Download Zopo USB Driver for Windows

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Zopo USB Driver helps you to connect your Zopo Smartphone and Tablets to the Windows Computer and transfer data between the device and the computer.

It also allows you to flash or install Zopo Stock Firmware on your Zopo Mobile Device using the preloader drivers. Here on this page, we have shared the official Zopo USB Driver for all Zopo devices.

Zopo USB Driver

Download Zopo Mobile Driver

Model NameDownload
Zopo 3XDriver
Zopo 910Driver
Zopo 950 PlusDriver
Zopo 6530Driver
Zopo 6560Driver
Zopo 6560 KKDriver
Zopo 8510Driver
Zopo 8510 KKDriver
Zopo 8510 MIUIDriver
Zopo 9515Driver
Zopo 9520Driver
Zopo 9530Driver
Zopo C2Driver
Zopo C3Driver
Zopo C7Driver
Zopo C350 KW Z5000Driver
Zopo Caesar A9600Driver
Zopo Color CDriver
Zopo Color C1Driver
Zopo Color C1 ZP331Driver
Zopo Color C2Driver
Zopo Color C3Driver
Zopo Color EDriver
Zopo Color E1Driver
Zopo Color E1 ZP353Driver
Zopo Color F1Driver
Zopo Color F2Driver
Zopo Color F3Driver
Zopo Color F5Driver
Zopo Color M4Driver
Zopo Color M5Driver
Zopo Color S5Driver
Zopo Color S5.5Driver
Zopo Color X5.5Driver
Zopo Colors C2Driver
Zopo Flash G5 Plus ZP781Driver
Zopo Flash SDriver
Zopo Flash X PlusDriver
Zopo Flash X1Driver
Zopo Flash X1iDriver
Zopo Flash X2Driver
Zopo Flash X2iDriver
Zopo Flash X3Driver
Zopo Hero 1Driver
Zopo Hero 2Driver
Zopo M4i ZP565Driver
Zopo P5000Driver
Zopo Speed 7Driver
Zopo Speed 7 GPDriver
Zopo Speed 7 PlusDriver
Zopo Speed 7 ZP951Driver
Zopo Speed 7CDriver
Zopo Speed 8Driver
Zopo Z5000Driver
Zopo ZP100Driver
Zopo ZP200Driver
Zopo ZP200 PlusDriver
Zopo ZP300Driver
Zopo ZP300 FieldDriver
Zopo ZP300 PlusDriver
Zopo ZP300SDriver
Zopo ZP320Driver
Zopo ZP330Driver
Zopo ZP350Driver
Zopo ZP500Driver
Zopo ZP500 PlusDriver
Zopo ZP500SDriver
Zopo ZP520Driver
Zopo ZP530Driver
Zopo ZP530 PlusDriver
Zopo ZP532Driver
Zopo ZP562 M5iDriver
Zopo ZP567 C5iDriver
Zopo ZP580Driver
Zopo ZP586 X5.5Driver
Zopo ZP587 C5Driver
Zopo ZP590Driver
Zopo ZP600Driver
Zopo ZP600 PLus 3DDriver
Zopo ZP700Driver
Zopo ZP720Driver
Zopo ZP720 PlusDriver
Zopo ZP780Driver
Zopo ZP780 KKDriver
Zopo ZP800Driver
Zopo ZP800HDriver
Zopo ZP810Driver
Zopo ZP820Driver
Zopo ZP900Driver
Zopo ZP900 LeaderDriver
Zopo ZP900HDriver
Zopo ZP900SDriver
Zopo ZP920 PlusDriver
Zopo ZP950Driver
Zopo ZP950 MaxDriver
Zopo ZP950HDriver
Zopo ZP951Driver
Zopo ZP951 C2Driver
Zopo ZP951 C3Driver
Zopo ZP952Driver
Zopo ZP955 Speed 8Driver
Zopo ZP980Driver
Zopo ZP980 PlusDriver
Zopo ZP980HDriver
Zopo ZP983 Speed XDriver
Zopo ZP990 C7Driver
Zopo ZP990 Captain SDriver
Zopo ZP990 PlusDriver
Zopo ZP998Driver
Zopo ZP999Driver
Zopo ZP1000Driver


[*] Zopo Mobile Inc officially provides the above Zopo USB Drivers. If any of the above drivers did not work for you, then you can complain to Zopo Mobile Inc Officially or report to us using the comment box below.

[*] For Windows Computer Only: With the help of the above drivers, you can easily connect your Zopo Smartphones and Tablets to the Windows computer only.

[*] Zopo Stock Firmware: If you are looking for the original Stock Firmware, then head over to the Zopo Stock Firmware page.

[*] Request Driver: If you are looking for any specific driver that is not listed above, then you can request it through the comment box below (do not request driver from the contact page, or else it will be ignored).