MediaTek DA (Download Agent File) is a small file used with SP Flash Tool or SPMDT Tool to unlock the secure storage on the MediaTek devices that came/shipped with the enabled secure boot storage.

The DA file is mainly used for Firmware installation/flashing (OS) on MediaTek devices. However, you can also use the MediaTek DA file during the Factory Reset Protection (FRP) removal process.

MediaTek DA File

Download MediaTek DA File (Download Agent File)

Model DA File
MT2601 Link
MT6570 Link
MT6571 Link
MT6572 Link
MT6580 Link
MT6582 Link
MT6592 Link
MT6595 Link
MT6735 Link
MT6739 Link
MT6752 Link
MT6755 Link
MT6757 Link
MT6758 Link
MT6761 Link
MT6763 Link
MT6765 Link
MT6768 Link
MT6769 Link
MT6771 Link
MT6779 Link
MT6781 Link
MT6785 Link
MT6789 Link
MT6795 Link
MT6797 Link
MT6799 Link
MT6833 Link
MT6873 Link
MT6877 Link
MT6885 Link
MT6893 Link
MT6895 Link
MT6983 Link
MT6985 Link
MT8127 Link
MT8163 Link
MT8167 Link
MT8168 Link
MT8173 Link
MT8512 Link
MT8518 Link
MT8590 Link
MT8695 Link


[*] AIO Package: If you are looking for a single link to download all the above MediaTek DA files, then head over to this link.

[*] Usage: All the above MediaTek DA File can be used with the SP Flash Tool or SP MDT Tool during the Firmware Installation or FRP Removal process.

[*] Compatible: The above MediaTek DA files are compatible with the devices that come with the respected MediaTek Chipset type. However, if a DA file isn’t compatible with the SP Flash Tool or SP MDT Tool, then in that situation, you need to try the DA file with a different version of the Flash Tool.

[*] MediaTek USB Driver: If you are looking for the original MediaTek USB Drivers, then head over to Download MTK USB All Drivers page.

[*] Credits: The MediaTek DA File shared above is officially extracted from the various MediaTek Firmware. Therefore, all credit goes to the respected mobile brands for the DA File.