Huawei DevEco Studio for Windows and Mac

Updated on August 4, 2022

Huawei DevEco Studio is believed to be a one-stop solution for all app development concerning HarmonyOS. It’s powered by the IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition and oriented toward HarmonyOS-based devices in all possible scenarios. Moreover, it is free and easy to download, and you can download the same from the official HarmonyOS website or the link below.

Huawei Deveco Studio For Windows And Mac

Features of Huawei DevEco Studio

Unified Development Environment

It supports application development for a wide range of HarmonyOS devices, including phones, tablets, head units, SmartTVs, smartwatches and Smart Vision devices.

Multilingual code generation and debugging

It supports Java, XML (Extensible Markup Language), C/C++, Extended TypeScript, Javascript, CSS and HML (HarmonyOS Markup Language).

Quick development

It provides a project wizard to guide you in creating ability templates and creating HarmonyOS Learning Packages (HAPs) in one click.

Distributed development of applications/services

It allows you to run a project and code snippet on different devices, with support for real-time visualization and differentiated development of varying user interfaces.

Multi-Device Emulator

It offers emulators for phones, tablets, head units, SmartTVs and wearables.

Device Central View

This shows how your code written in JS or Java is displayed on other devices in real-time. You can view previews from multiple devices simultaneously, so you don’t have to switch from one device to another to see how a configuration file works.

Download Huawei DevEco Studio

DevEco Studio is available for Windows and Mac users. If you were searching for the latest version of the DevEco Studio, then use the last link to download the application on your computer.

v2.1.0.501: Windows | Mac

v3.0.0.800: Windows | Mac

v3.0.0.900: Windows | Mac – Latest

Readme Once:

[*] System Requirements: DevEco Studio for Windows supports Windows 10 and 11 (64-bit). In comparison, the Mac version supports macOS 10.15/11/12.

[*] Huawei Firmware: If you are looking for the Huawei Stock Firmware, then head over to Huawei Firmware page.

[*] Huawei Driver: If you are looking for the Huawei USB Driver, then head over to Huawei USB Drivers page.

[*] Credits: DevEco Studio is created and distributed by Huawei DevEco Studio (developer). So, full credit goes to them for sharing the tool for free.