Download KingRoot Application (all versions)

Updated on December 10, 2016

KingRoot Application (APK) is a small tool that allows you to Root your Android Device running from Android 2.2 to Android 6.1 in a tap. Here, we have managed to share all versions of KingRoot APK including the latest and the previous releases.

KingRoot Application

Features of KingRoot Application

One Tap Root

It allows you to gain quick root access on any android device running from Android 2.2 to Android 6.1 in a Tap only. It will not work on the devices having locked bootloader, and if in case you want to use then you must unlock the bootloader first then give a try.

Purify App

Once your device is rooted with Kingroot, you will find the Purify App in the App Drawer of your device. Purify App allows you to perform various tasks that includes removing the Pre-installed system apps, Block Auto Start Apps, Clear Cache Data and Save Battery.

Requires Internet Connection

Kingroot App requires you to have active internet connection in order to use the App. As, it searches the available root strategy for your device to get it rooted.

Download KingRoot Application (APK)

Kingroot v4.1.0_2015_05_21

Kingroot v4.1.0_2015_07_03

Kingroot v4.5.0_2015_07_22

Kingroot v4.5.0_2015_09_02

Kingroot v4.5.2_2015_09_28

Kingroot v4.6.0_2015_11_13

Kingroot v4.6.0_2015_11_23

Kingroot v4.6.2_2015_11_24

Kingroot v4.6.2_2015_12_11

Kingroot v4.8.0_2016_01_21

Kingroot v4.8.0_2016_02_03

Kingroot v4.8.1_2016_02_29

Kingroot v4.8.2_2016_03_09

Kingroot v4.8.5_2016_03_30

Kingroot v4.9.0_2016_04_21

Kingroot v4.9.0_2016_05_09

Kingroot v4.9.2_2016_05_12

Kingroot v4.9.2_2016_05_30

Kingroot v4.9.2_2016_06_03

Kingroot v4.9.3_2016_06_06

Kingroot v4.9.3_2016_06_14

Kingroot v4.9.5_2016_07_05

Kingroot v4.9.5_2016_07_26

Kingroot v4.9.5_2016_07_28

Kingroot v4.9.5_2016_08_03

Kingroot v4.9.6_2016_08_26

Kingroot v4.9.6_2016_09_06 – latest

Keep in Mind:

[*] KingRoot Application doesnt need any special guidelines to root your device. Simply Install the Application > Open It > Click on Root Button > Done. If in case you are still confused then see how to use kingroot to root android device.

[*] Replace KingUser with SuperSU: Now, you can replace the KingUser and other chinese application with SuperSU (chainfire). To replace follow how to replace KingUser with SuperSU.

[*] How to unroot? If in case you want to unroot or remove kingroot from your device then Follow how to remove Kinguser Application.

[*] Alternative App: There are lots of Alternative Apps available to root your Android Device including Root Genius App, iRoot App, 360 Root App, Towelroot App, Framaroot App.

[*] Credits: KingRoot Application is created and distributed by Kingroot Studio for free. So Full Credits goes to them for the Application.