Download BQ USB Driver for Windows

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BQ USB Driver allows you to connect your BQ Smartphone and tablet to the computer without the need of installing any software.

It also allows you to flash or install BQ Stock Firmware on your BQ Device using the preloader drivers. Here on this page, we have shared the official BQ USB Driver for all BQ devices.

BQ USB Driver

Download BQ Mobile Driver

Model NameDownload
BQ 1051GDriver
BQ 1057L PassionDriver
BQ 5005LDriver
BQ 5007LDriver
BQ 5057Driver
BQ 5507LDriver
BQ 5515LDriver
BQ 5516LDriver
BQ 5519G JeansDriver
BQ 5565L FestDriver
BQ 7056GDriver
BQ 7061GDriver
BQ Aquaris A4.5Driver
BQ Aquaris E4Driver
BQ Aquaris E5 FHDDriver
BQ Aquaris E5 HDDriver
BQ Aquaris E5sDriver
BQ Aquaris M4.5Driver
BQ Aquaris M5Driver
BQ Aquaris M5.5Driver
BQ Aquaris M10Driver
BQ Aquaris Q6Driver
BQ Aquaris Q8Driver
BQ Aquaris UDriver
BQ Aquaris U LiteDriver
BQ Aquaris U PlusDriver
BQ Aquaris U2Driver
BQ Aquaris U2 LiteDriver
BQ Aquaris VDriver
BQ Aquaris V PlusDriver
BQ Aquaris VSDriver
BQ Aquaris VS PlusDriver
BQ Aquaris W70Driver
BQ Aquaris XDriver
BQ Aquaris X ProDriver
BQ Aquaris X2Driver
BQ Aquaris X2 ProDriver
BQ Aquaris X5Driver
BQ Aquaris X5 PlusDriver
BQ Bliss 5511LDriver
BQ BQ-5201Driver
BQ BQ-5594Driver
BQ BQ-6015LDriver
BQ BQ-6016L MercuryDriver
BQ BQ-6200L AuroraDriver
BQ BQ-8005GDriver
BQ BQS-4501Driver
BQ BQS-4510Driver
BQ BQS-4570Driver
BQ BQS-5007Driver
BQ BQS-5025Driver
BQ E1Driver
BQ E2Driver
BQ E3Driver
BQ F100Driver
BQ Florence BQS 4510Driver
BQ Hornet Max BQ-1084LDriver
BQ i90Driver
BQ Mobile Armor Pro BQ-1082GDriver
BQ Mobile Beijing BQ-1404Driver
BQ Mobile Bern BQ-1409Driver
BQ Mobile Bond BQ-5022Driver
BQ Mobile BQ-1020LDriver
BQ Mobile BQ-1045G OrionDriver
BQ Mobile BQ-1083G Armor Pro PlusDriver
BQ Mobile BQ-1084L Hornet MaxDriver
BQ Mobile BQ-1085L Hornet Max ProDriver
BQ Mobile BQ-1151Driver
BQ Mobile BQ-1151GDriver
BQ Mobile BQ-2812 Quattro PowerDriver
BQ Mobile BQ-4001G CoolDriver
BQ Mobile BQ-4028Driver
BQ Mobile BQ-4030GDriver
BQ Mobile BQ-4030G Nice MiniDriver
BQ Mobile BQ-5004G FoxDriver
BQ Mobile BQ-5009LDriver
BQ Mobile BQ-5010G SpotDriver
BQ Mobile BQ-5011G Fox ViewDriver
BQ Mobile BQ-5012LDriver
BQ Mobile BQ-5015L FirstDriver
BQ Mobile BQ-5016GDriver
BQ Mobile BQ-5020 Strike SEDriver
BQ Mobile BQ-5031GDriver
BQ Mobile BQ-5044 Strike LTEDriver
BQ Mobile BQ-5045 WalletDriver
BQ Mobile BQ-5046L Choice LTEDriver
BQ Mobile BQ-5047LDriver
BQ Mobile BQ-5057 Strike 2Driver
BQ Mobile BQ-5058Driver
BQ Mobile BQ-5203 VisionDriver
BQ Mobile BQ-5204Driver
BQ Mobile BQ-5302G Velvet 2Driver
BQ Mobile BQ-5340 ChoiceDriver
BQ Mobile BQ-5500L AdvanceDriver
BQ Mobile BQ-5517LDriver
BQ Mobile BQ-5518G JeansDriver
BQ Mobile BQ-5519L Fast PlusDriver
BQ Mobile BQ-5521L Rich MaxDriver
BQ Mobile BQ-5528LDriver
BQ Mobile BQ-5528L Strike ForwardDriver
BQ Mobile BQ-5535L Strike Power PlusDriver
BQ Mobile BQ-5560L TrendDriver
BQ Mobile BQ-5730LDriver
BQ Mobile BQ-5730L Magic CDriver
BQ Mobile BQ-5740GDriver
BQ Mobile BQ-5765L CleverDriver
BQ Mobile BQ-6010G PracticDriver
BQ Mobile BQ-6022GDriver
BQ Mobile BQ-6030G PracticDriver
BQ Mobile BQ-6035L Strike Power MaxDriver
BQ Mobile BQ-6040L MagicDriver
BQ Mobile BQ-6042L Magic EDriver
BQ Mobile BQ-6045LDriver
BQ Mobile BQ-6061L SlimDriver
BQ Mobile BQ-6353L JoyDriver
BQ Mobile BQ-6424LDriver
BQ Mobile BQ-6430LDriver
BQ Mobile BQ-6430L AuroraDriver
BQ Mobile BQ-6630L Magic LDriver
BQ Mobile BQ-6645LDriver
BQ Mobile BQ-7000G CharmDriver
BQ Mobile BQ-7036L HornetDriver
BQ Mobile BQ-7082GDriver
BQ Mobile BQ-7098G Armor PowerDriver
BQ Mobile BQ-8067L Hornet PlusDriver
BQ Mobile BQ-8068LDriver
BQ Mobile BQ-8068L Hornet Plus ProDriver
BQ Mobile BQ-9011G VisionDriver
BQ Mobile BQ-9050GDriver
BQ Mobile BQ S37 PlusDriver
BQ Mobile BQS-4010Driver
BQ Mobile BQS-5050 Strike SelfieDriver
BQ Mobile BQS-5055 TurboDriver
BQ Mobile BQS-5070 MagicDriver
BQ Mobile Capri BQ-1403Driver
BQ Mobile Hornet Max Pro BQ-1085LDriver
BQ Mobile Lyon BQ-1402Driver
BQ Mobile Monza BQ-1401Driver
BQ Mobile Nano BQ-1411Driver
BQ Mobile Phoenix BQ-1405Driver
BQ Mobile Shark Rush BQ-5541LDriver
BQ Mobile Space Lite BQ-5202Driver
BQ Mobile Start BQ-1413Driver
BQ Mobile Vitre BQ-1406Driver
BQ N2Driver
BQ S35Driver
BQ S36Driver
BQ S37Driver
BQ S38Driver
BQ S39Driver
BQ S40Driver
BQ S50Driver
BQ S60Driver
BQ Strike 5211Driver
BQ Strike A10Driver
BQ Strike A11Driver
BQ Strike A12Driver
BQ Strike A20Driver
BQ Strike A30Driver
BQ Strike F10Driver
BQ Strike F11Driver
BQ Strike F30Driver
BQ Strike M30Driver
BQ Strike P10Driver
BQ Strike R30Driver
BQ Strike S10Driver
BQ Strike S20Driver


[*] The above drivers are officially provided by BQ Mobile Inc. If in case any of the above drivers did not work for you, then you can complain to BQ Mobile Inc Officially or report to us using the comment box below.

[*] For Windows Computer Only: With the help of the above drivers, you can easily connect your BQ smartphone and tablets to the Windows computer only.

[*] BQ Stock Firmware: If you are looking for the original Stock Firmware, then head over to the BQ Stock Firmware page.

[*] Request Driver: If you are looking for any specific driver that is not listed above, then you can request it through the comment box below (do not request driver from the contact page, or else it will be ignored).