Download Digma USB Driver for Windows

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Digma USB Driver helps you to connect your Digma Smartphone and Tablets to the Windows Computer and transfer data between the device and the computer.

It also allows you to flash or install Digma Stock Firmware on your Digma Device using the preloader drivers. Here on this page, we have shared the official Digma USB Driver for all Digma devices.

Digma USB Driver

Download Digma Mobile Driver

Model NameDownload
Digma Citi 7 E401 4GDriver
Digma Citi 7 E401 4G CS7234PLDriver
Digma Citi 8 E400 4G CS8231PLDriver
Digma Citi 8 E400 CS8231PDriver
Digma Citi 10 E402 CS1235PLDriver
Digma Citi 11 C403T CS2045EWDriver
Digma Citi 609 CS6063MLDriver
Digma Citi 653 CS6062MLDriver
Digma Citi 1532 3GDriver
Digma Citi 1576 3GDriver
Digma Citi 1577 3GDriver
Digma Citi 1578 4GDriver
Digma Citi 1590Driver
Digma Citi 1590 3GDriver
Digma Citi 1590 CS1207MGDriver
Digma Citi 1593 3GDriver
Digma Citi 1593 CS1210MGDriver
Digma Citi 3000 4GDriver
Digma Citi 7507 4GDriver
Digma Citi 7575 3GDriver
Digma Citi 7586 3GDriver
Digma Citi 7587 3GDriver
Digma Citi 7587 CS7204MGDriver
Digma Citi 7591 3GDriver
Digma Citi 7591 CS7208MGDriver
Digma Citi 8531 3GDriver
Digma Citi 8588 3G CS8205PGDriver
Digma Citi 8589 3GDriver
Digma CITI 8589 3G CS8206MGDriver
Digma Citi 8589 CS8206MGDriver
Digma Citi 8592 3GDriver
Digma Citi 8592 CS8209MGDriver
Digma Citi ATL 4GDriver
Digma Citi ATL 4G CS5029MLDriver
Digma Citi Kids 10 CS1232MGDriver
Digma Citi Kids 81 CS8233MGDriver
Digma Citi Kids CS7216MGDriver
Digma Citi Motion 4GDriver
Digma Citi Motion 4G CS5025PLDriver
Digma Citi Octa 10 CS1219PLDriver
Digma Citi Octa 70Driver
Digma CITI Octa 80 CS8218PLDriver
Digma Citi Power 4GDriver
Digma Citi Power 4G CS5026PLDriver
Digma Citi Z400 3GDriver
Digma Citi Z400 3G CT4024PGDriver
Digma Citi Z510 3GDriver
Digma Citi Z520 3GDriver
Digma Citi Z530Driver
Digma Citi Z530 3GDriver
Digma Citi Z540 4GDriver
Digma Citi Z560 4GDriver
Digma First XS350 2G FT3001PMDriver
Digma Hit 3G HT7070MGDriver
Digma Hit 3G HT7071MGDriver
Digma Hit 4G HT7074MLDriver
Digma Hit Q400 3GDriver
Digma Hit Q400 3G HT4023PGDriver
Digma Hit Q401 3GDriver
Digma Hit Q401 3G HT4039PGDriver
Digma Hit Q500 3GDriver
Digma Hit Q500 3G HT5035PGDriver
Digma iDx5 3GDriver
Digma iDXD4Driver
Digma IDxQ5Driver
Digma Kid K7MDriver
Digma Linx 6.0 PS604MDriver
Digma Linx A100 LT1032PMDriver
Digma Linx A101 2G LT1034PMDriver
Digma Linx A102 LT1040PMDriver
Digma Linx A105 LT1035PMDriver
Digma Linx A171 LT1056PMDriver
Digma Linx A177 LT1030PMDriver
Digma Linx A200 LT1033MMDriver
Digma Linx A205 LT1036PMDriver
Digma Linx A230WT 2G LT1041MMDriver
Digma Linx A400 3GDriver
Digma Linx A400 LT4001PGDriver
Digma Linx A401 3GDriver
Digma Linx A401 LT4018PGDriver
Digma Linx A420 3GDriver
Digma Linx A450 3GDriver
Digma Linx A450 3G LT4028PGDriver
Digma Linx A452 3GDriver
Digma Linx A452 3G LT4030PGDriver
Digma Linx A453 3GDriver
Digma Linx A500 3GDriver
Digma Linx A500 3G LS5101MGDriver
Digma Linx A501 4GDriver
Digma Linx A501 4G LT5010PLDriver
Digma Linx Alfa 3GDriver
Digma Linx Alfa 3G LT4047MGDriver
Digma Linx Argo 3GDriver
Digma Linx Argo 3G LT4054MGDriver
Digma Linx Atom 3GDriver
Digma Linx Atom 3G LT4049PGDriver
Digma Linx B510 3GDriver
Digma Linx Base 4GDriver
Digma Linx Base 4G LT5052MLDriver
Digma Linx C500 3GDriver
Digma Linx C500 3G LT5001PGDriver
Digma Linx Joy 3GDriver
Digma Linx Joy 3G LT5048MGDriver
Digma Linx N331 2G LT1042PMDriver
Digma Linx N331 Mini LT1044PMDriver
Digma Linx Pay 4GDriver
Digma Linx Pay 4G LS5053MLDriver
Digma Linx Rage 4GDriver
Digma Linx Rage 4G LS5040PLDriver
Digma Linx S240 LT2060PMDriver
Digma Linx Trix 4GDriver
Digma Linx Trix 4G LS5041PLDriver
Digma Linx X1 3GDriver
Digma Linx X1 3G LS4050MGDriver
Digma Linx X1 Pro 3GDriver
Digma Linx X1 Pro 3G LS4051MGDriver
Digma Optima 4.0 TT4000MGDriver
Digma Optima 4.01 TT4001MGDriver
Digma Optima 7 A100SDriver
Digma Optima 7 A100S TS7222PGDriver
Digma Optima 7 A101 3GDriver
Digma Optima 7 A101 TT7223PGDriver
Digma Optima 7 E200Driver
Digma Optima 7 X700 TS7224PLDriver
Digma Optima 7 X700 4G TS7224PLDriver
Digma Optima 7 Z800 TS7225PLDriver
Digma Optima 7.5 3G TT7025MGDriver
Digma Optima 7.77 3G TT7078MGDriver
Digma Optima 7a 100S TS7222PGDriver
Digma Optima 8 X701Driver
Digma Optima 8 X701 TS8226PLDriver
Digma Optima 8 Z801 TS8227PLDriver
Digma Optima 10 A500S TS1220PGDriver
Digma Optima 10 A501SDriver
Digma Optima 10 A501S TS1221PLDriver
Digma Optima 10 A502 TS1245PGDriver
Digma Optima 10 X702Driver
Digma Optima 10 X702 TS1228PLDriver
Digma Optima 10 Z802Driver
Digma Optima 10 Z802 TS1229PLDriver
Digma Optima 1022N 3GDriver
Digma Optima 1023N 3GDriver
Digma Optima 1024N 4GDriver
Digma Optima 1025N 4GDriver
Digma Optima 1026N 3GDriver
Digma Optima 1027N TT1236PGDriver
Digma Optima 1028 3GDriver
Digma Optima 1028 TS1215PGDriver
Digma Optima 7016N 3GDriver
Digma Optima 7017N 3GDriver
Digma Optima 7018N 4GDriver
Digma Optima 7100R 3GDriver
Digma Optima 8019N 4GDriver
Digma Optima 8027 3GDriver
Digma Optima Prime 4 3GDriver
Digma Optima Prime 4 3G TT7174PGDriver
Digma Optima Prime 5 3GDriver
Digma Plane 8.1 3G TS7854MDriver
Digma Plane 1553M 4GDriver
Digma Plane 1559 4GDriver
Digma Plane 1570N 3GDriver
Digma Plane 1570N 3G PS1185MGDriver
Digma Plane 1572N 3GDriver
Digma Plane 1573N 4GDriver
Digma Plane 1581 3GDriver
Digma Plane 1584S 3GDriver
Digma Plane 1585S 4GDriver
Digma Plane 1596 3GDriver
Digma Plane 1713T 3GDriver
Digma Plane 1715T 4GDriver
Digma Plane 7539E 4GDriver
Digma Plane 7546S 3GDriver
Digma Plane 7547S 3GDriver
Digma Plane 7552M 3GDriver
Digma Plane 7552M PS7165MGDriver
Digma Plane 7556 3GDriver
Digma Plane 7556 3G PS7170MGDriver
Digma Plane 7557 4GDriver
Digma Plane 7561N 3GDriver
Digma Plane 7563N 4GDriver
Digma Plane 7565N 3GDriver
Digma Plane 7565N 4GDriver
Digma Plane 7574S 4GDriver
Digma Plane 7580S 4GDriver
Digma Plane 7594 3GDriver
Digma Plane 8021N 4GDriver
Digma Plane 8550S 4GDriver
Digma Plane 8555M 4GDriver
Digma Plane 8558 4GDriver
Digma Plane 8566N 3GDriver
Digma Plane 8580 4GDriver
Digma Plane 8595 3GDriver
Digma Plane 8595 3G PS8212PGDriver
Digma Plane 9654M 3GDriver
Digma Plane 9654M 3G PS9167PGDriver
Digma Platina 7.1 4G LTE NS7001QLDriver
Digma Platina 7.2 4G NS6902QLDriver
Digma Platina 7.85 3G NS7840MGDriver
Digma Platina 7.86 3G NS7886MGDriver
Digma Platina 8.1 LTE NS8001QLDriver
Digma Platina 8.3 3G NS8003EGDriver
Digma Platina 9.7 3G NS9797MGDriver
Digma Platina 10.1 LTE NS1040RLDriver
Digma Platina 10.2 4G LTE NS1002QLDriver
Digma Platina 1579M 4G NS1800MLDriver
Digma Platine 1579M 4GDriver
Digma Sunwind Sky 9 A102Driver
Digma Vox A10 3GDriver
Digma Vox A10 3G VS4002PGDriver
Digma Vox E502 4GDriver
Digma Vox E502 4G VS5036PLDriver
Digma Vox Fire 4GDriver
Digma Vox Fire 4G VS5037PLDriver
Digma Vox Flash 4GDriver
Digma Vox Flash 4G VS5015MLDriver
Digma Vox G450 3GDriver
Digma Vox G500 3GDriver
Digma Vox G501 4GDriver
Digma Vox S501 3GDriver
Digma Vox S502 3GDriver
Digma Vox S502 4GDriver
Digma Vox S502F 3GDriver
Digma Vox S503 4GDriver
Digma Vox S504 3GDriver
Digma Vox S505 3GDriver
Digma Vox S506 4GDriver
Digma Vox S507 4GDriver
Digma Vox S508 3GDriver
Digma Vox S509 3GDriver
Digma Vox S513 4GDriver
Digma Vox V40 3GDriver


[*] The above Digma USB Driver are officially provided by Digma Mobile Inc. If any of the above drivers did not work for you, then you can complain to Digma Mobile Inc Officially or report to us using the comment box below.

[*] For Windows Computer Only: With the help of the above drivers, you can easily connect your Digma Smartphones and Tablets to the Windows computer only.

[*] Digma Stock Firmware: If you are looking for the original Stock Firmware, then head over to the Digma Stock Firmware page.

[*] Request Driver: If you are looking for any specific driver that is not listed above, then you can request it through the comment box below (do not request driver from the contact page, or else it will be ignored).