SuperSU APK was a tool used to manage root permissions on Android devices and control the management of rooted devices. Although it was discontinued in 2018, it is still widely used. It blocks root access requests and prompts user approval, preventing malicious apps from gaining root privileges without consent.


Download SuperSU APK

Version Download
v1.86 Link
v1.89 Link
v1.94 Link
v2.00 Link
v2.01 Link
v2.13 Link
v2.14 Link
v2.35 Link
v2.36 Link
v2.37 Link
v2.39 Link
v2.40 Link
v2.44 Link
v2.45 Link
v2.46 Link
v2.49 Link
v2.51 Link
v2.52 Link
v2.56 Link
v2.60 Link
v2.61 Link
v2.62 Link
v2.65 Link
v2.66 Link
v2.68 Link
v2.69 Link
v2.71 Link
v2.72 Link
v2.76 Link
v2.77 Link
v2.78 Link
v2.79 Link
v2.80 Link
v2.81 Link
v2.82 Link


[*] Root Manager: SuperSU APK is not a rooting app but a root management app that allows users to control and manage root permissions.

[*] Install: The SuperSU App only works on the rooted device. To root the device, flash the flashable SuperSU (zip) through the TWRP/CWM recovery. Once the device is rooted, you can install any compatible version of SuperSU APK.

[*] Supports: SuperSU App only supports devices running between Android 2.3 to Android 7.1.2 and was discontinued in 2018 and is not officially supported for newer versions of Android.

[*] Credits: SuperSU APK was created and distributed by Chainfire (developer). So, full credit goes to him for sharing the SuperSU App for free.