How to install Minimal ADB and Fastboot Tool

Updated on February 21, 2022

These are instructions on how to install the Minimal ADB and Fastboot Tool on Windows Computer.

Requirements: To install the ADB and Fastboot files, you need to have the Windows Computer.

Install Minimal ADB and Fastboot Tool

  1. Download and extract the Minimal ADB and Fastboot Tool package on the computer. If in case you have already downloaded the tool on the computer, then SKIP this step.
  2. Download
  3. Once the tool package is extracted on the computer, you will be able to see the following files:
  4. Adb And Fastboot Tool Files
  5. Open the Minimal ADB Fastboot.exe to launch the Setup Window:
  6. Minimal Adb And Fastboot Tool Open
  7. Once the Setup window is launched, Click on the Next Button:
  8. Minimal Adb Fastboot Setup
  9. Again, Click on the Next button:
  10. Adb Fastboot Setup Info
  11. Click on the Next button (optional: in this step you can change the location of the installation):
  12. Adb Fastboot Setup Location
  13. Click on the Next button (optional: in this step you can change the Start Menu’s Folder name):
  14. Minimal Adb Fastboot Setup Shortcut
  15. Click on the Next button (optional: in this step you can create a shortcut of tool on the desktop):
  16. Adb Fastboot Setup Icon
  17. Click on the Install button:
  18. Minimal Adb Fastboot Setup Install
  19. Now, ADB and Fastboot files will be installed on the computer:
  20. Adb Fastboot Installing
  21. Once the installation process is completed, Click on the Finish button to exit/close the setup window:
  22. Minimal Adb Fastboot Setup Finish

    Congratulations! ADB and Fastboot files are now installed on the computer. You can find the shortcut of the tool in the Start Menu of your Windows Computer.

Readme Once:

[*] Fastboot Files Location: Post installing the ADB and Fastboot files, you can find it in the C: > Program Files > Minimal ADB and Fastboot folder.

[*] ADB Driver Installer: If you want to install the Google ADB Driver on the Windows Computer, then head over to Download 15 Seconds ADB installer page.

[*] Setup ADB and Fastboot using Android SDK: If you want to learn to set up the ADB and fastboot files using the Android SDK package, then head over to How to setup ADB and Fastboot Drivers page.

[*] Credits: Minimal ADB Fastboot is created and distributed by shimp208 (Xda developer). So, full credit goes to the developer for creating the tool.