Download HTC USB Driver for Windows

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HTC USB Driver allows you to connect your HTC Smartphone and tablet to the computer without the need for any software.

It also allows you to flash or install HTC Stock Firmware on your HTC Device using the original drivers. Here on this page, we have shared the official HTC USB Driver for all HTC devices.

HTC USB Driver

Download HTC Mobile Driver

HTC Model NumberDownload
HTC 10Driver
HTC 10 EvoDriver
HTC 10 LifestyleDriver
HTC A103Driver
HTC AriaDriver
HTC Amaze 4GDriver
HTC ButterflyDriver
HTC Butterfly SDriver
HTC Butterfly 2Driver
HTC Butterfly 3Driver
HTC ChaChaDriver
HTC DesireDriver
HTC Desire 10 LifestyleDriver
HTC Desire 10 ProDriver
HTC Desire 12Driver
HTC Desire 12 PlusDriver
HTC Desire 12sDriver
HTC Desire 19 PlusDriver
HTC Desire 19SDriver
HTC Desire 20 ProDriver
HTC Desire 21 Pro 5GDriver
HTC Desire 200Driver
HTC Desire 210 Dual SimDriver
HTC Desire 300Driver
HTC Desire 310Driver
HTC Desire 310 Dual SimDriver
HTC Desire 320Driver
HTC Desire 326G Dual SimDriver
HTC Desire 400 Dual SimDriver
HTC Desire 500Driver
HTC Desire 501Driver
HTC Desire 501 Dual SimDriver
HTC Desire 510Driver
HTC Desire 516 Dual SimDriver
HTC Desire 520Driver
HTC Desire 526Driver
HTC Desire 526G+ Dual SimDriver
HTC Desire 530Driver
HTC Desire 600 Dual SimDriver
HTC Desire 601Driver
HTC Desire 601 Dual SimDriver
HTC Desire 610Driver
HTC Desire 612Driver
HTC Desire 616 Dual SimDriver
HTC Desire 620 Dual SimDriver
HTC Desire 620G Dual SimDriver
HTC Desire 626Driver
HTC Desire 626sDriver
HTC Desire 628Driver
HTC Desire 630Driver
HTC Desire 650Driver
HTC Desire 700Driver
HTC Desire 700 Dual SimDriver
HTC Desire 728 Dual SimDriver
HTC Desire 816Driver
HTC Desire 816 Dual SimDriver
HTC Desire 816G Dual SimDriver
HTC Desire 820Driver
HTC Desire 820 Dual SimDriver
HTC Desire 820G+ Dual SimDriver
HTC Desire 820s Dual SimDriver
HTC Desire 820Q Dual SimDriver
HTC Desire 825Driver
HTC Desire 826Driver
HTC Desire 828 Dual SimDriver
HTC Desire 830Driver
HTC Desire CDriver
HTC Desire EyeDriver
HTC Desire HDDriver
HTC Desire LDriver
HTC Desire PDriver
HTC Desire QDriver
HTC Desire SDriver
HTC Desire UDriver
HTC Desire VDriver
HTC Desire VCDriver
HTC Desire VTDriver
HTC Desire XDriver
HTC Desire XCDriver
HTC Desire ZDriver
HTC DreamDriver
HTC Droid DNADriver
HTC Droid IncredibleDriver
HTC Droid Incredible 2Driver
HTC Droid Incredible 4G LTEDriver
HTC Evo 3DDriver
HTC Evo 3D CDMADriver
HTC Evo 4GDriver
HTC Evo 4G+Driver
HTC Evo 4G LTEDriver
HTC Evo Design 4GDriver
HTC Evo Shift 4GDriver
HTC Evo View 4GDriver
HTC Exodus 1Driver
HTC Exodus 1SDriver
HTC ExplorerDriver
HTC FirstDriver
HTC FlyerDriver
HTC Flyer Wi-FiDriver
HTC FreestyleDriver
HTC Google Nexus OneDriver
HTC GlacierDriver
HTC GratiaDriver
HTC HD2Driver
HTC HD MiniDriver
HTC Hero SDriver
HTC Incredible SDriver
HTC Inspire 4GDriver
HTC JDriver
HTC JetstreamDriver
HTC LeadDriver
HTC LegendDriver
HTC MagicDriver
HTC MergeDriver
HTC Nexus 9Driver
HTC OneDriver
HTC One A9Driver
HTC One A9SDriver
HTC One MEDriver
HTC One MiniDriver
HTC One Mini 2Driver
HTC One Dual SimDriver
HTC One E8Driver
HTC One E8 CDMADriver
HTC One E9+Driver
HTC One E9s Dual SimDriver
HTC One M8Driver
HTC One M8 CDMADriver
HTC One M8 Dual SimDriver
HTC One M8 EyeDriver
HTC One M8sDriver
HTC One M9Driver
HTC One M9+Driver
HTC One M9 Prime CameraDriver
HTC One M9+ Supreme CameraDriver
HTC One M9sDriver
HTC One RemixDriver
HTC One SDriver
HTC One S9Driver
HTC One S C2Driver
HTC One SCDriver
HTC One STDriver
HTC One SVDriver
HTC One VDriver
HTC One VXDriver
HTC One XDriver
HTC One X+Driver
HTC One X9Driver
HTC One X10Driver
HTC One XCDriver
HTC One XLDriver
HTC PanacheDriver
HTC Raider 4GDriver
HTC RezoundDriver
HTC RhymeDriver
HTC Rhyme CDMADriver
HTC RiderDriver
HTC SalsaDriver
HTC SensationDriver
HTC Sensation 4GDriver
HTC Sensation XEDriver
HTC Sensation XLDriver
HTC SmartDriver
HTC StatusDriver
HTC ThunderBolt 4GDriver
HTC U PlayDriver
HTC U UltraDriver
HTC U11Driver
HTC U11 EyesDriver
HTC U11 LifeDriver
HTC U11 PlusDriver
HTC U12 LifeDriver
HTC U12 PlusDriver
HTC U19eDriver
HTC U20 5GDriver
HTC Velocity 4GDriver
HTC Velocity 4G VodafoneDriver
HTC VividDriver
HTC WildfireDriver
HTC Wildfire CDMADriver
HTC Wildfire E2Driver
HTC Wildfire SDriver
HTC Wildfire R70Driver
HTC Wildfire XDriver

Download HTC Driver

If your Device is not listed above, then Download the HTC USB Driver from the below link (works for all HTC devices):








v4.17.0.001: HTC_Driver_v4.17.0.001.zipLatest


[*] We have extracted, all the above HTC USB Driver from HTC Sync Application. You can also learn to extract HTC USB Driver from HTC Sync Software, by following this video.

[*] HTC PC Suite: If you are looking for the latest version of HTC Sync (PC Suite), then head over to Download HTC Sync Manager page.

[*] HTC Stock Firmware: If you are looking for the original firmware for your device, then head over to Download HTC Stock Firmware page.

[*] Credits: HTC USB Driver is created and distributed by HTC Mobility, LLC. So, full credit goes to them for sharing the Driver for free.