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Updated on September 1, 2020

RDA IMEI Tool is a small application for Windows Computer, which allows you to flash or write IMEI on devices powered by RDA Chipset.

Here on this page, we have managed to share the latest version of the RDA IMEI Tool along with the previous versions.


Features of RDA IMEI Tool

Write IMEI:

It allows you to write IMEI on any RDA Smartphone and Tablets, whether it is of Single SIM, Dual SIM, or Multiple SIMS (up to 4 IMEI).

Write MBSN:

It allows you to write the MBSN on any RDA Smartphone and Tablets. You can Manually Input the MBSN number or load it from the text file.

Write PSN:

It allows you to write the PSN number on your RDA device. PSN number can be entered manually, or can be loaded from any text file or can be entered as custom Init code and Mask.

Write LCD Name:

It allows you to write the LCD name on your RDA chipset based Smartphone and Tablets. You can choose DSI, RGB, and MCU options while writing the LCD name.

Write WiFI Mac:

It allows you to write the WiFi Mac address and Bluetooth Mac Address on your RDA Chipset based smartphone and Tablets.

Download RDA IMEI Tool

IMEI Tool is compatible with all versions of Windows OS, including Windows XP to Windows 10 (x32 or x64 bit). If in case you were looking for the latest version of the IMEI Tool, then use the following links to get it on your computer:




Readme Once:

[*] How to Use: If you want to learn to use the IMEI Tool, then head over to How to use RDA IMEI Tool page.

[*] Caution: Flashing IMEI other than the Original is illegal in many countries and may cause trouble to you.

[*] How to Check IMEI Number?: To check the IMEI number of your device, Dial *#06# on your device or see the IMEI number written on the Device Box.

[*] Credits: RDA IMEI Tool is created and distributed by RDA Microelectronics, Inc. So, full credit goes to them for sharing the application for free.

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