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On this page, we have managed to share the Original ZTE Stock Firmware (Flash File) for all the available ZTE smartphones and tablets.

All the following ZTE Stock ROM (zip file) contains the original ZTE USB Driver, Flash Tool, and the Firmware File. After Downloading the firmware, follow the instruction manual shipped with the firmware to flash or install firmware on mobile.

ZTE Stock ROM Firmware

Whats ZTE Stock ROM and its Advantage

The Stock ROM (Mobile OS) is the Most Stable ROM released by the device manufacturers depending on the device model and Android version. However, the Stock ROM don’t offer many customizations or features for the device.

While in general third-party firmware (Custom ROM) has system bugs and stability issues. In this case, you may experience battery issues, network issues, camera issues, missing features, lags, overheating, slow performance, and many more. But whenever you switch to Stock ROM, you can quickly fix them all.

Advantages of ZTE Stock ROM

  • Unbrick the device.
  • Upgrade or downgrade Mobile OS.
  • Fix OTA update issue.
  • Fix a problem with the device startup loop.
  • Fix bugs on your phone.
  • Fix Lag or Stuttering on the device.
  • Fix battery drain issue.
  • Software performance improvement.
  • Returning a stock ROM entitles the warranty on the phone.

Download ZTE Stock Firmware

Model NameDownload
ZTE 5G CPE MC801AFirmware
ZTE 9000Firmware
ZTE A1 Alpha 20 PlusFirmware
ZTE A1 ZTG01 Z6750KFirmware
ZTE A5 2020Firmware
ZTE A7 2019Firmware
ZTE A520SFirmware
ZTE A2019 ProFirmware
ZTE A2121GFirmware
ZTE A7030Firmware
ZTE Avid 579 Z5156CCFirmware
ZTE Axon 7 A2017Firmware
ZTE Axon 7 A2017GFirmware
ZTE Axon 7 A2017UFirmware
ZTE Axon 7 A2017XFirmware
ZTE Axon 10 Pro A2020Firmware
ZTE Axon 10 Pro A2020GFirmware
ZTE Axon 11 SE 9000NFirmware
ZTE Axon 30 Pro A2022Firmware
ZTE Axon 40 UltraFirmware
ZTE Axon A2015Firmware
ZTE Axon Max C2016Firmware
ZTE B760HFirmware
ZTE BA510Firmware
ZTE BA611CFirmware
ZTE BA611TFirmware
ZTE Big ZR01 Z7750RFirmware
ZTE Blade 2 V818Firmware
ZTE Blade 10 Z6530MFirmware
ZTE Blade A2Firmware
ZTE Blade A2 PlusFirmware
ZTE Blade A2S V0721Firmware
ZTE Blade A3 2019Firmware
ZTE Blade A3 2020Firmware
ZTE Blade A3 LiteFirmware
ZTE Blade A3 Prime Z5157VFirmware
ZTE Blade A5Firmware
ZTE Blade A5 2019Firmware
ZTE Blade A5 2020Firmware
ZTE Blade A5 ProFirmware
ZTE Blade A6 A0620Firmware
ZTE Blade A6 MaxFirmware
ZTE Blade A7 2019 P963F02Firmware
ZTE Blade A7 2020Firmware
ZTE Blade A7 A7000Firmware
ZTE Blade A7S 2020Firmware
ZTE Blade A7S 2020 A7020Firmware
ZTE Blade A7S A7020Firmware
ZTE Blade A31 LiteFirmware
ZTE Blade A51Firmware
ZTE Blade A51 LiteFirmware
ZTE Blade A71 A7030Firmware
ZTE Blade A110Firmware
ZTE Blade A310Firmware
ZTE Blade A315 TelcelFirmware
ZTE Blade A320Firmware
ZTE Blade A450Firmware
ZTE Blade A452Firmware
ZTE Blade A460Firmware
ZTE Blade A465Firmware
ZTE Blade A476Firmware
ZTE Blade A510Firmware
ZTE Blade A511Firmware
ZTE Blade A515Firmware
ZTE Blade A520Firmware
ZTE Blade A521Firmware
ZTE Blade A530Firmware
ZTE Blade A531Firmware
ZTE Blade A601Firmware
ZTE Blade A610Firmware
ZTE Blade A610 PlusFirmware
ZTE Blade A612Firmware
ZTE Blade A711Firmware
ZTE Blade AF3 T221Firmware
ZTE Blade BuzzFirmware
ZTE Blade C N880SFirmware
ZTE Blade C V889MFirmware
ZTE Blade C V889SFirmware
ZTE Blade C2 PlusFirmware
ZTE Blade C2 V809Firmware
ZTE Blade C310Firmware
ZTE Blade C340Firmware
ZTE Blade C341Firmware
ZTE Blade C370Firmware
ZTE Blade D2 T620Firmware
ZTE Blade G LuxFirmware
ZTE Blade G Lux V830WFirmware
ZTE Blade G Plus V829Firmware
ZTE Blade G V815WFirmware
ZTE Blade G2Firmware
ZTE Blade GF3 T320Firmware
ZTE Blade L2Firmware
ZTE Blade L2 PlusFirmware
ZTE Blade L3Firmware
ZTE Blade L3 ApexFirmware
ZTE Blade L3 LifeFirmware
ZTE Blade L3 LiteFirmware
ZTE Blade L3 PlusFirmware
ZTE Blade L4 ProFirmware
ZTE Blade L5Firmware
ZTE Blade L5 PlusFirmware
ZTE Blade L5 Plus L0510Firmware
ZTE Blade L5 T520Firmware
ZTE Blade L6Firmware
ZTE Blade L7Firmware
ZTE Blade L7AFirmware
ZTE Blade L8Firmware
ZTE Blade L110Firmware
ZTE Blade L111Firmware
ZTE Blade L130Firmware
ZTE Blade L130 BoliviaFirmware
ZTE Blade L210RUFirmware
ZTE Blade L370Firmware
ZTE Blade Plus L2Firmware
ZTE Blade QFirmware
ZTE Blade Q LuxFirmware
ZTE Blade Q Lux 3GFirmware
ZTE Blade Q1Firmware
ZTE Blade Q3Firmware
ZTE Blade S6Firmware
ZTE Blade S6 PlusFirmware
ZTE Blade Spark Z971Firmware
ZTE Blade SuperFirmware
ZTE Blade T2 Z559DLFirmware
ZTE Blade V PlusFirmware
ZTE Blade V Smart 2050Firmware
ZTE Blade V Ultra Z982Firmware
ZTE Blade V6Firmware
ZTE Blade V6 MaxFirmware
ZTE Blade V6 T660Firmware
ZTE Blade V7Firmware
ZTE Blade V7 LiteFirmware
ZTE Blade V7 MaxFirmware
ZTE Blade V8 LiteFirmware
ZTE Blade V8 SEFirmware
ZTE Blade V9 VitaFirmware
ZTE Blade V580Firmware
ZTE Blade V993WFirmware
ZTE Blade V2020Firmware
ZTE Blade V2020 4GFirmware
ZTE Blade V2020 5GFirmware
ZTE Blade VecFirmware
ZTE blade Vec 3GFirmware
ZTE Blade Vec 4G T50Firmware
ZTE Blade Vec ProFirmware
ZTE Blade X3Firmware
ZTE Blade X7Firmware
ZTE Blade X9Firmware
ZTE Blade Z10Firmware
ZTE C570Firmware
ZTE C2017Firmware
ZTE Caribe 4 V769MFirmware
ZTE Concord II Z730Firmware
ZTE ConeXis A1Firmware
ZTE e-Learning Pad E9QFirmware
ZTE E7LFirmware
ZTE E9Q PlusFirmware
ZTE F320Firmware
ZTE G500Firmware
ZTE G601UFirmware
ZTE G718CFirmware
ZTE G719CFirmware
ZTE G720TFirmware
ZTE G882Firmware
ZTE Gabb Z2Firmware
ZTE Geek V975Firmware
ZTE Geek V976Firmware
ZTE Grand MemoFirmware
ZTE Grand Memo 2 M901CFirmware
ZTE Grand Memo Lite P189F13Firmware
ZTE Grand Memo U5SFirmware
ZTE Grand S II LteFirmware
ZTE Grand S LiteFirmware
ZTE Grand S N988Firmware
ZTE Grand S V988 LiteFirmware
ZTE Grand X ProFirmware
ZTE Grand X Pro BladeSuperFirmware
ZTE Grand X Quad V987Firmware
ZTE Grand X V970Firmware
ZTE Grand X V970MFirmware
ZTE Grand X View 2Firmware
ZTE Grand X Z777Firmware
ZTE Grand X2 V967SFirmware
ZTE Grand X4 Z956Firmware
ZTE Indy B816Firmware
ZTE K81Firmware
ZTE K87CCFirmware
ZTE KIS 3 MaxFirmware
ZTE KIS C341Firmware
ZTE Kis Flex V793Firmware
ZTE Kis II MaxFirmware
ZTE KIS II V790Firmware
ZTE Leo Q2 V769MFirmware
ZTE Libero 5G A003ZTFirmware
ZTE Libero S10 901ZTFirmware
ZTE Maven 3 Z835Firmware
ZTE Max XL N9560Firmware
ZTE Maxx Dual SIMFirmware
ZTE Maxx Single SIMFirmware
ZTE Meo Smart A40Firmware
ZTE MF920T1Firmware
ZTE MF920VFirmware
ZTE Mighty 3C N928DTFirmware
ZTE MX401Firmware
ZTE N817Firmware
ZTE N818Firmware
ZTE N880EFirmware
ZTE N9560 NMF26FFirmware
ZTE Nubia M2 Lite NX573JFirmware
ZTE Nubia N1Firmware
ZTE Nubia N1 Lite NX597JFirmware
ZTE Nubia N5SFirmware
ZTE Nubia Play 5G NX651JFirmware
ZTE Nubia Play Redmagic 5G Lite NX651JFirmware
ZTE Nubia Red Magic 6R NX666JFirmware
ZTE Nubia Red Magic 6S ProFirmware
ZTE Nubia Red Magic 7 NX679JFirmware
Redmagic 7 Pro NX709JFirmware
ZTE Nubia V18 NX612JFirmware
ZTE Nubia X6Firmware
ZTE Nubia Z5S Mini KKFirmware
ZTE Nubia Z5S NX503AFirmware
ZTE Nubia Z7 MaxFirmware
ZTE Nubia Z7 MiniFirmware
ZTE Nubia Z9Firmware
ZTE Nubia Z9 MaxFirmware
ZTE Nubia Z9 MiniFirmware
ZTE Nubia Z11Firmware
ZTE Nubia Z11 Max NX523JFirmware
ZTE Nubia Z11 MiniFirmware
ZTE Nubia Z11 Mini NX529JFirmware
ZTE Nubia Z11 Mini SFirmware
ZTE Nubia Z17Firmware
ZTE Nubia Z17 Lite Mini SFirmware
ZTE Nubia Z17 MiniFirmware
ZTE Nubia Z17 NX563JFirmware
ZTE Nubia Z17S NX595JFirmware
ZTE Obsidian Z820Firmware
ZTE Open C FirefoxFirmware
ZTE Optus X Pro LTEFirmware
ZTE Optus X Vista Z6621OFirmware
ZTE Prestige N9132Firmware
ZTE Q201TFirmware
ZTE Q302CFirmware
ZTE Q501TFirmware
ZTE Q503UFirmware
ZTE Q507TFirmware
ZTE Q507T 4GFirmware
ZTE Q509TFirmware
ZTE Q519TFirmware
ZTE Q7-CFirmware
ZTE Q705UFirmware
ZTE Q802TFirmware
ZTE Quest 5 Z3351SFirmware
ZTE QY N986Firmware
ZTE R550Firmware
ZTE Racer IIFirmware
ZTE Redbull V5 U9180Firmware
ZTE Redbull V5 V9180Firmware
ZTE Redbull V5 X9180Firmware
ZTE S30 ProFirmware
ZTE S158Firmware
ZTE S213Firmware
ZTE S518Firmware
ZTE S751Firmware
ZTE S752Firmware
ZTE Skinny V812Firmware
ZTE Smart Plus T816Firmware
ZTE Smart StartFirmware
ZTE Smart Watch ZW20Firmware
ZTE Stake 2 V967SFirmware
ZTE Switch X1Firmware
ZTE Switch X2Firmware
ZTE T230Firmware
ZTE T815Firmware
ZTE Telstra Lite Smart L111Firmware
ZTE Trek 2 HD K88Firmware
ZTE TureisFirmware
ZTE Tureis P725AFirmware
ZTE U791Firmware
ZTE U793Firmware
ZTE U795Firmware
ZTE U807Firmware
ZTE U809Firmware
ZTE U817Firmware
ZTE U818Firmware
ZTE U819Firmware
ZTE U879Firmware
ZTE U880F1Firmware
ZTE U887Firmware
ZTE U950Firmware
ZTE U950 BetaFirmware
ZTE U956Firmware
ZTE U968Firmware
ZTE U969Firmware
ZTE U985Firmware
ZTE U988SFirmware
ZTE V5 Max N958STFirmware
ZTE V5 Pro N939SCFirmware
ZTE V5 Pro N939STFirmware
ZTE V760Firmware
ZTE V765M Dtac TrinetFirmware
ZTE V779MFirmware
ZTE V795LFirmware
ZTE V8200 PlusFirmware
ZTE V831WFirmware
ZTE V889Firmware
ZTE V965Firmware
ZTE Xiaoxian A880Firmware
ZTE Young 2 G717CFirmware
ZTE Z432Firmware
ZTE Z833Firmware
ZTE Z6201VFirmware


[*] After flashing (installing) the ZTE Stock ROM on your device, you may need to flash (install) the IMEI using the IMEI tool provided with the firmware file. If you are going to flash the IMEI, then flash the Original IMEI that comes with your device.

[*] ZTE USB Driver: If you are looking for the original USB Driver, then head over to the ZTE USB Driver page.

[*] Request Firmware: If you are looking for any specific firmware that is not listed above, you can request it through the comment box below (do not request firmware through the contact page, or else it will be ignored).