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Updated on August 6, 2020

Cross Stock RomOn this page, we have shared the Cross Stock Rom (Original firmware) for all Cross Smartphone and Tablets.

All the following Cross Stock Rom (zip file) contains original Cross USB Driver, Flash Tool and the Flash File. After Downloading the firmware, follow the instruction manual to flash the firmware on your device.

Download Cross Stock Firmware for all Models

Model NameDownload
Cross A25Firmware
Cross B3Firmware
Cross C1Firmware
Cross C1T MstarFirmware
Cross C2Firmware
Cross C5Firmware
Cross CB320TFirmware
Cross CG2 BintangFirmware
Cross CS1 MStarFirmware
Cross CS2 MStarFirmware
Cross CS6 MstarFirmware
Cross CS7Firmware
Cross D1TFirmware
Cross D1T BintangFirmware
Cross D2T MStarFirmware
Cross D2XFirmware
Cross D3CFirmware
Cross D5T MstarFirmware
Cross D6TFirmware
Cross D6XFirmware
Cross D8XFirmware
Cross D9XFirmware
Cross E1Firmware
Cross E1 BintangFirmware
Cross E1QFirmware
Cross E3QFirmware
Cross E3QTFirmware
Cross E3TFirmware
Cross E3T BintangFirmware
Cross E5QTFirmware
Cross E5TFirmware
Cross E5T BintangFirmware
Cross E6TFirmware
Cross E7TFirmware
Cross E11TFirmware
Cross G1QFirmware
Cross G3QFirmware
Cross G3T MStarFirmware
Cross G7T MstarFirmware
Cross G8TFirmware
Cross G10TFirmware
Cross G92TFirmware
Cross G550Firmware
Cross G900 BintangFirmware
Cross G900TFirmware
Cross G900XFirmware
Cross G901TFirmware
Cross GG50 BintangFirmware
Cross GG50 PlusFirmware
Cross GG51DFirmware
Cross GG52AFirmware
Cross GG52BFirmware
Cross GG52B BintangFirmware
Cross GG52BBFirmware
Cross GG52CFirmware
Cross GG52DFirmware
Cross GG52TFirmware
Cross GG53AFirmware
Cross GG53ABFirmware
Cross GG53CFirmware
Cross GG58AFirmware
Cross GG58CTFirmware
Cross GG58TFirmware
Cross GG95DTFirmware
Cross GG96CTFirmware
Cross GG120Firmware
Cross GG303Firmware
Cross H1TFirmware
Cross L1CFirmware
Cross L1XFirmware
Cross L2CFirmware
Cross L2XFirmware
Cross L3CFirmware
Cross M1QFirmware
Cross M2QFirmware
Cross M3QFirmware
Cross M96T MStarFirmware
Cross P1TFirmware
Cross P2Firmware
Cross P2QFirmware
Cross P5TFirmware
Cross P6Firmware
Cross P7QFirmware
Cross P9Firmware
Cross P9 BintangFirmware
Cross PD1Firmware
Cross PD1 BintangFirmware
Cross PD3Firmware
Cross PD6Firmware
Cross PD7 MstarFirmware
Cross PD8Firmware
Cross PD9Firmware
Cross PD11Firmware
Cross PD12Firmware
Cross PD15Firmware
Cross PD100TFirmware
Cross PD110WIFirmware
Cross Q6Firmware
Cross S2Firmware
Cross T1 MstarFirmware
Cross T2Firmware
Cross T5Firmware
Cross V1Firmware
Cross V1QFirmware
Cross V2Firmware
Cross V3Firmware
Cross V5Firmware
Cross V5 BintangFirmware
Cross V6Firmware
Cross V7 BintangFirmware
Cross V8Firmware
Cross V9Firmware
Cross V10Firmware
Cross V11Firmware
Cross V12Firmware
Cross X1Firmware
Cross X2 MstarFirmware
Cross X2AFirmware
Cross X3 MstarFirmware
Cross X5Firmware
Cross X5 BintangFirmware
Cross X7Firmware

Readme Once:

[*] After flashing (installing) the Cross Stock ROM on your device, you may need to flash (install) the IMEI using the IMEI tool provided with the firmware file. If you are going to flash the IMEI, then make sure to flash the Original IMEI that comes with your device.

[*] Cross USB Driver: If you are looking for the original USB Driver, then head over to the Cross USB Driver page.

[*] Request Firmware: If you are looking for any specific firmware that is not listed above, then you can request it through the comment box below (do not request firmware through the contact page or else it will be ignored).

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