Download Hisense USB Driver for Windows

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Hisense USB Driver helps you to connect your Hisense Smartphone and Tablets to the Windows Computer and transfer data between the device and the computer.

It also allows you to flash or install Hisense Stock Firmware on your Hisense Device using the preloader drivers. Here on this page, we have shared the official Hisense USB Driver for all Hisense devices.

Hisense USB Driver

Download Hisense Mobile Driver

Model NameDownload
Hisense 43H5500GDriver
Hisense 85H6570GDriver
Hisense A1Driver
Hisense A5Driver
Hisense A5 HLTE202NDriver
Hisense A5 Pro CCDriver
Hisense A5 ProDriver
Hisense A6LDriver
Hisense A7Driver
Hisense C1Driver
Hisense C1MDriver
Hisense C20Driver
Hisense C30Driver
Hisense C30 MiniDriver
Hisense C3100Driver
Hisense D7Driver
Hisense D50Driver
Hisense E7 Pro HD PlusDriver
Hisense E20SDriver
Hisense E30Driver
Hisense E30 Lite HLTE102EDriver
Hisense E40 LiteDriver
Hisense E50 HLTE232EDriver
Hisense E50 Lite X-plore HLTE228EDriver
Hisense E50iDriver
Hisense E50TDriver
Hisense E51 FDriver
Hisense E60 HLTE236EDriver
Hisense E71-MDriver
Hisense E71-TDriver
Hisense E75MDriver
Hisense E75TDriver
Hisense E76Driver
Hisense E81Driver
Hisense E100TDriver
Hisense E200TDriver
Hisense E260TDriver
Hisense E600MDriver
Hisense E601MDriver
Hisense E602MDriver
Hisense E602TDriver
Hisense E613MDriver
Hisense E621TDriver
Hisense E622MDriver
Hisense E625TDriver
Hisense E912Driver
Hisense E912SDriver
Hisense E913Driver
Hisense E918Driver
Hisense E919Driver
Hisense E920Driver
Hisense E926Driver
Hisense E930Driver
Hisense E936Driver
Hisense E956QDriver
Hisense E968Driver
Hisense E979Driver
Hisense E5520Driver
Hisense EG870Driver
Hisense EG876Driver
Hisense EG900Driver
Hisense EG901Driver
Hisense EG906Driver
Hisense EG909Driver
Hisense EG916Driver
Hisense EG929Driver
Hisense EG936DDriver
Hisense EG939Driver
Hisense EG950Driver
Hisense EG956Driver
Hisense EG958Driver
Hisense EG966Driver
Hisense EG970Driver
Hisense EG971Driver
Hisense EG978Driver
Hisense EG980Driver
Hisense EG981Driver
Hisense EG98CDriver
Hisense F10Driver
Hisense F15Driver
Hisense F16Driver
Hisense F16 HLTE221EDriver
Hisense F17Driver
Hisense F17 4G ATTDriver
Hisense F17 HD PlusDriver
Hisense F17 ProDriver
Hisense F18Driver
Hisense F20Driver
Hisense F20TDriver
Hisense F23Driver
Hisense F23 PlusDriver
Hisense F25Driver
Hisense F26M HLTE200M LA6729E2Driver
Hisense F27Driver
Hisense F30Driver
Hisense F30SDriver
Hisense F31Driver
Hisense F31MDriver
Hisense F32Driver
Hisense F35Driver
Hisense F50 PlusDriver
Hisense F102Driver
Hisense G610Driver
Hisense G610MDriver
Hisense H30 Lite HLTE223E TelcelDriver
Hisense H40 Lite HLTE230EDriver
Hisense H800TDriver
Hisense H910Driver
Hisense Hi 1 PRODriver
Hisense Hi 2Driver
Hisense HLTE500TDriver
Hisense HS L676Driver
Hisense HS L678Driver
Hisense HS-U606AEDriver
Hisense HS-U939Driver
Hisense HS-U970Driver
Hisense HS570Driver
Hisense I300TDriver
Hisense I630MDriver
Hisense I630TDriver
Hisense I630UDriver
Hisense I635TDriver
Hisense I639TDriver
Hisense InfinityDriver
Hisense Infinity E MaxDriver
Hisense Infinity E6Driver
Hisense Infinity E7Driver
Hisense Infinity E7 ProDriver
Hisense Infinity E30Driver
Hisense Infinity E30 Lite HLTE102EDriver
Hisense Infinity E30SE HLTE221EDriver
Hisense Infinity F17 PlusDriver
Hisense Infinity H11 HLTE300EDriver
Hisense Infinity H12 HLTE310EDriver
Hisense Infinity H30Driver
Hisense Infinity H30 LiteDriver
Hisense Infinity H30 Lite HLTE223EDriver
Hisense Infinity H40 HLTE321EDriver
Hisense Infinity H40 LiteDriver
Hisense Infinity H40 Rock HLTE226EDriver
Hisense Infinity H50 HLTE322EDriver
Hisense Infinity H60 LiteDriver
Hisense Infinity H60 ZoomDriver
Hisense Infinity U601Driver
Hisense King Kong 4Driver
Hisense King Kong 4 ProDriver
Hisense King Kong 6Driver
Hisense L636Driver
Hisense L637Driver
Hisense L671Driver
Hisense L671WDriver
Hisense L675Driver
Hisense L695WDriver
Hisense L751Driver
Hisense L752Driver
Hisense L760Driver
Hisense L761Driver
Hisense L762Driver
Hisense L810Driver
Hisense M10 MDriver
Hisense M20 MDriver
Hisense M20-TDriver
Hisense M30 MDriver
Hisense M36Driver
Hisense Q9Driver
Hisense Rock VDriver
Hisense T5Driver
Hisense T5 PlusDriver
Hisense T5sDriver
Hisense T818Driver
Hisense T820Driver
Hisense T830Driver
Hisense T909Driver
Hisense T912Driver
Hisense T929Driver
Hisense T930Driver
Hisense T930BDriver
Hisense T950Driver
Hisense T959Driver
Hisense T959SDriver
Hisense T959S1Driver
Hisense T96Driver
Hisense T960Driver
Hisense T963Driver
Hisense T965 MovistarDriver
Hisense T967Driver
Hisense T968SDriver
Hisense T970Driver
Hisense T978Driver
Hisense T980Driver
Hisense TG88Driver
Hisense U1 KS605Driver
Hisense U3 2021Driver
Hisense U3 KS964Driver
Hisense U8Driver
Hisense U9Driver
Hisense U30 HLTE106EDriver
Hisense U40 HLTE103EDriver
Hisense U40 LiteDriver
Hisense U50Driver
Hisense U50 4GDriver
Hisense U50 HLTE222EDriver
Hisense U50 LiteDriver
Hisense U601Driver
Hisense U602Driver
Hisense U605Driver
Hisense U608 Starshine 4Driver
Hisense U609Driver
Hisense U688Driver
Hisense U800E-1Driver
Hisense U820Driver
Hisense U850Driver
Hisense U850ADriver
Hisense U860Driver
Hisense U909Driver
Hisense U912Driver
Hisense U929Driver
Hisense U930Driver
Hisense U936Driver
Hisense U939Driver
Hisense U950Driver
Hisense U958Driver
Hisense U961Driver
Hisense U962Driver
Hisense U963Driver
Hisense U963 HLTE100EDriver
Hisense U964Driver
Hisense U965Driver
Hisense U965 4GDriver
Hisense U965 ATTDriver
Hisense U965 MTNDriver
Hisense U965 OrangeDriver
Hisense U965 VodacomDriver
Hisense U966Driver
Hisense U971Driver
Hisense U972Driver
Hisense U978Driver
Hisense U980Driver
Hisense U980BDriver
Hisense U988Driver
Hisense U989Driver
Hisense U989 ProDriver
Hisense V40 HLTE229EDriver
Hisense V40IDriver
Hisense V40SDriver
Hisense X1Driver
Hisense X5TDriver
Hisense X6CDriver
Hisense X6TDriver
Hisense X8CDriver
Hisense X8TDriver
Hisense Xiaohaitun 2 HLTEM800 L1448Driver


[*] Hisense Mobile Inc officially provides the above Hisense USB Drivers. If any of the above drivers did not work for you, then you can complain to Hisense Mobile Inc Officially or report to us using the comment box below.

[*] For Windows Computer Only: With the help of the above drivers, you can easily connect your Hisense Smartphones and Tablets to the Windows computer only.

[*] Hisense Stock Firmware: If you are looking for the original Stock Firmware, then head over to the Hisense Stock Firmware page.

[*] Request Driver: If you are looking for any specific driver that is not listed above, then you can request it through the comment box below (do not request driver from the contact page, or else it will be ignored).