Download Dexp Stock ROM

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On this page, we have managed to share the Dexp Stock ROM Firmware (Flash File) for all Dexp smartphones and tablets.

All the following Dexp Stock ROM (zip file) contains the original Dexp USB Driver, Flash Tool, and the Firmware File. After Downloading the firmware, follow the instruction manual shipped with the firmware to flash or install firmware on mobile.

Dexp Stock ROM Firmware

Whats Dexp Stock ROM and its Advantage

The Stock ROM (Mobile OS) is the Most Stable ROM released by the device manufacturers depending on the device model and Android version. However, the Stock ROM don’t offer many customizations or features for the device.

While in general third-party firmware (Custom ROM) has system bugs and stability issues. In this case, you may experience battery issues, network issues, camera issues, missing features, lags, overheating, slow performance, and many more. But whenever you switch to Stock ROM, you can quickly fix them all.

Advantages of Dexp Stock ROM

  • Unbrick the device.
  • Upgrade or downgrade Mobile OS.
  • Fix OTA update issue.
  • Fix a problem with the device startup loop.
  • Fix bugs on your phone.
  • Fix Lag or Stuttering on the device.
  • Fix battery drain issue.
  • Software performance improvement.
  • Returning a stock ROM entitles the warranty on the phone.

Download Dexp Stock Firmware

Model NameDownload
Dexp 8EV2 3GFirmware
Dexp A140Firmware
Dexp A160Firmware
Dexp A240Firmware
Dexp A241Firmware
Dexp A250Firmware
Dexp A281Firmware
Dexp A283Firmware
Dexp A340Firmware
Dexp A345Firmware
Dexp A350Firmware
Dexp A350 MixFirmware
Dexp A360Firmware
Dexp A440Firmware
Dexp A455Firmware
Dexp A555Firmware
Dexp Aceline BM1Firmware
Dexp AL140Firmware
Dexp AL240 S1Firmware
Dexp AL250Firmware
Dexp AL350Firmware
Dexp AS155Firmware
Dexp AS360Firmware
Dexp B11Firmware
Dexp B17Firmware
Dexp B18Firmware
Dexp B21Firmware
Dexp B27Firmware
Dexp B28Firmware
Dexp B31Firmware
Dexp B38Firmware
Dexp B145Firmware
Dexp B155Firmware
Dexp B160Firmware
Dexp B245Firmware
Dexp B255Firmware
Dexp B260 S1Firmware
Dexp B340 S1Firmware
Dexp B350Firmware
Dexp B355Firmware
Dexp B450Firmware
Dexp BL150Firmware
Dexp BL155Firmware
Dexp BL160Firmware
Dexp BL250Firmware
Dexp BL350Firmware
Dexp BS150Firmware
Dexp BS155Firmware
Dexp BS250Firmware
Dexp BS285Firmware
Dexp BS450Firmware
Dexp BS550Firmware
Dexp BS650Firmware
Dexp C18Firmware
Dexp C181Firmware
Dexp C241Firmware
Dexp D11Firmware
Dexp D21Firmware
Dexp E110Firmware
Dexp E170Firmware
Dexp E210Firmware
Dexp EX111Firmware
Dexp FinePower A1Firmware
Dexp FinePower A2Firmware
Dexp FinePower A3Firmware
Dexp FinePower B1Firmware
Dexp FinePower B2Firmware
Dexp FinePower B3Firmware
Dexp FinePower BA245Firmware
Dexp FinePower BS182Firmware
Dexp FinePower C1Firmware
Dexp FinePower C2Firmware
Dexp FinePower C3Firmware
Dexp FinePower C4Firmware
Dexp FinePower C5Firmware
Dexp FinePower C6Firmware
Dexp FinePower D1Firmware
Dexp FinePower D2Firmware
Dexp FinePower D3Firmware
Dexp FinePower E1Firmware
Dexp FinePower E2Firmware
Dexp FinePower E3Firmware
Dexp FinePower E4Firmware
Dexp FinePower E5Firmware
Dexp FinePower F1Firmware
Dexp FinePower N1Firmware
Dexp FinePower S201Firmware
Dexp FinePower S231Firmware
Dexp Freedom Access 4013Firmware
Dexp G155Firmware
Dexp G253Firmware
Dexp G255Firmware
Dexp G355Firmware
Dexp G450Firmware
Dexp G450 2021Firmware
Dexp G660Firmware
Dexp GL355Firmware
Dexp GS150 S1Firmware
Dexp GS155 S1Firmware
Dexp H110Firmware
Dexp H170Firmware
Dexp H210Firmware
Dexp H310Firmware
Dexp H370Firmware
Dexp H410Firmware
Dexp Hashtag 5501Firmware
Dexp Ixion E4Firmware
Dexp Ixion E5Firmware
Dexp Ixion E24Firmware
Dexp Ixion E25Firmware
Dexp Ixion E140Firmware
Dexp Ixion E145Firmware
Dexp Ixion E150Firmware
Dexp Ixion E240Firmware
Dexp Ixion E245Firmware
Dexp Ixion E250Firmware
Dexp Ixion E340Firmware
Dexp Ixion E345Firmware
Dexp Ixion E350Firmware
Dexp Ixion E440Firmware
Dexp Ixion EL150Firmware
Dexp Ixion EL250Firmware
Dexp Ixion EL350Firmware
Dexp Ixion EL450Firmware
Dexp Ixion ES 3.5Firmware
Dexp Ixion ES 4Firmware
Dexp Ixion ES 4.3Firmware
Dexp Ixion ES 4.5Firmware
Dexp Ixion ES 5Firmware
Dexp Ixion ES24Firmware
Dexp Ixion ES24.5Firmware
Dexp Ixion ES25Firmware
Dexp Ixion ES135Firmware
Dexp Ixion ES145Firmware
Dexp Ixion ES145 EnergyFirmware
Dexp Ixion ES150Firmware
Dexp Ixion ES155Firmware
Dexp Ixion ES160Firmware
Dexp Ixion ES245Firmware
Dexp Ixion ES250Firmware
Dexp Ixion ES255Firmware
Dexp Ixion ES260Firmware
Dexp Ixion ES350Firmware
Dexp Ixion ES355Firmware
Dexp Ixion ES450Firmware
Dexp Ixion ES550Firmware
Dexp Ixion ES650Firmware
Dexp Ixion ES750Firmware
Dexp Ixion ES850Firmware
Dexp Ixion ES950Firmware
Dexp Ixion ES1050Firmware
Dexp Ixion G150Firmware
Dexp Ixion G155Firmware
Dexp Ixion G250Firmware
Dexp Ixion GL255Firmware
Dexp Ixion M3.5Firmware
Dexp Ixion M4Firmware
Dexp Ixion M4.5Firmware
Dexp Ixion M5Firmware
Dexp Ixion M140Firmware
Dexp Ixion M145Firmware
Dexp Ixion M150Firmware
Dexp Ixion M155Firmware
Dexp Ixion M240Firmware
Dexp Ixion M245Firmware
Dexp Ixion M250Firmware
Dexp Ixion M255Firmware
Dexp Ixion M340Firmware
Dexp Ixion M345Firmware
Dexp Ixion M350Firmware
Dexp Ixion M355Firmware
Dexp Ixion M445Firmware
Dexp Ixion M450Firmware
Dexp Ixion M545Firmware
Dexp Ixion M750Firmware
Dexp Ixion M850Firmware
Dexp Ixion ML4.5Firmware
Dexp Ixion ML4.7Firmware
Dexp Ixion ML5Firmware
Dexp Ixion ML25Firmware
Dexp Ixion ML145Firmware
Dexp Ixion ML150Firmware
Dexp Ixion ML245Firmware
Dexp Ixion ML250Firmware
Dexp Ixion ML350Firmware
Dexp Ixion ML450Firmware
Dexp Ixion MLTE5Firmware
Dexp Ixion MQ3.5Firmware
Dexp Ixion MS5Firmware
Dexp Ixion MS150Firmware
Dexp Ixion MS155Firmware
Dexp Ixion MS250Firmware
Dexp Ixion MS255Firmware
Dexp Ixion MS350Firmware
Dexp Ixion MS450Firmware
Dexp Ixion MS550Firmware
Dexp Ixion MS650Firmware
Dexp Ixion P4Firmware
Dexp Ixion P135Firmware
Dexp Ixion P140Firmware
Dexp Ixion P145Firmware
Dexp Ixion P150Firmware
Dexp Ixion P245Firmware
Dexp Ixion P350Firmware
Dexp Ixion W5Firmware
Dexp Ixion XFirmware
Dexp Ixion X4Firmware
Dexp Ixion X4.5Firmware
Dexp Ixion X5Firmware
Dexp Ixion X140Firmware
Dexp Ixion X145Firmware
Dexp Ixion X147Firmware
Dexp Ixion X150Firmware
Dexp Ixion X155Firmware
Dexp Ixion X245Firmware
Dexp Ixion X250Firmware
Dexp Ixion X255Firmware
Dexp Ixion X355Firmware
Dexp Ixion XL5Firmware
Dexp Ixion XL140Firmware
Dexp Ixion XL145Firmware
Dexp Ixion XL150Firmware
Dexp Ixion XL155Firmware
Dexp Ixion XL240Firmware
Dexp Ixion Y5Firmware
Dexp Ixion Z150Firmware
Dexp Ixion Z155Firmware
Dexp Ixion Z250Firmware
Dexp Ixion Z255Firmware
Dexp K1Firmware
Dexp K11Firmware
Dexp K17Firmware
Dexp K18Firmware
Dexp K21Firmware
Dexp K28Firmware
Dexp K41Firmware
Dexp K48Firmware
Dexp K51Firmware
Dexp K61Firmware
Dexp L210Firmware
Dexp L310iFirmware
Dexp L370iFirmware
Dexp L470Firmware
Dexp Larus B1Firmware
Dexp Larus B2Firmware
Dexp Larus B3Firmware
Dexp Larus C2Firmware
Dexp Larus C3Firmware
Dexp Larus C5Firmware
Dexp Larus C6Firmware
Dexp Larus E3Firmware
Dexp Larus E4Firmware
Dexp Larus E7Firmware
Dexp Larus E8Firmware
Dexp Larus E9Firmware
Dexp Larus F1Firmware
Dexp Larus F2Firmware
Dexp Larus M3Firmware
Dexp Larus M5Firmware
Dexp Larus M6Firmware
Dexp Larus M8Firmware
Dexp Larus M9Firmware
Dexp Larus P4Firmware
Dexp Larus S3Firmware
Dexp Larus S4Firmware
Dexp Larus S5Firmware
Dexp Larus S8Firmware
Dexp Larus S9Firmware
Dexp Larus TV1Firmware
Dexp Larus V2 S520Firmware
Dexp Larus V5Firmware
Dexp Larus X1Firmware
Dexp Larus X4Firmware
Dexp Larus Z1Firmware
Dexp Larus Z3Firmware
Dexp M170Firmware
Dexp M210Firmware
Dexp ML245Firmware
Dexp N180iFirmware
Dexp N280iFirmware
Dexp N370Firmware
Dexp N380iFirmware
Dexp N410Firmware
Dexp N570Firmware
Dexp Otus E1 M28Firmware
Dexp Otus S1Firmware
Dexp Otus S2Firmware
Dexp Otus S3Firmware
Dexp P11Firmware
Dexp P380iFirmware
Dexp P510Firmware
Dexp Q110Firmware
Dexp Q180Firmware
Dexp Q210Firmware
Dexp Q280Firmware
Dexp Q310Firmware
Dexp R110Firmware
Dexp S171Firmware
Dexp S270iFirmware
Dexp S280Firmware
Dexp S370Firmware
Dexp S570Firmware
Dexp S670Firmware
Dexp S770Firmware
Dexp S770iFirmware
Dexp SD10 C1Firmware
Dexp Shine 4503Firmware
Dexp SR10 C1Firmware
Dexp T21Firmware
Dexp T155Firmware
Dexp Tab N210Firmware
Dexp Tab Q210Firmware
Dexp Ursus 7EFirmware
Dexp Ursus 7E 3GFirmware
Dexp Ursus 7M 3GFirmware
Dexp Ursus 7M2 3GFirmware
Dexp Ursus 7M3 3GFirmware
Dexp Ursus 7MVFirmware
Dexp Ursus 7MV 3GFirmware
Dexp Ursus 7MV2 3GFirmware
Dexp Ursus 7MV3 3GFirmware
Dexp Ursus 7MV4 3GFirmware
Dexp Ursus 7PFirmware
Dexp Ursus 8E miniFirmware
Dexp Ursus 8E mini 3GFirmware
Dexp Ursus 8E2 mini 3GFirmware
Dexp Ursus 8EVFirmware
Dexp Ursus 8EV 3GFirmware
Dexp Ursus 8EV mini 3GFirmware
Dexp Ursus 8EV2 3GFirmware
Dexp Ursus 8X 4GFirmware
Dexp Ursus 9EV 3GFirmware
Dexp Ursus 9EV mini 3GFirmware
Dexp Ursus 9PV 3GFirmware
Dexp Ursus 9PX 3GFirmware
Dexp Ursus 9X 3GFirmware
Dexp Ursus 10E 3GFirmware
Dexp Ursus 10E2 3GFirmware
Dexp Ursus 10EVFirmware
Dexp Ursus 10EV 3G SilverFirmware
Dexp Ursus 10M 3GFirmware
Dexp Ursus 10M2 3GFirmware
Dexp Ursus 10MV 3GFirmware
Dexp Ursus 10P 3GFirmware
Dexp Ursus A110Firmware
Dexp Ursus A110iFirmware
Dexp Ursus A169Firmware
Dexp Ursus A169iFirmware
Dexp Ursus A170 HitFirmware
Dexp Ursus A170iFirmware
Dexp Ursus A179iFirmware
Dexp Ursus A210Firmware
Dexp Ursus A210iFirmware
Dexp Ursus A269Firmware
Dexp Ursus A270Firmware
Dexp Ursus A270iFirmware
Dexp Ursus A310Firmware
Dexp Ursus A370Firmware
Dexp Ursus A370iFirmware
Dexp Ursus A470Firmware
Dexp Ursus B18Firmware
Dexp Ursus B38Firmware
Dexp Ursus G170Firmware
Dexp Ursus G270iFirmware
Dexp Ursus GX180Firmware
Dexp Ursus K31Firmware
Dexp Ursus K38Firmware
Dexp Ursus KX170Firmware
Dexp Ursus KX210Firmware
Dexp Ursus KX270Firmware
Dexp Ursus KX370Firmware
Dexp Ursus L170Firmware
Dexp Ursus L180Firmware
Dexp Ursus L270Firmware
Dexp Ursus M110Firmware
Dexp Ursus M210Firmware
Dexp Ursus N110Firmware
Dexp Ursus N169Firmware
Dexp Ursus N170Firmware
Dexp Ursus N170iFirmware
Dexp Ursus N180Firmware
Dexp Ursus N180iFirmware
Dexp Ursus N210Firmware
Dexp Ursus N280Firmware
Dexp Ursus N310Firmware
Dexp Ursus NS110Firmware
Dexp Ursus NS170Firmware
Dexp Ursus NS170iFirmware
Dexp Ursus NS180Firmware
Dexp Ursus NS210Firmware
Dexp Ursus NS270Firmware
Dexp Ursus NS280Firmware
Dexp Ursus NS310Firmware
Dexp Ursus NS370Firmware
Dexp Ursus NS370iFirmware
Dexp Ursus NS470Firmware
Dexp Ursus P110Firmware
Dexp Ursus P170Firmware
Dexp Ursus P180Firmware
Dexp Ursus P210Firmware
Dexp Ursus P280Firmware
Dexp Ursus P310Firmware
Dexp Ursus P380Firmware
Dexp Ursus P510Firmware
Dexp Ursus S169Firmware
Dexp Ursus S170Firmware
Dexp Ursus S170iFirmware
Dexp Ursus S190Firmware
Dexp Ursus S270Firmware
Dexp Ursus S290Firmware
Dexp Ursus TS110Firmware
Dexp Ursus TS170Firmware
Dexp Ursus TS180Firmware
Dexp Ursus TS197Firmware
Dexp Ursus TS210Firmware
Dexp Ursus TS270Firmware
Dexp Ursus TS310Firmware
Dexp Ursus TS370Firmware
Dexp Ursus Z170Firmware
Dexp Ursus Z180Firmware
Dexp Ursus Z190Firmware
Dexp Ursus Z280Firmware
Dexp Ursus Z310Firmware
Dexp Ursus Z380Firmware
Dexp V241Firmware
Dexp V242Firmware
Dexp VA110Firmware
Dexp Z250Firmware
Dexp Z355Firmware
Dexp Z455Firmware


[*] After flashing (installing) the Dexp Stock ROM on your device, you may need to flash (install) the IMEI using the IMEI tool provided with the firmware file. If you are going to flash the IMEI, then flash the Original IMEI that comes with your device.

[*] Dexp USB Driver: If you are looking for the original USB Driver, then head over to the Dexp USB Driver page.

[*] Request Firmware: If you are looking for any specific firmware that is not listed above, you can request it through the comment box below (do not request firmware through the contact page, or else it will be ignored).