Moto Boot Logo Maker Tool is a small Windows application that allows you to create or make a custom Boot Logo for the Motorola Devices running on the Qualcomm Chipset.

Moto Boot Logo Maker Tool

Features of Moto Boot Logo Maker


Moto Boot Logo Maker comes as an installer application, which means you have to install it on the computer to use it. Once the installation is completed, Launch the Tool and Click on the Tree view entries > Select your picture and repeat the process for all of the files in logo.bin > Click on Build and Save it as logo.bin > flash/install it using the Fastboot Window.

Open or Create:

It allows you to open any Motorola device’s existing logo.bin and flashable zip files (which contains multiple boot images). Apart from this, it also allows you to create a custom logo.bin and flashable zip file.

Export Images:

It allows you to export images from the logo.bin and flashable zip file and save it on the computer. You can use the saved images to create a custom Boot logo for any Motorola device.


It allows you to create/save the logo.bin in multiple sizes, i.e., 4MB, 6MB, 8MB, 10MB, 32MB. It also allows you to select the logo.bin format (whether to keep it default, or Raw 540×540 or 540×540 Bundle), Image Fill options (Center, Fill or Stretch Proportionally), Image orientation (Landscape or Portrait), Resolution (custom size).

Download Moto Boot Logo Maker

Following are the Download links from which you can download the tool for Windows (32-bit or 64-bit).

Version Download
V4.4.3.7 Link
V4.4.4.5 Link


[*] Limitations: Moto Boot Logo Maker only supports Motorola devices running on Qualcomm chipset. It doesn’t support devices running on MediaTek or Exynos chipsets.

[*] Motorola Stock Firmware: If you are looking for the original firmware for your device, then head over to Download Motorola Stock Firmware page.

[*] Motorola USB Driver: If you are looking for the original USB Driver for your device, then head over to Download Motorola USB Driver page.

[*] Credits: Moto Boot Logo Maker Tool is created and distributed by Franco28 (Developer). So, full credit goes to him for sharing the tool for free.