MTK Easy SU is an Android app that helps you gain root access on your MediaTek Android devices running on the Android OS released before March 2020. It supports Mediatek devices running between Android 5.0 and Android 10.


Download MTK Easy SU APK

Version Download
1.0.5 Link
1.0.6 Link
1.1.0 Link
1.1.2 Link
1.1.3 Link
2.0.0 Link
2.0.1 Link
2.0.2 Link
2.0.3 Link
2.0.4 Link
2.0.5 Link
2.0.6 Link
2.1.0 Link
2.1.1 Link
2.2.0 Link


[*] Disable Google Play Protect: Before installing the app, make sure to disable Google Play Protect. The app has been flagged as harmful by the Play Store for no reason. Disabling Play Protect will ensure a smooth installation process.

[*] Magisk Manager: If you want more control over which apps can access root on your device, you can use the Magisk Manager app. By downloading and installing this app, you can manage app permissions more effectively and gain greater authority over your device’s root access.

[*] Warning: If you are using mtk-easy-su or mtk-su, it is important to know that updating your device with any firmware release after March 2020 can prevent you from using the MTK Easy SU App’s method. To ensure that you can continue using the App’s features, you are highly recommended not to update your device’s operating system.

[*] Credits: MTK Easy SU APK was created and distributed by JunioJsv (developer). So, full credit goes to him for sharing the MTK Easy SU App for free.