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Updated on May 3, 2022

Magisk Manager is an alternative to SuperSU App, which allows you to Manage the Systemless modules and Root Privileges, Change SuperUser Settings, Enable/Disable Magisk Hide for any Specific Android App.

Here on this page, we have shared the latest and the previous versions of the Magisk Manager App.

Magisk Manager Apk

Download Magisk Manager

Version Download
V1.2 Link
V2.0 Link
V2.1 Link
V2.5 Link
V4.0 Link
V4.1 Link
V4.2.5 Link
V4.2.6 Link
V4.2.7 Link
V4.3.0 Link
V4.3.1 Link
V4.3.2 Link
V4.3.3 Link
V5.4.3 Link
V5.5.0 Link
V5.5.1 Link
V5.5.2 Link
V5.5.3 Link
V5.5.4 Link
V5.5.5 Link
V5.6.0 Link
V5.6.1 Link
V5.6.2 Link
V5.6.3 Link
V5.6.4 Link
V5.8.0 Link
V5.8.1 Link
V5.8.2 Link
V5.8.3 Link
V5.9.1 Link
V5.9.2 Link
V6.0.0 Link
V6.1.0 Link
V7.0.0 Link
V7.1.0 Link
V7.1.1 Link
V7.1.2 Link
V7.2.0 Link
V7.3.0 Link
V7.3.1 Link
V7.3.2 Link
V7.3.3 Link
V7.3.4 Link
V7.3.5 Link
V7.4.0 Link
V7.4.1 Link
V7.5.0 Link
V7.5.1 Link
V7.5.2 Link
V8.0.0 Link
V8.0.2 Link
V8.0.3 Link
V8.0.4 Link
V8.0.5 Link
V8.0.6 Link
V8.0.7 Link
V22.0 Link
V22.1 Link
V23.0 Link
V24.0 Link
V24.1 Link
V24.2 Link
V24.3 Link

Readme Once:

[*] Install: The Magisk Manager App gets pre-installed when Magisk is flashed/installed through a flashable file via Custom Recovery (TWRP/CWM). Alternately, you can install the above Magisk APK on your Android device manually.

[*] Supports: Magisk allows you to gain root access on Android devices running on Android 5.0 or above. It alters the Android system, systemless-ly. And it doesn’t modify or change the system partition of your device.

[*] Magisk SuperUser or MagiskSU: This feature gives you the superuser power to grant or deny the necessary permission of any application. Keep in mind that this feature only works on rooted Android devices.

[*] Credits: Magisk Manager App is the part of the Magisk package and are officially provided by Topjohnwu (developer). So, full credit goes to him for sharing the Magisk App for free.