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On this page, we have managed to share the Digma Stock ROM Firmware (Flash File) for all Digma smartphones and tablets.

All the following Digma Stock ROM (zip file) contains the original Digma USB Driver, Flash Tool, and the Firmware File. After Downloading the firmware, follow the instruction manual shipped with the firmware to flash or install firmware on mobile.

Digma Stock ROM Firmware

Whats Digma Stock ROM and its Advantage

The Stock ROM (Mobile OS) is the Most Stable ROM released by the device manufacturers depending on the device model and Android version. However, the Stock ROM don’t offer many customizations or features for the device.

While in general third-party firmware (Custom ROM) has system bugs and stability issues. In this case, you may experience battery issues, network issues, camera issues, missing features, lags, overheating, slow performance, and many more. But whenever you switch to Stock ROM, you can quickly fix them all.

Advantages of Digma Stock ROM

  • Unbrick the device.
  • Upgrade or downgrade Mobile OS.
  • Fix OTA update issue.
  • Fix a problem with the device startup loop.
  • Fix bugs on your phone.
  • Fix Lag or Stuttering on the device.
  • Fix battery drain issue.
  • Software performance improvement.
  • Returning a stock ROM entitles the warranty on the phone.

Download Digma Stock Firmware

Model NameDownload
Digma Citi 7 E401 4GFirmware
Digma Citi 7 E401 4G CS7234PLFirmware
Digma Citi 8 E400 CS8231PLFirmware
Digma Citi 10 C302T CS1046EWFirmware
Digma Citi 10 C402T CS1044EWFirmware
Digma Citi 10 C404T CS1047EGFirmware
Digma Citi 11 C403T CS2045EWFirmware
Digma Citi 609 CS6063MLFirmware
Digma Citi 653 CS6062MLFirmware
Digma Citi 1532 3GFirmware
Digma Citi 1590Firmware
Digma Citi 1590 CS1207MGFirmware
Digma Citi 1593 3GFirmware
Digma Citi 1593 CS1210MGFirmware
Digma Citi 7507 4GFirmware
Digma Citi 7587 CS7204MGFirmware
Digma Citi 7591 CS7208MGFirmware
Digma Citi 8531 3GFirmware
Digma Citi 8588 3G CS8205PGFirmware
Digma Citi 8589 CS8206MGFirmware
Digma Citi 8589 3GFirmware
Digma Citi ATL 4GFirmware
Digma Citi ATL 4G CS5029MLFirmware
Digma Citi E600 ES6017EWFirmware
Digma Citi Kids CS7216MGFirmware
Digma Citi Kids 10 CS1232MGFirmware
Digma Citi Kids 81 CS8233MGFirmware
Digma Citi Motion 4G CS5025PLFirmware
Digma Citi Octa 10 CS1219PLFirmware
Digma Citi Octa 70Firmware
Digma Citi Power 4G CS5026PLFirmware
Digma Citi Z400 3G CT4024PGFirmware
Digma Citi Z510 3GFirmware
Digma Citi Z520 3GFirmware
Digma Citi Z530Firmware
Digma Citi Z540 4GFirmware
Digma Citi Z560 4GFirmware
Digma Eve 10 A200 ES1052EWFirmware
Digma Eve 10 A201 ES1053EWFirmware
Digma Eve 10 A203T ES1239ELFirmware
Digma Eve 10 A204T ES1240EWFirmware
Digma Eve 10 C300 ES1040EWFirmware
Digma Eve 10 C412T ES1241EWFirmware
Digma Eve 11 C408 ES2055EWFirmware
Digma Eve 11 C409 ES2056EWFirmware
Digma Eve 14 C405 ES4048EWFirmware
Digma Eve 14 C406 ES4049EWFirmware
Digma Eve 14 C410 ES4057EWFirmware
Digma Eve 14 C411 ES4058EWFirmware
Digma Eve 14 P416 ES4062EWFirmware
Digma Eve 15 C400 ES5041EWFirmware
Digma Eve 15 C407 ES5054EWFirmware
Digma Eve 15 C413 ES5059EWFirmware
Digma Eve 15 P418 ES5064EWFirmware
Digma First XS350 2G FT3001PMFirmware
Digma Hit 3G HT7070MGFirmware
Digma Hit 3G HT7071MGFirmware
Digma Hit 4G HT7074MLFirmware
Digma Hit Q400 3G HT4023PGFirmware
Digma Hit Q401 3G HT4039PGFirmware
Digma Hit Q500 3G HT5035PGFirmware
Digma iDx5 3GFirmware
Digma iDXD4Firmware
Digma IDxQ5Firmware
Digma Kid K7MFirmware
Digma Linx 6.0 PS604MFirmware
Digma Linx A100 LT1032PMFirmware
Digma Linx A101 2G LT1034PMFirmware
Digma Linx A102 LT1040PMFirmware
Digma Linx A105 LT1035PMFirmware
Digma Linx A171 LT1056PMFirmware
Digma Linx A177 LT1030PMFirmware
Digma Linx A200 LT1033MMFirmware
Digma Linx A205 LT1036PMFirmware
Digma Linx A230WT 2GFirmware
Digma Linx A230WT 2G LT1041MMFirmware
Digma Linx A240 LT1031MMFirmware
Digma Linx A242 LT1043PMFirmware
Digma Linx A400 LT4001PGFirmware
Digma Linx A401 LT4018PGFirmware
Digma Linx A420 3GFirmware
Digma Linx A450 3G LT4028PGFirmware
Digma Linx A452 3G LT4030PGFirmware
Digma Linx A453 3GFirmware
Digma Linx A500 3G LS5101MGFirmware
Digma Linx A501 4G LT5010PLFirmware
Digma Linx Alfa 3G LT4047MGFirmware
Digma Linx Argo 3G LT4054MGFirmware
Digma Linx Atom 3G LT4049PGFirmware
Digma Linx B510 3GFirmware
Digma Linx Base 4G LT5052MLFirmware
Digma Linx C240 LT2057PMFirmware
Digma Linx C500 3G LT5001PGFirmware
Digma Linx Joy 3G LT5048MGFirmware
Digma Linx N331 2G LT1042PMFirmware
Digma Linx N331 Mini LT1044PMFirmware
Digma Linx Pay 4G LS5053MLFirmware
Digma Linx Rage 4G LS5040PLFirmware
Digma Linx S240 LT2060PMFirmware
Digma Linx Trix 4G LS5041PLFirmware
Digma Linx X1 3G LS4050MGFirmware
Digma Linx X1 Pro 3G LS4051MGFirmware
Digma Optima 4.0 TT4000MGFirmware
Digma Optima 4.01 TT4001MGFirmware
Digma Optima 7 A100SFirmware
Digma Optima 7 A100S TS7222PGFirmware
Digma Optima 7 A101 3GFirmware
Digma Optima 7 A101 TT7223PGFirmware
Digma Optima 7 E200Firmware
Digma Optima 7 X700 TS7224PLFirmware
Digma Optima 7 X700 4G TS7224PLFirmware
Digma Optima 7 Z800 TS7225PLFirmware
Digma Optima 7a 100S TS7222PGFirmware
Digma Optima 7.5 3G TT7025MGFirmware
Digma Optima 7.77 3G TT7078MGFirmware
Digma Optima 8 X701Firmware
Digma Optima 8 X701 TS8226PLFirmware
Digma Optima 8 Z801 TS8227PLFirmware
Digma Optima 10 A500S TS1220PGFirmware
Digma Optima 10 A501SFirmware
Digma Optima 10 A501S TS1221PLFirmware
Digma Optima 10 A502 TS1245PGFirmware
Digma Optima 10 X702Firmware
Digma Optima 10 X702 TS1228PLFirmware
Digma Optima 10 Z802Firmware
Digma Optima 10 Z802 TS1229PLFirmware
Digma Optima 1022N 3GFirmware
Digma Optima 1027N TT1236PGFirmware
Digma Optima 1028 TS1215PGFirmware
Digma Optima 1028 3GFirmware
Digma Optima 7018N 4GFirmware
Digma Optima 7100R 3GFirmware
Digma Optima Prime 4 3G TT7174PGFirmware
Digma Plane 8.1 3G TS7854MFirmware
Digma Plane 1573N 4GFirmware
Digma Plane 1596 3GFirmware
Digma Plane 1713T 3GFirmware
Digma Plane 7546S 3GFirmware
Digma Plane 7547S 3GFirmware
Digma Plane 7552M PS7165MGFirmware
Digma Plane 7556 3G PS7170MGFirmware
Digma Plane 7565N 4GFirmware
Digma Plane 7574S 4GFirmware
Digma Plane 7594 3GFirmware
Digma Plane 8555M 4GFirmware
Digma Plane 8595 3G PS8212PGFirmware
Digma Plane 9654M PS9167PGFirmware
Digma Plane 9654M 3G PS9167PGFirmware
Digma Platina 7.1 4G LTE NS7001QLFirmware
Digma Platina 7.2 4G NS6902QLFirmware
Digma Platina 7.85 3G NS7840MGFirmware
Digma Platina 7.86 3G NS7886MGFirmware
Digma Platina 8.1 LTE NS8001QLFirmware
Digma Platina 8.3 3G NS8003EGFirmware
Digma Platina 9.7 3G NS9797MGFirmware
Digma Platina 10.1 LTE NS1040RLFirmware
Digma Platina 10.2 4G LTE NS1002QLFirmware
Digma Platina 1579M 4G NS1800MLFirmware
Digma Sunwind Sky 9 A102Firmware
Digma Vox A10 3G VS4002PGFirmware
Digma Vox E502 4G VS5036PLFirmware
Digma Vox Fire 4G VS5037PLFirmware
Digma Vox Flash 4G VS5015MLFirmware
Digma Vox G450 3GFirmware
Digma Vox G500 3GFirmware
Digma Vox S501 3GFirmware
Digma Vox S502 3GFirmware
Digma Vox S502 4GFirmware
Digma Vox S502F 3GFirmware
Digma Vox S503 4GFirmware
Digma Vox S505 3GFirmware
Digma Vox S506 4GFirmware
Digma Vox S507 4GFirmware
Digma Vox S508 3GFirmware
Digma Vox S509 3GFirmware
Digma Vox S513 4GFirmware
Digma Vox V40 3GFirmware


[*] After flashing (installing) the Digma Stock ROM on your device, you may need to flash (install) the IMEI using the IMEI tool provided with the firmware file. If you are going to flash the IMEI, then flash the Original IMEI that comes with your device.

[*] Digma USB Driver: If you are looking for the original USB Driver, then head over to the Digma USB Driver page.

[*] Request Firmware: If you are looking for any specific firmware that is not listed above, you can request it through the comment box below (do not request firmware through the contact page, or else it will be ignored).