Download Itel Stock ROM

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On this page, we have managed to share the official Itel Stock ROM for all Itel smartphones and tablets.

All the following Itel Stock ROM (zip file) contains the original Itel USB Driver, Flash Tool, and the Firmware File. After Downloading the firmware, follow the instruction manual shipped with the firmware to flash or install firmware on mobile.

Itel Stock ROM Firmware

Whats Itel Stock ROM and its Advantage

The Stock ROM (Mobile OS) is the Most Stable ROM released by the device manufacturers depending on the device model and Android version. However, the Stock ROM don’t offer many customizations or features for the device.

While in general third-party firmware (Custom ROM) has system bugs and stability issues. In this case, you may experience battery issues, network issues, camera issues, missing features, lags, overheating, slow performance, and many more. But whenever you switch to Stock ROM, you can quickly fix them all.

Advantages of Itel Stock ROM

  • Unbrick the device.
  • Upgrade or downgrade Mobile OS.
  • Fix OTA update issue.
  • Fix a problem with the device startup loop.
  • Fix bugs on your phone.
  • Fix Lag or Stuttering on the device.
  • Fix battery drain issue.
  • Software performance improvement.
  • Returning a stock ROM entitles the warranty on the phone.

Download Maximus Stock Firmware

Model NameDownload
Itel 1350Firmware
Itel 1351Firmware
Itel 1351EFirmware
Itel 1352Firmware
Itel 1353Firmware
Itel 1353 PlusFirmware
Itel 1355Firmware
Itel 1400Firmware
Itel 1401Firmware
Itel 1402Firmware
Itel 1403Firmware
Itel 1403 PlusFirmware
Itel 1404Firmware
Itel 1405Firmware
Itel 1406Firmware
Itel 1407Firmware
Itel 1408Firmware
Itel 1450Firmware
Itel 1451Firmware
Itel 1452Firmware
Itel 1453Firmware
Itel 1500Firmware
Itel 1501Firmware
Itel 1502Firmware
Itel 1503Firmware
Itel 1505Firmware
Itel 1506Firmware
Itel 1507Firmware
Itel 1513Firmware
Itel 1516 PlusFirmware
Itel 1550Firmware
Itel 1701Firmware
Itel 1702Firmware
Itel 2020Firmware
Itel 2050Firmware
Itel 2080Firmware
Itel 2090Firmware
Itel 3110Firmware
Itel 3120Firmware
Itel 4000Firmware
Itel 5010Firmware
Itel 5150 PlusFirmware
Itel 5170Firmware
Itel 5300Firmware
Itel 5310Firmware
Itel 5330Firmware
Itel 5601Firmware
Itel 5610Firmware
Itel 5620Firmware
Itel 6600Firmware
Itel 6800Firmware
Itel 6910Firmware
Itel A11Firmware
Itel A12Firmware
Itel A13Firmware
Itel A13 PlusFirmware
Itel A14Firmware
Itel A14 Max W4003Firmware
Itel A14 Plus W4002Firmware
Itel A14 Plus W4002PFirmware
Itel A14SFirmware
Itel A15Firmware
Itel A16Firmware
Itel A16 PlusFirmware
Itel A17 W5006SFirmware
Itel A17 W5006XFirmware
Itel A20Firmware
Itel A21Firmware
Itel A22Firmware
Itel A22 ProFirmware
Itel A23Firmware
Itel A23 Pro L5006Firmware
Itel A23 Pro L5006SFirmware
Itel A23RFirmware
Itel A24 L5007Firmware
Itel A24 L5007OFirmware
Itel A24 Pro A511LP2Firmware
Itel A25Firmware
Itel A25 Pro L5002PFirmware
Itel A26 A571LFirmware
Itel A27 A551LFirmware
Itel A31 PlusFirmware
Itel A32FFirmware
Itel A33Firmware
Itel A35 W5002Firmware
Itel A36 W5505Firmware
Itel A40Firmware
Itel A41Firmware
Itel A41 PlusFirmware
Itel A42 PlusFirmware
Itel A43Firmware
Itel A44Firmware
Itel A44 AirFirmware
Itel A44 PowerFirmware
Itel A44 ProFirmware
Itel A45Firmware
Itel A46Firmware
Itel A46 L5503SFirmware
Itel A47Firmware
Itel A48 L6006Firmware
Itel A48 L6006LFirmware
Itel A49 A661LFirmware
Itel A51Firmware
Itel A52Firmware
Itel A52 LiteFirmware
Itel A52BFirmware
Itel A52s LiteFirmware
Itel A55 LTE L6003PFirmware
Itel A55 W6003Firmware
Itel A56 LTE L6004Firmware
Itel A56 Pro W6004PFirmware
Itel A56 W6004Firmware
Itel A57 A611WFirmware
Itel A58 Lite A631WFirmware
Itel A62Firmware
Itel A507LSFirmware
Itel A507LMFirmware
Itel A509WFirmware
Itel A509WMFirmware
Itel A509WPFirmware
Itel A510WFirmware
Itel A551LFirmware
Itel A551L ProFirmware
Itel A551L Pro SU360OFirmware
Itel A571LFirmware
Itel A571LSFirmware
Itel A571WFirmware
Itel A611WPFirmware
Itel A661LFirmware
Itel A661WFirmware
Itel A661WPFirmware
Itel AlphaFirmware
Itel Alpha Lite W5008Firmware
Itel Alpha W5503Firmware
Itel IT1409Firmware
Itel IT1410Firmware
Itel IT1450EFirmware
Itel IT1508Firmware
Itel IT1508 PlusFirmware
Itel IT1511Firmware
Itel IT1512Firmware
Itel IT1516 PlusFirmware
Itel IT1518Firmware
Itel IT1520Firmware
Itel IT1553Firmware
Itel IT1556Firmware
Itel IT1556 PlusFirmware
Itel IT1655Firmware
Itel IT1703Firmware
Itel IT2020Firmware
Itel IT2060Firmware
Itel IT207Firmware
Itel IT2080Firmware
Itel IT2090Firmware
Itel IT2100Firmware
Itel IT2110Firmware
Itel IT2123Firmware
Itel IT2123VFirmware
Itel IT2130Firmware
Itel IT2131Firmware
Itel IT2132Firmware
Itel IT2160Firmware
Itel IT2160NFirmware
Itel IT2160SFirmware
Itel IT2161Firmware
Itel IT2161RFirmware
Itel IT2162Firmware
Itel IT2163Firmware
Itel IT2163DFirmware
Itel IT2163RFirmware
Itel IT2163SFirmware
Itel IT2170Firmware
Itel IT2171Firmware
Itel IT2171BFirmware
Itel IT2171SFirmware
Itel IT2172Firmware
Itel IT2173Firmware
Itel IT2173BFirmware
Itel IT2175Firmware
Itel IT2180Firmware
Itel IT2190Firmware
Itel IT2190SFirmware
Itel IT2191Firmware
Itel IT2191BFirmware
Itel IT2192TFirmware
Itel IT2310Firmware
Itel IT2320Firmware
Itel IT2320BFirmware
Itel IT2560Firmware
Itel IT2590Firmware
Itel IT2600Firmware
Itel IT4510Firmware
Itel IT5020Firmware
Itel IT5022Firmware
Itel IT5023Firmware
Itel IT5025Firmware
Itel IT5026Firmware
Itel IT5027Firmware
Itel IT5027BFirmware
Itel IT5028Firmware
Itel IT5040Firmware
Itel IT5060Firmware
Itel IT5070Firmware
Itel IT5071Firmware
Itel IT5080Firmware
Itel IT5081Firmware
Itel IT5081NFirmware
Itel IT5090BFirmware
Itel IT5091NFirmware
Itel IT5092Firmware
Itel IT5160Firmware
Itel IT5180Firmware
Itel IT5190Firmware
Itel IT5220Firmware
Itel IT5230Firmware
Itel IT5231Firmware
Itel IT5232Firmware
Itel IT5260Firmware
Itel IT5300Firmware
Itel IT5310Firmware
Itel IT5311Firmware
Itel IT5312Firmware
Itel IT5320Firmware
Itel IT5331Firmware
Itel IT5600Firmware
Itel IT5602Firmware
Itel IT5605Firmware
Itel IT5605NFirmware
Itel IT5606Firmware
Itel IT5606BFirmware
Itel IT5610Firmware
Itel IT5611Firmware
Itel IT5612Firmware
Itel IT5613Firmware
Itel IT5615Firmware
Itel IT5616Firmware
Itel IT5617Firmware
Itel IT5618NFirmware
Itel IT5620Firmware
Itel IT5621Firmware
Itel IT5622Firmware
Itel IT5623Firmware
Itel IT5625Firmware
Itel IT5626NFirmware
Itel IT6110Firmware
Itel IT6110BFirmware
Itel IT6130Firmware
Itel IT6330Firmware
Itel IT6331Firmware
Itel IT6350Firmware
Itel IT6610Firmware
Itel IT6800Firmware
Itel IT6900Firmware
Itel IT6910Firmware
Itel IT7100Firmware
Itel IT9010Firmware
Itel IT9210Firmware
Itel IT9300Firmware
Itel L5002RFirmware
Itel L5006CFirmware
Itel L5007SFirmware
Itel L5502Firmware
Itel L6004LFirmware
Itel L6005Firmware
Itel L6006Firmware
Itel L6006SFirmware
Itel L6502Firmware
Itel Muzik 410Firmware
Itel MX ProFirmware
Itel MX PlayFirmware
Itel P11Firmware
Itel P12Firmware
Itel P13Firmware
Itel P13 PlusFirmware
Itel P15 W5005Firmware
Itel P17 Pro P552WFirmware
Itel P31Firmware
Itel P32Firmware
Itel P33Firmware
Itel P33 PlusFirmware
Itel P36 W6501Firmware
Itel P37 P651WFirmware
Itel P37 ProFirmware
Itel P38 ProFirmware
Itel P41Firmware
Itel P48 ProFirmware
Itel P51Firmware
Itel P551WFirmware
Itel P651LFirmware
Itel P651WFirmware
Itel P661WFirmware
Itel P681LFirmware
Itel P682LPNFirmware
Itel P10001LFirmware
Itel Power 410Firmware
Itel Power 700Firmware
Itel Prime 4 IT1704Firmware
Itel Prime Tab 1 W7002PFirmware
Itel S11Firmware
Itel S11 PlusFirmware
Itel S11 ProFirmware
Itel S11XFirmware
Itel S11XBFirmware
Itel S12Firmware
Itel S13Firmware
Itel S13 ProFirmware
Itel S15 W6002Firmware
Itel S15 W6002EFirmware
Itel S15 Pro L6002PFirmware
Itel S16 W6502Firmware
Itel S16 Pro W6503Firmware
Itel S21Firmware
Itel S31Firmware
Itel S32Firmware
Itel S32 LTEFirmware
Itel S32 MiniFirmware
Itel S32 Mini W5003Firmware
Itel S33Firmware
Itel S41Firmware
Itel S42Firmware
Itel S661LFirmware
Itel S661LNFirmware
Itel S661LPNFirmware
Itel S661WFirmware
Itel SA633 W7001Firmware
Itel U20Firmware
Itel V41 W4001SFirmware
Itel V100SFirmware
Itel Value 100Firmware
Itel Value 100 IT2050VFirmware
Itel Vision 1 L6005Firmware
Itel Vision 1 Plus L6501Firmware
Itel Vision 1 ProFirmware
Itel Vision 2 L6503Firmware
Itel Vision 2 P681LFirmware
Itel Vision 2 PlusFirmware
Itel Vision 2S P651LFirmware
Itel Vision 2S P681LFirmware
Itel Vision 3 S661LPFirmware
Itel Vision 3 Plus P682LPFirmware
Itel W4001Firmware
Itel W5004Firmware
Itel W5004DFirmware
Itel W5004VFirmware
Itel W5005PFirmware


[*] After flashing (installing) the Itel Stock ROM on your device, you may need to flash (install) the IMEI using the IMEI tool provided with the firmware file. If you are going to flash the IMEI, then flash the Original IMEI that comes with your device.

[*] Itel USB Driver: If you are looking for the original USB Driver, then head over to the Itel USB Driver page.

[*] Request Firmware: If you are looking for any specific firmware that is not listed above, you can request it through the comment box below (do not request firmware through the contact page, or else it will be ignored).

[*] Credits / Copyright: All of the above files are free provided by Itel, Inc. So full credit goes to them for sharing the firmware for free.