RockChip Android Tool is a utility designed for Android devices powered by Rockchip processors. Rockchip, a Chinese fabless semiconductor company, specializes in System-on-a-Chip (SoC) solutions for various devices like tablets, smartphones, and TV boxes. The RockChip Android Tool empowers users to manage their Rockchip devices by offering functionalities like flashing firmware and more.

RockChip Android Tool

Features of RockChip Android Tool

The RockChip Android Tool boasts a feature set that caters to both novice and experienced users. Let’s explore these functionalities and discover how they can benefit you:

Flash Firmware

This feature allows you to reinstall the operating system (OS) and underlying software on your Rockchip device. This proves highly beneficial when upgrading to newer firmware versions or reviving your device from software-related malfunctions.

Flash Boot Image

This feature allows you to update the bootloader, a critical program responsible for launching the OS. This functionality is useful for resolving boot-related issues or, for more experienced users, installing custom bootloaders for enhanced functionalities.

Unpack Firmware

Have you ever wondered what’s inside a firmware file? RockChip Android Tool lets you unpack these .img files, allowing you to explore the individual components within the firmware. With extreme caution, you can even potentially replace specific files for customization.

Read Flash ID

This feature retrieves crucial information about your device’s flash memory chip, ensuring compatibility with firmware or tools. Knowing the exact type is vital for preventing complications during flashing, safeguarding against potential issues.

Read Flash Info

While more relevant for advanced users, this feature provides detailed insights into your device’s flash memory organization and layout. Understanding this structure can be instrumental for troubleshooting flash-related errors or executing advanced flashing operations effectively.


Depending on your specific RockChip tool version, this feature might offer diagnostic tests to assess your device’s hardware health. These tests can help identify underlying hardware problems before you proceed with firmware flashing or other advanced tasks.

Reset Device

This feature initiates a factory reset on your Rockchip device, erasing all user data and settings, restoring it to its original factory state. Exercise caution, as it permanently deletes all data and customizations. It’s highly advisable to back up essential data beforehand.

Export IDB

The RockChip Android Tool enables extraction of the unique device identifier (IDB) linked to your Rockchip device, crucial for debugging and interfacing with specific development tools. Access to the IDB aids developers and advanced users in troubleshooting software issues.

Export Image

This feature empowers you to create a backup image of your firmware. It can restore your device to its previous state, potentially recovering from failed updates or other software problems. Creating a backup before flashing new firmware is highly recommended.

Download RockChip Android Tool

Following are the Download links from which you can download the tool for Windows (32-bit or 64-bit).

Version Download
1.37 Link
2.1 Link
2.3 Link
2.33 Link
2.35 Link
2.38 Link
2.58 Link


[*] How to Use: If you want to learn to use the tool to flash the stock firmware (ROM), then head over to the How to use RockChip Android Tool page.

[*] Caution: It is recommended to back up your data before flashing or installing firmware using the RockChip Android Tool, as it erases all device data.

[*] RockChip Driver: If you are looking for the RockChip Driver compatible with the RockChip Android Tool, then head over to RockChip Driver page.

[*] Credits: RockChip Android Tool is created by Fuzhou Rockchip Inc (developer). So, full credit goes to them for sharing the tool for free.