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Updated on February 1, 2020

Framaroot Application is one of the best tool that allows you to root your android device running from android 2.3 to 4.2.2 in a single click. Here, we have managed to share all versions of Framaroot APK including the latest to the oldest.

download Framaroot Application apk

Features of Framaroot Application

One Click Root:

Framaroot is one of the oldest one click application that allows you to gain root access on your Android Device by installing Superuser and SuperSU on the device. It supports Android 2.3 to Android 4.2.2 only.

Multiple Exploits:

Framaroot comes with multiple exploits i.e Frodo, Aragorn, Legolas, Gandalf, Boromir, Pippin, Gollum, Faramir and Barahir. These exploits allows you to gain root access on your Android Device.

After installing the Framaroot Application on your Device, when you launch it you wont be able to see all the exploits. You will only see the list of exploits that are compatible with your device chipset. Like, if you have Mediatek Chipset device then you will be able to see Barahir Exploit as it supports the Mediatek Chipset.

Quick Unroot:

Framaroot Also supports One Click Unroot. Simply Launch the application and under the Dropdown menu Select Unroot. Then again you will be able to see few exploits that allows you to unroot your device.

Download Framaroot Application

Framaroot v1.4.1

Framaroot v1.4.2

Framaroot v1.4.3

Framaroot v1.5.0

Framaroot v1.5.1

Framaroot v1.5.2

Framaroot v1.5.3

Framaroot v1.6.0

Framaroot v1.6.1

Framaroot v1.7.0

Framaroot v1.7.1

Framaroot v1.8.0

Framaroot v1.8.1

Framaroot v1.9.0

Framaroot v1.9.1

Framaroot v1.9.2

Framaroot v1.9.3 – latest

Readme Once:

[*] Supports: Framaroot supports Android 2.3 to Android 4.2.2 only. It doesnt support Android 4.3, 4.4, 5.0, 5.1 and Android 6. So, dont bug me that Framaroot doesnt worked for your device.

[*] Warranty Void: Rooting your Android device with Framaroot Application will void your device warranty. So, Beware about your steps.

[*] Root Android 4.3 to 5.1: If you want to root any Android device running on Android 4.3 to 5.1 then prefer Kingroot Application.

[*] Credits: Framaroot Application is created by Alephzain (XDA Developer). So, full credit goes to him for the application.

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