APK Toolkit is a native Windows GUI app for reverse engineering Android apps. It provides multiple tools for decompiling, compiling, extracting, and zipping various file formats and verifying and signing apk signatures.

APK Toolkit

Features of APK Toolkit

APK Toolkit offers a range of features for reverse engineering Android apps, including decompiling, compiling, extracting, and zipping files. It can also examine app metadata, automate modifications, and more.


It allows users to decompile, compile, extract, and zip various file formats, including xapk, apk, and jar. With these features, users can reverse engineer Android apps, analyze code, and modify apps to meet their needs.

ZipAlign or Check Align

It allows users to ZipAlign/Check Align feature checks and aligns xapk and apk files, ensuring compatibility with the Android platform. This feature is essential for creating and modifying apps that run smoothly on Android devices.

Sign or Verify Signature

It includes the ability to sign and verify apk signatures, which is essential for ensuring the authenticity of Android apps. In addition, this feature helps protect users from malicious apps containing malware or other harmful code.

Assemble or Disassemble

It allows users to assemble and disassemble dex, odex, and oat files using Baksmali and Smali. This feature simplifies modifying and analyzing Android apps, making it easier to identify potential security issues.

Convert xapk/split xapk to single APK

It includes converting xapk or split xapk files into single apk files. This feature simplifies analyzing and modifying apps, making it easier to work with the files.

View App Info

It allows users to view app info, including whether the app includes native 32-bit/64-bit libs and global-metadata.dat and libil2cpp.so. This feature provides users valuable information about the app’s architecture and can help identify potential issues.

Il2cppdumper and dnspy Built-in

It includes the il2cppdumper and dnspy tools, allowing users to dump files directly without decompiling from xapk and apk and then view them instantly in dnspy. This feature streamlines the process of analyzing and modifying Android apps.

Automate Adding Mod-Menu

It includes automating adding a mod menu to xapk or apk files with a single mouse click. This feature streamlines the process of modifying apps and can save users time.

Automate Adding Patched Libs

It can automate adding patched libs to xapk or apk files. This feature simplifies the process of modifying apps, making it easier to create custom apps that meet specific needs.

Automate Adding Toast Message

It allows users to automate adding a toast message to an app on startup. This feature helps debug and test and saves users time during app development.

Download APK Toolkit

Following are the Download links from which you can download the tool for Windows (32-bit or 64-bit).

Version Download
v1.0 Link
v1.2 Link


[*] Requirements: To run APK Toolkit, you must install Java and .NET framework on your computer.

[*] Alternatives: If you are looking for an alternative APK Editor Tool, then head over to the APK Editor archives page.

[*] Android Platform Tools: If you are looking for the latest Android Platform Tools for Windows, Linux or Mac, then head over to Download Android Platform Tools page.

[*] Credits: APKToolkit is created and distributed by 0xd00d (XDA Developer). So, full credit goes to him for sharing the Application for free.