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Updated on November 27, 2018

Odin Downloader is a flash tool that allows you to flash stock firmware, custom firmware, or any root package (tar or MD5 file) to the Samsung Smartphones (basically android based). Here, we are going to talk a bit about the Odin Tool and its features.

Odin Downloader

Odin Downloader Features

Flash Stock Firmware:

Odin Allows you to flash stock firmware on your Samsung Smartphone and Tablets. It can be very useful to restore the device in working condition, if in case you got bootloop, application crash, or any software related issue.

Flash Custom Firmware:

Odin allows you to flash custom firmware (user modified firmware) on your Samsung Smartphone and Tablets.

Flash Recovery File:

Beside flashing the complete stock firmware or custom firmware, Odin also allows you to flash the Stock or Custom Recovery on your Samsung Smartphone and Tablets.

Flash Kernels:

Odin allows you to flash stock or custom Kernels on your Samsung Smartphone and Tablets to tweak the performance of your device.

Flash Root Package:

Odin allows you to flash custom root packages on your Samsung Smartphone and Tablets to achieve Root Access on your Samsung Device.

Download Odin Downloader Tool

Download Odin3 v1.70.0

Download Odin3 v1.82.0

Download Odin3 v1.83.0

Download Odin3 v1.84.0

Download Odin3 v3.04.0

Download Odin3 v3.06.0

Download Odin3 v3.07.0

Download Odin3 v3.09.0

Download Odin3 v3.10.5

Download Odin3 v3.10.6

Download Odin3 v3.10.7

Download Odin3 v3.11.1

Download Odin3 v3.11.2

Download Odin3 v3.12.3

Download Odin3 v3.12.4

Download Odin3 v3.12.5

Download Odin3 v3.12.7

Download Odin3 v3.13.1 – Latest

Readme Once:

[*] How to Use: If you want to learn to use Odin Downloader to Flash Stock Firmware on Samsung Devices, then follow How to flash Stock Firmware using Odin Downloader page.

[*] Take Backup: Take a Phone backup before using the Odin Downloader Tool as because during the flashing process your personal data will be removed or may lost.

[*] Warranty Void: If you are flashing any custom rom on your Samsung Smartphone using Odin Downloader Tool then it may void your phone warranty. Please dont confuse custom rom with Stock rom, as Stock Rom never void Phone Warranty.

[*] Credits: Odin Downloader Tool is created by Samsung Inc, So full copyright and credits goes to them. Here, we have shared the tool, as it was available for free.

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