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Updated on March 11, 2018

iRoot for Mobile is a latest rooting application, that allows you to root your smartphone without the need of computer. Here, we have managed to share all versions of iRoot Application (APK), including the latest to the oldest.

iroot for mobile apk

Features of iRoot for Mobile

1-Tap Root:

Using iRoot for Mobile is very simple. Firstly install the application on your Android Device > Launch the iRoot Application > Tap on the Root Now button to allow iRoot for Mobile Application to root your device.

Require Internet Connection:

iRoot for Mobile require active internet connection to root your Android Device. If in case you dont have active connection, then iRoot may not work for you.

Other Application Recommendations:

iRoot also recommend you to download UC Browser, Battery Booster, Phone Mode, Compass, Countdown Apps.

Device Info:

iRoot also shows your device information, including Brand,  Model, Android Version, Resolution, IMEI, System Storage, RAM and Internal Storage. You can see the Device Info Option, when you Tap on the Menu Icon > Tap to Open.

Download iRoot for Mobile (APK)

















iRoot_3.2.4_160914_0955 – latest

Password to Extract:

Readme Once:

[*] No data loss process: If you use iRoot for Mobile Application to root your Android Device, then your Personal Data will not be affected in anyway.

[*] Warranty Void: Rooting your Android Device using the iRoot Application, may void your device warranty. So Beware, as because unrooting your device wont help you to get back the warranty.

[*] iRoot for Computer: iRoot for Computer is more powerful that for Mobile. If you wish to give a try to iRoot for Computer then you can download it from Download iRoot Applications (all versions).

[*] Alternative Method: Kingroot and Root Genius for Mobile is the best alternative to iRoot for Mobile Application.

[*] Credits: iRoot, is created by Shenzhen (Developer), so full credits goes to them for the Application.

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