Download Infinix DA File for all Models

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The Infinix DA File (Download Agent File) is a small file used with SP Flash Tool/SPMDT Tool to unlock the secure storage on the Infinix devices that came/shipped with the enabled secure boot.

The DA File is primarily used during the Firmware (OS) Flashing/Installation on the Infinix Devices. However, you can also use the Infinix DA File during the FRP (Factory Reset Protection) removal process.

Infinix DA File

Download Infinix Da File (Download Agent File)

ModelDA File
Infinix Hot 5 X559CLink
Infinix Hot 6 X606Link
Infinix Hot 6 X606BLink
Infinix Hot 6 X606CLink
Infinix Hot 6 X606DLink
Infinix Hot 6X X604DLink
Infinix Hot 7 X624BLink
Infinix Hot 7 Pro X625Link
Infinix Hot 7 Pro X625BLink
Infinix Hot 7 Pro X625CLink
Infinix Hot 8 X650Link
Infinix Hot 8 X650BLink
Infinix Hot 8 X650CLink
Infinix Hot 9 X655CLink
Infinix Hot 9 Play X680Link
Infinix Note 5 X604Link
Infinix Note 5 Stylus X605Link
Infinix Note 6 X610BLink
Infinix Note 7 X690BLink
Infinix Note 7 Lite X656Link
Infinix S4 X626Link
Infinix S4 X626BLink
Infinix S4 X626DLink
Infinix S5 X652Link
Infinix S5 X652ALink
Infinix S5 Lite X652BLink
Infinix S5 Lite X652CLink
Infinix Smart 2 X5515Link
Infinix Smart 2 X5515FLink
Infinix Smart 2 HD X609Link
Infinix Smart 2 Pro X5514Link
Infinix Smart 2 Pro X5514DLink
Infinix Smart 3 Plus X627Link
Infinix Smart 3 X5516BLink
Infinix Smart 4 X653Link
Infinix Smart 4C X653CLink
Infinix Smart 5 X657Link
Infinix Smart HD 2021 X612BLink
Infinix Zero 5 Pro X603BLink
Infinix Zero X ProLink


[*] Usage: All the above Infinix DA File can be used with the SP Flash Tool or SP MDT Tool during the Firmware Installation or FRP Removal process.

[*] Infinix Stock Firmware: If you are looking for the original firmware for your device, then head over to Download Infinix Stock Firmware page.

[*] Infinix USB Driver: If you are looking for the original USB Driver for your device, then head over to Download Infinix USB Driver page.

[*] Credits: The Infinix DA File shared above are officially extracted from the Infinix Stock Firmware. Therefore, all credit goes to Shenzhen Transsion Holdings Co Ltd for the DA File.