’t working any more on latest Android Devices. We have tested the Tool on Xiaomi Mi4 running on 4.4.4. We arent recommending you to try the tutorial on latest Android devices, as it may cause bootloop. If you still want to use, then use it at your own risk.

Remove or Replace KingUser with SuperSU

  1. Download Free Version or Download Pro Version of SuperSu-Me Application on you android device.
  2. Once, SuperSu-Me Application is installed on your device Open It.

    SuperSU Me Installed

  3. Once, SuperSU-Me application is launched, it will ask for the root Permission. Tap on the Allow button to continue.

    SuperSU-Me Permission

  4. Once SuperSu-Me is fully launched, you will be able to see the following screen:

    SuperSU-Me Launched

  5. Now, Tap on the Blue Android Button to begin the replacing process (replacing process may take 30-50 seconds to finish).

    SuperSU-Me Tap Button

  6. Once replacing process is completed, SuperSU application will launched automatically.

    SuperSU-Me SuperSU Launched

    Step 7: Now, you will notice that KingRoot, KingUser and other Chinese application is deleted from the application launcher and SuperSU is installed.

    SuperSU Me Replaced

    Optional: You can also verify that SuperSU is working correctly or not using any Root Checker Application.

    SuperSU-Me Root-Status


    [*] You can also remove SuperSU-Me application from your device, once KingUser is replaced with SuperSU (optional).

    [*] Download Kingroot: If you want to root your android device then give a try to the KingRoot Application (APK), which is capable of rooting android devices from android 2.3 to 5.1. After downloading the KingRoot Application (APK) read How to use KingRoot app to root any android device.

    [*] How to remove KingUser: If you have rooted your android device using Kingroot and want to unroot it then see How to unroot or remove KingUser permanently.

    [*] Credits: SuperSu-Me application is created by gatesjunior (xda developer). So, full credit goes to him for developing Super-Sume application. Without this tool, replacing KingUser with SuperSU was not so simple.