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Updated on May 31, 2020

Orro Stock RomOn this page, we have shared the Orro Stock Rom (Original firmware) for all Orro Smartphone and Tablets.

All the following Orro Stock Rom (zip file) contains original Orro USB Driver, Flash Tool and the Flash File. After Downloading the firmware, follow the instruction manual to flash the firmware on your device.

Download Orro Firmware for all Models

Model NameDownload
Orro 2Line G6Firmware
Orro 650Firmware
Orro 1520Firmware
Orro 9250Firmware
Orro 9300Firmware
Orro 9300 MiniFirmware
Orro A3Firmware
Orro A3sFirmware
Orro A5Firmware
Orro A6Firmware
Orro A6 PlusFirmware
Orro A7Firmware
Orro A7 StarFirmware
Orro A8Firmware
Orro A8 PlusFirmware
Orro A9Firmware
Orro A9 PlusFirmware
Orro A9 ProFirmware
Orro A9 StarFirmware
Orro A10Firmware
Orro A10 ProFirmware
Orro A90 ActiveFirmware
Orro A500Firmware
Orro A600Firmware
Orro A800Firmware
Orro A900Firmware
Orro A930Firmware
Orro A960Firmware
Orro A980Firmware
Orro A9100Firmware
Orro A9500Firmware
Orro A950iFirmware
Orro C1Firmware
Orro C7Firmware
Orro C8 edgeFirmware
Orro C9Firmware
Orro C9 PlusFirmware
Orro E3Firmware
Orro F5Firmware
Orro F5 MiniFirmware
Orro F5iFirmware
Orro F7Firmware
Orro F8Firmware
Orro F10Firmware
Orro F22Firmware
Orro F101Firmware
Orro F102Firmware
Orro F103Firmware
Orro F105Firmware
Orro F111Firmware
Orro F118Firmware
Orro F206Firmware
Orro F208Firmware
Orro F500Firmware
Orro F810Firmware
Orro F1020Firmware
Orro FA9500Firmware
Orro FS5Firmware
Orro GFirmware
Orro G3 FlexFirmware
Orro G3 KKFirmware
Orro G3 MiniFirmware
Orro G3iFirmware
Orro G4Firmware
Orro G4 MiniFirmware
Orro G5Firmware
Orro G5 MiniFirmware
Orro G5 ProFirmware
Orro G5 SC7731Firmware
Orro G5iFirmware
Orro G6Firmware
Orro G20Firmware
Orro G22Firmware
Orro G44Firmware
Orro G50Firmware
Orro G60Firmware
Orro G70Firmware
Orro G106Firmware
Orro G108Firmware
Orro G205Firmware
Orro G209Firmware
Orro G330Firmware
Orro G550Firmware
Orro G9000Firmware
Orro G9198Firmware
Orro Galaxy Grand 2Firmware
Orro Galaxy S9 PlusFirmware
Orro H610Firmware
Orro H9295Firmware
Orro I9296Firmware
Orro i9300 MiniFirmware
Orro i9500 MiniFirmware
Orro i9500WFirmware
Orro i9600Firmware
Orro i9600WFirmware
Orro J1Firmware
Orro J2Firmware
Orro J2 6Firmware
Orro J2 ProFirmware
Orro J3Firmware
Orro J3 TopFirmware
Orro J4Firmware
Orro J4 MaxFirmware
Orro J4 PlusFirmware
Orro J5Firmware
Orro J5 PlusFirmware
Orro J6Firmware
Orro J6 ProFirmware
Orro J7Firmware
Orro J7 7Firmware
Orro J7 DuoFirmware
Orro J7 NeoFirmware
Orro J7 Prime 2Firmware
Orro J7 ProFirmware
Orro J7VFirmware
Orro J8Firmware
Orro J8 PlusFirmware
Orro J9 8 ProFirmware
Orro J10 PrimeFirmware
Orro J10 ProFirmware
Orro J48 ProFirmware
Orro L1Firmware
Orro L1020Firmware
Orro L9250Firmware
Orro M1Firmware
Orro M5Firmware
Orro M7Firmware
Orro M9Firmware
Orro M710Firmware
Orro M900Firmware
Orro M910Firmware
Orro M9500Firmware
Orro Mate 10 ProFirmware
Orro Mate SFirmware
Orro Mix 2Firmware
Orro MT-XFirmware
Orro MT9Firmware
Orro N X2Firmware
Orro N4Firmware
Orro N5Firmware
Orro N5iFirmware
Orro N7 PlusFirmware
Orro N96Firmware
Orro N100Firmware
Orro N200Firmware
Orro N210Firmware
Orro N300Firmware
Orro N360Firmware
Orro N500Firmware
Orro N600Firmware
Orro N620Firmware
Orro N630Firmware
Orro N650Firmware
Orro N660Firmware
Orro N680Firmware
Orro N688Firmware
Orro N690Firmware
Orro N700Firmware
Orro N710Firmware
Orro N7100WFirmware
Orro N800Firmware
Orro N8000Firmware
Orro N900Firmware
Orro N910Firmware
Orro N920Firmware
Orro N9300BFirmware
Orro NH900Firmware
Orro Note 5Firmware
Orro Note 8Firmware
Orro Note 10Firmware
Orro Nova 3Firmware
Orro P8Firmware
Orro P8 LiteFirmware
Orro P9Firmware
Orro P9 ProFirmware
Orro P20 ProFirmware
Orro P90Firmware
Orro P200Firmware
Orro P810Firmware
Orro S6Firmware
Orro S6 EdgeFirmware
Orro S6 MiniFirmware
Orro S7Firmware
Orro S7 EdgeFirmware
Orro S7 ProFirmware
Orro S7 SC7731Firmware
Orro S8Firmware
Orro S8 PlusFirmware
Orro S9Firmware
Orro S9 PlusFirmware
Orro S10 LiteFirmware
Orro S10 PlusFirmware
Orro S67-M7Firmware
Orro SM-J5008Firmware
Orro Turbo 2Firmware
Orro U1Firmware
Orro U2Firmware
Orro V7 ActiveFirmware
Orro V7 PlusFirmware
Orro V9Firmware
Orro V9 ActiveFirmware
Orro V10Firmware
Orro V10 QHDFirmware
Orro XFirmware
Orro X PerformanceFirmware
Orro X3Firmware
Orro XZ1Firmware
Orro Y6Firmware
Orro Y7 PrimeFirmware
Orro ZFirmware
Orro Z3Firmware
Orro Z3 PlusFirmware
Orro Z4Firmware
Orro Z4 MiniFirmware
Orro Z5Firmware
Orro Z5 MiniFirmware
Orro Z5 PlusFirmware
Orro Z5 PremiumFirmware
Orro Z6 PreniumFirmware

Readme Once:

[*] After flashing (installing) the Orro Stock ROM on your device, you may need to flash (install) the IMEI using the IMEI tool provided with the firmware file. If you are going to flash the IMEI, then make sure to flash the Original IMEI that comes with your device.

[*] Orro USB Driver: If you are looking for the original USB Driver, then head over to the Orro USB Driver page.

[*] Request Firmware: If you are looking for any specific firmware that is not listed above, then you can request it through the comment box below (do not request firmware through the contact page or else it will be ignored).

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