Samsung Cert Files are used to repair the IMEI and the baseband of Samsung smartphones and tablets. The Cert files can be useful if your device is having/facing IMEI-related issues.

Samsung Cert Files

Download Samsung Cert Files

Model Cert
EK-GC100 Link
GT-i8258 Link
GT-i8262 Link
GT-i8268 Link
GT-i8558 Link
GT-i9060 Link
GT-i9060-DS Link
GT-I9060L Link
GT-I9152P Link
GT-I9158P Link
GT-I9158V Link
GT-i9260 Link
GT-i9300 Link
GT-i9300i Link
GT-i9301i Link
GT-I9305 Link
GT-i9308 Link
GT-i9500 Link
GT-I9505 Link
GT-i9515 Link
GT-i9515L Link
GT-N5100 Link
GT-N7100 Link
GT-N8000 Link
GT-P3100 Link
GT-P5100 Link
GT-P5200 Link
GT-P5220 Link
GT-S6790 Link
GT-S6790N Link
GT-S7262 Link
GT-S7272C Link
GT-S7275B Link
GT-S7390 Link
GT-S7390G Link
GT-S7392 Link
GT-S7562C Link
GT-S7562U Link
GT-S7580 Link
GT-S7582 Link
SC-01F Link
SGH-T889 Link
SGH-T999 Link
SGH-T999V Link
SHV-E250L Link
SM-A300F Link
SM-A310F Link
SM-A5000 Link
SM-A500F Link
SM-A500FU Link
SM-A500H Link
SM-A500M Link
SM-A510F Link
SM-A700F Link
SM-A700FD Link
SM-A700H Link
SM-A710F Link
SM-A710M Link
SM-A800F Link
SM-A3000 Link
SM-B360E Link
SM-C101 Link
SM-C111 Link
SM-C115 Link
SM-E700F Link
SM-E700H Link
SM-G110H Link
SM-G130E Link
SM-G313H Link
SM-G313HN Link
SM-G313HU Link
SM-G313HZ Link
SM-G313M Link
SM-G313ML Link
SM-G313U Link
SM-G318H Link
SM-G350 Link
SM-G350E Link
SM-G350L Link
SM-G350M Link
SM-G355H Link
SM-G355HN Link
SM-G355M Link
SM-G357M Link
SM-G360H Link
SM-G360M Link
SM-G361F Link
SM-G386 Link
SM-G386F Link
SM-G386T Link
SM-G388F Link
SM-G530 Link
SM-G530F Link
SM-G530H Link
SM-G530M Link
SM-G531F Link
SM-G531H Link
SM-G531M Link
SM-G710 Link
SM-G730A Link
SM-G800F Link
SM-G800H Link
SM-G800M Link
SM-G800Y Link
SM-G850F Link
SM-G850K Link
SM-G850L Link
SM-G850M Link
SM-G870A Link
SM-G900A Link
SM-G900F Link
SM-G900H Link
SM-G900M Link
SM-G900MD Link
SM-G900P Link
SM-G900T Link
SM-G900V Link
SM-G901F Link
SM-G903F Link
SM-G906S Link
SM-G910S Link
SM-G920A Link
SM-G920F Link
SM-G920i Link
SM-G920K Link
SM-G920S Link
SM-G920T Link
SM-G920T1 Link
SM-G925A Link
SM-G925F Link
SM-G925i Link
SM-G925K Link
SM-G925S Link
SM-G925T Link
SM-G925W8 Link
SM-G928F Link
SM-G928G Link
SM-G928T Link
SM-G930F Link
SM-G935F Link
SM-G3502I Link
SM-G3508I Link
SM-G3509I Link
SM-G3518 Link
SM-G3556D Link
SM-G3586V Link
SM-G3588V Link
SM-G3608 Link
SM-G3815 Link
SM-G5108Q Link
SM-G5306W Link
SM-G5308W Link
SM-G5309W Link
SM-G7102 Link
SM-G7105 Link
SM-G7105L Link
SM-G7108 Link
SM-G7508Q Link
SM-G9009D Link
SM-G9009W Link
SM-G9092 Link
SM-G9098 Link
SM-I9192I Link
SM-I9515L Link
SM-J100FN Link
SM-J100H Link
SM-J100MU Link
SM-J105H Link
SM-J110F Link
SM-J110H Link
SM-J110M Link
SM-J111F Link
SM-J120FN Link
SM-J200F Link
SM-J200M Link
SM-J320F Link
SM-J320H Link
SM-J500F Link
SM-J500FN Link
SM-J500H Link
SM-J500M Link
SM-J700F Link
SM-J700H Link
SM-J700M Link
SM-J701F Link
SM-N750 Link
SM-N750S Link
SM-N900 Link
SM-N900P Link
SM-N900T Link
SM-N900W8 Link
SM-N910 Link
SM-N910A Link
SM-N910C Link
SM-N910CQ Link
SM-N910F Link
SM-N910G Link
SM-N910H Link
SM-N910K Link
SM-N910L Link
SM-N910S Link
SM-N910T Link
SM-N910U Link
SM-N915 Link
SM-N915A Link
SM-N915F Link
SM-N915G Link
SM-N915T Link
SM-N920I Link
SM-N920T Link
SM-N7502 Link
SM-N7505 Link
SM-N7506V Link
SM-N9000Q Link
SM-N9002 Link
SM-N9005 Link
SM-N9006 Link
SM-N9008 Link
SM-N9008S Link
SM-N9009 Link
SM-N9100 Link
SM-N9150 Link
SM-P601 Link
SM-P901 Link
SM-P905 Link
SM-R750T Link
SM-T217A Link
SM-T239M Link
SM-T311 Link
SM-T321 Link
SM-T335 Link
SM-T355 Link
SM-T535 Link
SM-T561 Link
SM-T705 Link
SM-T805C Link
SM-W2014 Link
SM-W2015 Link
SM-Z130H Link


[*] Samsung Stock Firmware: If you are looking for the original firmware for your device, then head over to Download Samsung Stock Firmware page.

[*] Samsung USB Driver: If you are looking for the original USB Driver for your device, then head over to Download Samsung USB Driver page.

[*] Odin Tool: If you are looking for the Odin Flash Tool to install Samsung Firmware, then head over to Download Odin Download Tool page.

[*] Credits: All the above Cert Files are collected and shared by So, full credit goes to them for sharing the Cert files for free.