Download Dexp USB Driver for Windows

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Dexp USB Driver helps you to connect your Dexp Smartphone and Tablets to the Windows Computer and transfer data between the device and the computer.

It also allows you to flash or install Dexp Stock Firmware on your Dexp Device using the preloader drivers. Here on this page, we have shared the official Dexp USB Driver for all Dexp devices.

Dexp USB Driver

Download Dexp Mobile Driver

Model NameDownload
Dexp 8EV2 3GDriver
Dexp A140Driver
Dexp A150Driver
Dexp A160Driver
Dexp A240Driver
Dexp A241Driver
Dexp A250Driver
Dexp A281Driver
Dexp A283Driver
Dexp A340Driver
Dexp A345Driver
Dexp A350Driver
Dexp A350 MixDriver
Dexp A360Driver
Dexp A440Driver
Dexp A455Driver
Dexp A555Driver
Dexp AL140Driver
Dexp AL240Driver
Dexp AL240 S1Driver
Dexp AL250Driver
Dexp AL350Driver
Dexp AS155Driver
Dexp AS160Driver
Dexp AS260Driver
Dexp AS360Driver
Dexp B11Driver
Dexp B17Driver
Dexp B18Driver
Dexp B21Driver
Dexp B27Driver
Dexp B28Driver
Dexp B31Driver
Dexp B38Driver
Dexp B145Driver
Dexp B155Driver
Dexp B160Driver
Dexp B245Driver
Dexp B255Driver
Dexp B260Driver
Dexp B260 S1Driver
Dexp B340Driver
Dexp B340 S1Driver
Dexp B350Driver
Dexp B355Driver
Dexp B450Driver
Dexp BL150Driver
Dexp BL155Driver
Dexp BL160Driver
Dexp BL250Driver
Dexp BL350Driver
Dexp BS150Driver
Dexp BS155Driver
Dexp BS250Driver
Dexp BS285Driver
Dexp BS450Driver
Dexp BS550Driver
Dexp BS650Driver
Dexp C18Driver
Dexp C181Driver
Dexp D11Driver
Dexp D21Driver
Dexp E110Driver
Dexp E170Driver
Dexp E210Driver
Dexp EX111Driver
Dexp FinePower A1Driver
Dexp FinePower A2Driver
Dexp FinePower A3Driver
Dexp FinePower B1Driver
Dexp FinePower B2Driver
Dexp FinePower B3Driver
Dexp FinePower BA245Driver
Dexp FinePower BS182Driver
Dexp FinePower C1Driver
Dexp FinePower C2Driver
Dexp FinePower C3Driver
Dexp FinePower C4Driver
Dexp FinePower C5Driver
Dexp FinePower C6Driver
Dexp FinePower D1Driver
Dexp FinePower D2Driver
Dexp FinePower D3Driver
Dexp FinePower E1Driver
Dexp FinePower E2Driver
Dexp FinePower E3Driver
Dexp FinePower E4Driver
Dexp FinePower E5Driver
Dexp FinePower F1Driver
Dexp FinePower N1Driver
Dexp FinePower S201Driver
Dexp FinePower S231Driver
Dexp Freedom Access 4013Driver
Dexp G155Driver
Dexp G253Driver
Dexp G255Driver
Dexp G355Driver
Dexp G450Driver
Dexp G450 2021Driver
Dexp G660Driver
Dexp GL355Driver
Dexp GS150Driver
Dexp GS150 S1Driver
Dexp GS155Driver
Dexp GS155 S1Driver
Dexp H110Driver
Dexp H170Driver
Dexp H210Driver
Dexp H310Driver
Dexp H370Driver
Dexp H410Driver
Dexp Hashtag 5501Driver
Dexp Ixion E4Driver
Dexp Ixion E5Driver
Dexp Ixion E24Driver
Dexp Ixion E25Driver
Dexp Ixion E140Driver
Dexp Ixion E145Driver
Dexp Ixion E150Driver
Dexp Ixion E240Driver
Dexp Ixion E245Driver
Dexp Ixion E250Driver
Dexp Ixion E340Driver
Dexp Ixion E345Driver
Dexp Ixion E350Driver
Dexp Ixion E440Driver
Dexp Ixion EL150Driver
Dexp Ixion EL250Driver
Dexp Ixion EL350Driver
Dexp Ixion EL450Driver
Dexp Ixion ES 2 4Driver
Dexp Ixion ES 3.5Driver
Dexp Ixion ES 4Driver
Dexp Ixion ES 4.3Driver
Dexp Ixion ES 4.5Driver
Dexp Ixion ES 5Driver
Dexp Ixion ES24.5Driver
Dexp Ixion ES245Driver
Dexp Ixion ES25Driver
Dexp Ixion ES135Driver
Dexp Ixion ES145Driver
Dexp Ixion ES145 EnergyDriver
Dexp Ixion ES150Driver
Dexp Ixion ES155Driver
Dexp Ixion ES160Driver
Dexp Ixion ES250Driver
Dexp Ixion ES255Driver
Dexp Ixion ES260Driver
Dexp Ixion ES350Driver
Dexp Ixion ES355Driver
Dexp Ixion ES450Driver
Dexp Ixion ES550Driver
Dexp Ixion ES650Driver
Dexp Ixion ES750Driver
Dexp Ixion ES850Driver
Dexp Ixion ES950Driver
Dexp Ixion ES1050Driver
Dexp Ixion G150Driver
Dexp Ixion G155Driver
Dexp Ixion G250Driver
Dexp Ixion GL255Driver
Dexp Ixion M 4.5Driver
Dexp Ixion M3.5Driver
Dexp Ixion M4Driver
Dexp Ixion M5Driver
Dexp Ixion M140Driver
Dexp Ixion M145Driver
Dexp Ixion M150Driver
Dexp Ixion M155Driver
Dexp Ixion M240Driver
Dexp Ixion M245Driver
Dexp Ixion M250Driver
Dexp Ixion M255Driver
Dexp Ixion M340Driver
Dexp Ixion M345Driver
Dexp Ixion M350Driver
Dexp Ixion M355Driver
Dexp Ixion M445Driver
Dexp Ixion M450Driver
Dexp Ixion M545Driver
Dexp Ixion M750Driver
Dexp Ixion M850Driver
Dexp Ixion ML4.5Driver
Dexp Ixion ML4.7Driver
Dexp Ixion ML5Driver
Dexp Ixion ML25Driver
Dexp Ixion ML145Driver
Dexp Ixion ML150Driver
Dexp Ixion ML245Driver
Dexp Ixion ML250Driver
Dexp Ixion ML350Driver
Dexp Ixion ML450Driver
Dexp Ixion MLTE5Driver
Dexp Ixion MQ3.5Driver
Dexp Ixion MS5Driver
Dexp Ixion MS150Driver
Dexp Ixion MS155Driver
Dexp Ixion MS250Driver
Dexp Ixion MS255Driver
Dexp Ixion MS350Driver
Dexp Ixion MS450Driver
Dexp Ixion MS550Driver
Dexp Ixion MS650Driver
Dexp Ixion P4Driver
Dexp Ixion P135Driver
Dexp Ixion P140Driver
Dexp Ixion P145 DominatorDriver
Dexp Ixion P150Driver
Dexp Ixion P245Driver
Dexp Ixion P350Driver
Dexp Ixion W5Driver
Dexp Ixion XDriver
Dexp Ixion X LTE 4.5Driver
Dexp Ixion X4Driver
Dexp Ixion X4.5Driver
Dexp Ixion X5Driver
Dexp Ixion X140Driver
Dexp Ixion X145Driver
Dexp Ixion X147Driver
Dexp Ixion X150Driver
Dexp Ixion X155Driver
Dexp Ixion X245Driver
Dexp Ixion X250Driver
Dexp Ixion X255Driver
Dexp Ixion X355Driver
Dexp Ixion XL5Driver
Dexp Ixion XL140Driver
Dexp Ixion XL145Driver
Dexp Ixion XL150Driver
Dexp Ixion XL155Driver
Dexp Ixion XL240Driver
Dexp Ixion Y5Driver
Dexp Ixion Z150Driver
Dexp Ixion Z155Driver
Dexp Ixion Z250Driver
Dexp Ixion Z255Driver
Dexp K11Driver
Dexp K17Driver
Dexp K18Driver
Dexp K21Driver
Dexp K28Driver
Dexp K41Driver
Dexp K48Driver
Dexp K51Driver
Dexp K61Driver
Dexp L210Driver
Dexp L310iDriver
Dexp L370iDriver
Dexp L470Driver
Dexp M170Driver
Dexp M210Driver
Dexp ML245Driver
Dexp N180iDriver
Dexp N280iDriver
Dexp N370Driver
Dexp N380iDriver
Dexp N410Driver
Dexp N570Driver
Dexp P11Driver
Dexp P380iDriver
Dexp P510Driver
Dexp Plane 7594 3GDriver
Dexp Q110Driver
Dexp Q180Driver
Dexp Q210Driver
Dexp Q280Driver
Dexp Q310Driver
Dexp R110Driver
Dexp S171Driver
Dexp S270iDriver
Dexp S280Driver
Dexp S370Driver
Dexp S570Driver
Dexp S670Driver
Dexp S770Driver
Dexp S770iDriver
Dexp Shine 4503Driver
Dexp T21Driver
Dexp T155Driver
Dexp Tab N210Driver
Dexp Tab Q210Driver
Dexp Ursus 10E 3GDriver
Dexp Ursus 10E2 3GDriver
Dexp Ursus 10EVDriver
Dexp Ursus 10EV 3G SilverDriver
Dexp Ursus 10M 3GDriver
Dexp Ursus 10M2 3GDriver
Dexp Ursus 10MV 3GDriver
Dexp Ursus 10P 3GDriver
Dexp Ursus 7M 3GDriver
Dexp Ursus 7MVDriver
Dexp Ursus 7MV 3GDriver
Dexp Ursus 7MV3 3GDriver
Dexp Ursus 7MV4 3GDriver
Dexp Ursus 7PDriver
Dexp Ursus 7WDriver
Dexp Ursus 8E miniDriver
Dexp Ursus 8E mini 3GDriver
Dexp Ursus 8E2 mini 3GDriver
Dexp Ursus 8EVDriver
Dexp Ursus 8EV 3GDriver
Dexp Ursus 8EV mini 3GDriver
Dexp Ursus 8EV2 3GDriver
Dexp Ursus 8X 4GDriver
Dexp Ursus 9EV 3GDriver
Dexp Ursus 9EV mini 3GDriver
Dexp Ursus 9PV 3GDriver
Dexp Ursus 9PX 3GDriver
Dexp Ursus 9X 3GDriver
Dexp Ursus A110Driver
Dexp Ursus A110iDriver
Dexp Ursus A169Driver
Dexp Ursus A169iDriver
Dexp Ursus A170 HitDriver
Dexp Ursus A170iDriver
Dexp Ursus A179iDriver
Dexp Ursus A210Driver
Dexp Ursus A210iDriver
Dexp Ursus A269Driver
Dexp Ursus A270Driver
Dexp Ursus A270iDriver
Dexp Ursus A310Driver
Dexp Ursus A370Driver
Dexp Ursus A370iDriver
Dexp Ursus A470Driver
Dexp Ursus B18Driver
Dexp Ursus B38Driver
Dexp Ursus G170Driver
Dexp Ursus G270iDriver
Dexp Ursus GX180Driver
Dexp Ursus GX180 ArmorDriver
Dexp Ursus H170Driver
Dexp Ursus K31Driver
Dexp Ursus K38Driver
Dexp Ursus KX110 AVADriver
Dexp Ursus KX110i AVADriver
Dexp Ursus KX170Driver
Dexp Ursus KX270Driver
Dexp Ursus KX370Driver
Dexp Ursus L110Driver
Dexp Ursus L170Driver
Dexp Ursus L180Driver
Dexp Ursus L270Driver
Dexp Ursus L370IDriver
Dexp Ursus M110Driver
Dexp Ursus M210Driver
Dexp Ursus N110Driver
Dexp Ursus N169Driver
Dexp Ursus N170Driver
Dexp Ursus N170iDriver
Dexp Ursus N180Driver
Dexp Ursus N180iDriver
Dexp Ursus N210Driver
Dexp Ursus N280Driver
Dexp Ursus N310Driver
Dexp Ursus N310 4GDriver
Dexp Ursus N370Driver
Dexp Ursus N470Driver
Dexp Ursus N570 4GDriver
Dexp Ursus NS110Driver
Dexp Ursus NS170Driver
Dexp Ursus NS170iDriver
Dexp Ursus NS180Driver
Dexp Ursus NS210Driver
Dexp Ursus NS270Driver
Dexp Ursus NS280Driver
Dexp Ursus NS310Driver
Dexp Ursus NS370Driver
Dexp Ursus NS370iDriver
Dexp Ursus NS470Driver
Dexp Ursus P110Driver
Dexp Ursus P170Driver
Dexp Ursus P180Driver
Dexp Ursus P210Driver
Dexp Ursus P280Driver
Dexp Ursus P310Driver
Dexp Ursus P380Driver
Dexp Ursus P380iDriver
Dexp Ursus P410Driver
Dexp Ursus P510Driver
Dexp Ursus S169Driver
Dexp Ursus S170Driver
Dexp Ursus S170iDriver
Dexp Ursus S180Driver
Dexp Ursus S190Driver
Dexp Ursus S270Driver
Dexp Ursus S280Driver
Dexp Ursus S290Driver
Dexp Ursus S370Driver
Dexp Ursus S380Driver
Dexp Ursus S470 MixDriver
Dexp Ursus TS110Driver
Dexp Ursus TS170Driver
Dexp Ursus TS180Driver
Dexp Ursus TS197Driver
Dexp Ursus TS210Driver
Dexp Ursus TS270Driver
Dexp Ursus TS310Driver
Dexp Ursus TS370Driver
Dexp Ursus VA110Driver
Dexp Ursus VA170Driver
Dexp Ursus VA210Driver
Dexp Ursus Z170Driver
Dexp Ursus Z180Driver
Dexp Ursus Z190Driver
Dexp Ursus Z280Driver
Dexp Ursus Z310Driver
Dexp Ursus Z380Driver
Dexp V241Driver
Dexp V242Driver
Dexp VA110Driver
Dexp Z250Driver
Dexp Z355Driver
Dexp Z455Driver


[*] The above Dexp USB Driver are officially provided by Dexp Mobile Inc. If any of the above drivers did not work for you, then you can complain to Dexp Mobile Inc Officially or report to us using the comment box below.

[*] For Windows Computer Only: With the help of the above drivers, you can easily connect your Dexp Smartphones and Tablets to the Windows computer only.

[*] Dexp Stock Firmware: If you are looking for the original Stock Firmware, then head over to the Dexp Stock Firmware page.

[*] Request Driver: If you are looking for any specific driver that is not listed above, then you can request it through the comment box below (do not request driver from the contact page, or else it will be ignored).