PixelFlasher Tool for Windows, Linux and Mac

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PixelFlasher is a small freeware utility that allows you to flash factory images on Google Pixel devices. Apart from the Google Pixel devices, you can also use the PixelFlasher to flash the factory images on the Google Nexus devices.

Since the PixelFlasher is a portable application, it doesn’t require installation. However, placing the executable in a separate folder is recommended as it creates various temporary files.

PixelFlasher Tool

PixelFlasher Basic Mode

Once the tool is launched, it displays the basic mode that suits most users. The main advantage of the basic mode is that the boot.img patching is fully automatic and is done by Magisk.

On the top, you can find a button to locate the Android Platform Tools from the computer. However, if you don’t have the Android Platform Tools, you can use the shortcut icon to download it directly from Google.

Below, you can find the ADB Connected Devices option with a refresh button. This option allows you to check the connection status of the connected Google Pixel devices.

After that, there is an option to locate the Pixel Phone Factory images using the browse button. You can also use the shortcut icon to download the factory images directly from Google.

Once the factory image is loaded, you can select the boot.img file to patch it using the Magisk.

After that, three flash modes are available to flash the factory image on the pixel devices, i.e., Keep data, Wipe all data, and Dry Run. Keep data will flash the factory image while preserving the existing data, whereas Wipe all data will delete all the existing data from the device.

At last, there is a Flash Pixel Phone button that will begin flashing/installing the factory image on the Google Pixel devices.

PixelFlasher Expert mode

You can activate the Expert Mode through File Menu > Advanced Configuration > Enable Advanced Option.

Some Expert Mode features include installing a custom ROM, booting into recovery mode, installing images, changing the active slot, disabling the Magisk modules, and unlocking or re-locking the device bootloader.

Download PixelFlasher for Windows, Linux, Mac

Version Windows Linux Mac
v5.0.0.1 Link Link Link
v5.0.1.0 Link Link Link
v5.1.0.0 Link Link Link
v5.1.0.1 Link Link Link
v5.1.0.2 Link Link Link
v5.2.0.0 Link Link Link
v5.2.0.1 Link Link Link
v5.2.0.2 Link Link Link
v5.3.0.0 Link Link Link
v5.3.1.1 Link Link Link
v5.3.1.2 Link Link Link
v5.3.2.0 Link Link Link
v5.3.3.0 Link Link Link
v5.4.0.0 Link Link Link
v5.5.0.0 Link Link Link
v5.5.1.0 Link Link Link
v5.5.1.1 Link Link Link


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[*] Credits: PixelFlasher is created and distributed by badabing2005 (XDA Developer). So, full credit goes to him for sharing the Flash Tool for free.