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Updated on August 6, 2020

Vivo Stock RomOn this page, we have managed to share the Original Vivo Stock Firmware (Flash File) for all the available Vivo Smartphone and Tablets.

All the following Vivo Stock Rom (zip file) contains original Vivo USB Driver, Flash Tool and the Flash File. After Downloading the firmware, follow the instruction manual to flash the firmware on your device.

Download Vivo Stock Firmware for all Models

Model NameDownload
Vivo E1 PD1110Firmware
Vivo E1TFirmware
Vivo E3Firmware
Vivo E5Firmware
Vivo iQoo 3 5G PD1955FFirmware
Vivo iQoo PD1824Firmware
Vivo iQOO Neo 3 5G PD1981Firmware
Vivo iQoo Pro 5G PD1916Firmware
Vivo Nex PD1805FFirmware
Vivo Nex PD1821Firmware
Vivo Nex 2 PD1821FFirmware
Vivo Nex 3 PD1924FFirmware
Vivo S1 PD1913FFirmware
Vivo S1 Pro PD1832Firmware
Vivo S1 Pro PD1945FFirmware
Vivo S1 Pro PD1945F EDL TestpointFirmware
Vivo S3 PD1110Firmware
Vivo S3 PlusFirmware
Vivo S6Firmware
Vivo S6 5G PD1962Firmware
Vivo S6TFirmware
Vivo S7Firmware
Vivo S7iFirmware
Vivo S7TFirmware
Vivo S7WFirmware
Vivo S9Firmware
Vivo S9TFirmware
Vivo S11Firmware
Vivo S11TFirmware
Vivo S12Firmware
Vivo U10 PD1928FFirmware
Vivo U20 PD1941FFirmware
Vivo V1 Max PD1503FFirmware
Vivo V1 Maxx PD1503FFirmware
Vivo V1 PD1502FFirmware
Vivo V1 PD1503FFirmware
Vivo V1 Y35 PD1502FFirmware
Vivo V3 Max PD1503FFirmware
Vivo V3 Max PD1523FFirmware
Vivo V3 PD1524FFirmware
Vivo V3MA PD1524BFirmware
Vivo V5 D1612FFirmware
Vivo V5 Lite PD1612BFFirmware
Vivo V5 PD1612DFFirmware
Vivo V5 PD1612FFirmware
Vivo V5 Plus PD1624FFirmware
Vivo V5S PD1612DFFirmware
Vivo V7 PD1718FFirmware
Vivo V7 Plus PD1708BFFirmware
Vivo V7 Plus PD1708FFirmware
Vivo V71 PD1731FFirmware
Vivo V9Firmware
Vivo V9 PD1730CFFirmware
Vivo V9 PD1730FFirmware
Vivo V9 Youth PD1730BFFirmware
Vivo V11 PD1813FFirmware
Vivo V11 Pro PD1814FFirmware
Vivo V15 PD1831FFirmware
Vivo V15 Pro PD1832FFirmware
Vivo V17 1919Firmware
Vivo V17 PD1948BFFirmware
Vivo V17 PD1948CFFirmware
Vivo V17 PD1948FFirmware
Vivo V17 Pro PD1931FFirmware
Vivo X1Firmware
Vivo X1SFirmware
Vivo X1STFirmware
Vivo X3F PD1227FFirmware
Vivo X3L PD1227LFirmware
Vivo X3SW PD1227BWFirmware
Vivo X3T PD1227TFirmware
Vivo X3V PD1227VFirmware
Vivo X5 MaxFirmware
Vivo X5 Max F PD1408FFirmware
Vivo X5 Max L PD1408LFirmware
Vivo X5 Max PD1408FFirmware
Vivo X5 Max Plus PD1408BLFirmware
Vivo X5 Max S PD1424LFirmware
Vivo X5 Max V PD1408VFirmware
Vivo X5 PD1401FFirmware
Vivo X5 Pro D PD1421DFirmware
Vivo X5 Pro PD1421FFirmware
Vivo X5 Pro PPD1421FFirmware
Vivo X5 Pro V PD1421VFirmware
Vivo X5F PD1401FFirmware
Vivo X5L PD1401LFirmware
Vivo X5M PD1401CLFirmware
Vivo X5SL P1401BLFirmware
Vivo X5V PD1401VFirmware
Vivo X6 Plus A PD1515AFirmware
Vivo X6 Plus D PD1501DFirmware
Vivo X6A PD1415AFirmware
Vivo X6D PD1415DFirmware
Vivo X6S A PD1415BAFirmware
Vivo X6S Plus A PD1515BDFirmware
Vivo X7 PD1602Firmware
Vivo X7 Plus PD1603Firmware
Vivo X9 PD1616Firmware
Vivo X20 PD1709FFirmware
Vivo X20 Plus PD1710FFirmware
Vivo X21 PD1728FFirmware
Vivo X30 PD1938Firmware
Vivo X30 Pro PD1938Firmware
Vivo X50 Lite PD1982FFirmware
Vivo X50 Pro PD2005Firmware
Vivo X50 Pro PD2005FFirmware
Vivo X50 PD2001Firmware
Vivo X50 PD2001FFirmware
Vivo X50 PD2006FFirmware
Vivo X510W PD1225WFirmware
Vivo X520 A PD1303ALFirmware
Vivo X520 B PD1303BFirmware
Vivo X520 PD1303A LFirmware
Vivo X520F PD1303FFirmware
Vivo Xplay 3S PD1303FFirmware
Vivo Xplay 3S X520L PD1303Firmware
Vivo XPlay 5A PD1522AFirmware
Vivo Xplay 5S PD1516AFirmware
Vivo Xplay 6 PD1610Firmware
Vivo Xplay X510TFirmware
Vivo Xshot X710 PD1302Firmware
Vivo Xshot X710F PD1302FFirmware
Vivo Xshot X710L PD1302LFirmware
Vivo Y11 PD1224BTFirmware
Vivo Y11 PD1224CWFirmware
Vivo Y11 PD1224TFirmware
Vivo Y11 PD1930FFirmware
Vivo Y11iT PD1224CTFirmware
Vivo Y11iW PD1224CWOFirmware
Vivo Y11TFirmware
Vivo Y12 PD1901BFFirmware
Vivo Y13Firmware
Vivo Y13iL PD1304DLFirmware
Vivo Y13LFirmware
Vivo Y13T PD1304CTFirmware
Vivo Y15Firmware
Vivo Y15 PD1901BFFirmware
Vivo Y15BW PD1304BWFirmware
Vivo Y15CW PD1304CWFirmware
Vivo Y15S PD1304DWFirmware
Vivo Y15TFirmware
Vivo Y17 Neo PD1913FFirmware
Vivo Y17 PD1901DFFirmware
Vivo Y17 PD1901FFirmware
Vivo Y17T PD1222TFirmware
Vivo Y17W PD1222WFirmware
Vivo Y17W PD1222WOFirmware
Vivo Y18LFirmware
Vivo Y18L PD1402LFirmware
Vivo Y19 PD1934FFirmware
Vivo Y19TFirmware
Vivo Y21 PD1309CWFirmware
Vivo Y21 PD1309WFirmware
Vivo Y21l PD1309FFirmware
Vivo Y22 PD1309TFirmware
Vivo Y22 PD1309WFirmware
Vivo Y22il D1309BLFirmware
Vivo Y22iL PD1309BLFirmware
Vivo Y22L PD1309LFirmware
Vivo Y23L PD1419LFirmware
Vivo Y25 PD1309FFirmware
Vivo Y27 PD1410FFirmware
Vivo Y27L PD1410FFirmware
Vivo Y28 PD1403WFirmware
Vivo Y28LFirmware
Vivo Y29L PD1420LFirmware
Vivo Y31 PD1505Firmware
Vivo Y31 PD1505WFirmware
Vivo Y31A PD1505Firmware
Vivo Y31A PD1505FFirmware
Vivo Y31i PD1505BWFirmware
Vivo Y31l PD1505FFirmware
Vivo Y33 PD1422LFirmware
Vivo Y35 PD1502LFirmware
Vivo Y35A PD1502AFirmware
Vivo Y37 PD1503Firmware
Vivo Y37A PD1503Firmware
Vivo Y3T PD1215Firmware
Vivo Y51 LRX22GFirmware
Vivo Y51 PD1510FFirmware
Vivo Y51A PD1510Firmware
Vivo Y51L PD1510FFirmware
Vivo Y52 PD1510WFirmware
Vivo Y53 PD1628Firmware
Vivo Y53 PD1628FFirmware
Vivo Y55 PD1613FFirmware
Vivo Y55l PD1613FFirmware
Vivo Y55S PD1613BFFirmware
Vivo Y65 PD1621BFFirmware
Vivo Y66 PD1612BFFirmware
Vivo Y66 PD1621Firmware
Vivo Y66L PD1621Firmware
Vivo Y67 PD1612Firmware
Vivo Y69 PD1705FFirmware
Vivo Y70S PD2002Firmware
Vivo Y70S V2002AFirmware
Vivo Y71 PD1731FFirmware
Vivo Y81 ODM PD1732FFirmware
Vivo Y81 PD1732CFFirmware
Vivo Y81 PD1732FFirmware
Vivo Y81D PD1732FFirmware
Vivo Y81i PD1732CFFirmware
Vivo Y81i PD1732FFirmware
Vivo Y83 PD1803BFFirmware
Vivo Y83 Pro PD1803FFirmware
Vivo Y85 PD1803FFirmware
Vivo Y90 PD1917FFirmware
Vivo Y91 PD1818CFFirmware
Vivo Y91 PD1818EFFirmware
Vivo Y91 PD1818FFirmware
Vivo Y91C PD1818HFFirmware
Vivo Y91i PD1818EFFirmware
Vivo Y91i PD1818GFFirmware
Vivo Y91i PD1818HFFirmware
Vivo Y93 PD1818CFFirmware
Vivo Y93 PD1818FFirmware
Vivo Y93 Lite PD1818FFirmware
Vivo Y95 PD1818FFirmware
Vivo Y613 PD1304BWFirmware
Vivo Y613F PD1304CFFirmware
Vivo Y622 PD1309WFirmware
Vivo Y623 PD1419FFirmware
Vivo Y628 PD1403FFirmware
Vivo Y913 PD1304CVFirmware
Vivo Y923 PD1419VFirmware
Vivo Y927 PD1410BVFirmware
Vivo Y928Firmware
Vivo Z1 Pro PD1911FFirmware
Vivo Z1X PD1921FFirmware
Vivo Z5X PD1911Firmware
Vivo Z5X PD1990Firmware
Vivo Z5X V1911AFirmware
Vivo Z6 5G PD1963Firmware
Vivo Z10 PD1708FFirmware

Readme Once:

[*] After flashing (installing) the Vivo Stock ROM on your device, you may need to flash (install) the IMEI using the IMEI tool provided with the firmware file. If you are going to flash the IMEI, then make sure to flash the Original IMEI that comes with your device.

[*] Vivo USB Driver: If you are looking for the original USB Driver, then head over to the Vivo USB Driver Page.

[*] Vivo PC Suite: If you are looking for the official Vivo PC Suite, then head over to the Vivo Phone Assistant page.

[*] Request Firmware: If you are looking for any specific firmware that is not listed above, then you can request it through the comment box below (do not request firmware through the contact page or else it will be ignored).

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