These are instructions on how to run multiple Whatsapp account on any rooted Android Phone.

Remember: Your Smartphone must be rooted and SuperSU Application installed to follow the below tutorial.

Run multiple Whatsapp account on any Android Phone

  1. Your Android Smartphone must be rooted and SuperSU installed (because the tutorial requires root access permission). SuperSU Installed on Android
  2. Install Whatsapp Application on your smartphone. If Whatsapp Messenger is already installed on your Smartphone then skip this step. Whatsapp Icon
  3. Install SwitchMe Multiple Accounts on your Smartphone. Once installation is done Launch it. SwitchMe icon
  4. Once SwitchMe Multiple Accounts is Launched, it will ask Superuser permission. Simply Tap on the Grant Button to allow. SwitchMe Multiple Accounts Superuser permission
  5. Now, you will see a warning message on the screen saying “incorrect use of this application may harm your device“. Simply Ignore this message and Tap on the Close Button to continue. SwitchMe Warning
  6. Now, you have to create 2 different user profile so that you can use multiple Whatsapp account. To begin, create the first account by Pressing on the “Create Profile” button. SwitchMe Create Profile
  7. Name your profile as your choice then Tap on the OK button. SwitchMe Account 1
  8. Now, Your first account is ready. Now, create another account by Taping on the Create profile button and name it as your choice and press OK button. SwitchMe Account 1 Created
  9. Now your both accounts are ready in SwitchMe Multiple Accounts Application. SwitchMe Account 2 Created

    Before following the rest steps, lets understand some basics:

    The account you have created firstly is the primary account (default) and the account you have created secondly is the secondary account.

    If you have installed any application (ex. whatsapp messenger) in the primary account (default) then that application will not be available for the secondary account. Means if you switch to the Secondary account then again you have to install the same application to use.

  10. If you have understand the above steps clearly, then now try to switch the account in SwitchMe Multiple Accounts Application. Simply Tap on the Secondary Account to switch between accounts. SwitchMe Switch to 2 Account
  11. Now, Your Smartphone will restart automatically. Once your smartphone is ready to use, then Open Google Play Store and again install WhatsApp Messenger on the Secondary Account.
  12. Once WhatsApp Messenger is installed Open it and complete the registration process. Whatsapp Icon

    Congratulations. Now you can easily switch between accounts and use multiple Whatsapp Messenger Account on your Android Smartphone.


    [*] Your Android Smartphone must be rooted to follow the above tutorial.

    [*] Your Smartphone will restart whenever you switch between accounts.

    [*] SwitchMe Multiple Accounts allows you to create multiple user account on your Android Smartphone (same as you have multiple accounts on your Windows Computer).

    [*] When you create 2 accounts in SwitchMe Multiple Accounts Application, then in that Account 1 is Primary (android default) and Account 2 is secondary (for secondary account you have to install the same application again).

    [*] Please read the steps very carefully before asking for help.