The KernelSU APK is an Android app that allows users to gain root access on their devices. Unlike traditional root methods, it operates in kernel mode, which makes it more secure and undetectable by root detection apps. With KernelSU, only authorized apps can access or view the ‘su’ command, while others remain unaware of its presence.

KernelSU APK

Download KernelSU APK

Version Download
0.3.4 Link
0.3.6 Link
0.3.7 Link
0.3.8 Link
0.3.9 Link
0.4.0 Link
0.4.1 Link
0.5.0 Link
0.5.1 Link
0.5.2 Link
0.5.3 Link
0.5.4 Link
0.5.5 Link
0.5.6 Link
0.5.7 Link
0.6.0 Link
0.6.1 Link
0.6.2 Link
0.6.6 Link
0.6.7 Link
0.6.8 Link
0.6.9 Link
0.7.0 Link
0.7.1 Link
0.7.2 Link
0.7.5 Link
0.7.6 Link


[*] Install: To begin using the KernelSU App, you can install it like any other Android APK. Once the installation is complete, open the app. If you see an “Unsupported” message, you must compile the kernel on your own. However, if the message reads “Not installed,” it means that KernelSU officially supports your device.

[*] Compatibility: KernelSU is designed to work with Android GKI 2.0 devices, which run on kernel version 5.10 or newer. If you have an older kernel, such as version 4.14, it is still compatible with KernelSU, but you must build it manually.

[*] Credits: KernelSU APK was created and distributed by Weishu (developer). So, full credit goes to him for sharing the SuperSU App for free.