Download BLU USB Drivers

Updated on June 30, 2020

BLU USB DriversBLU USB Drivers allows you to connect your BLU Smartphone and Tablets to the computer without the need of any software.

It also allows you to Flash BLU Stock Firmware on your BLU Device using the preloader drivers. Here on this page, we have managed to share the official BLU USB Driver for all BLU devices.

Download Blu USB Driver for all Models

Model NameDownload
Blu A110Driver
Blu Advance 4.0Driver
Blu Advance 4.0 A270aDriver
Blu Advance 4.0 LDriver
Blu Advance 4.0 L2Driver
Blu Advance 4.0 L3Driver
Blu Advance 4.0MDriver
Blu Advance 4M A090Driver
Blu Advance 5.0Driver
Blu Advance 5.0 HDDriver
Blu Advance 5.0 HD A050UDriver
Blu Advance 5.2 A230QDriver
Blu Advance 5.2 HD A290QDriver
Blu Advance 5.5 HD A070UDriver
Blu Advance A6 (2018)Driver
Blu Advance A6 A190PDriver
Blu AmourDriver
Blu Aria T174Driver
Blu B309ADriver
Blu C4Driver
Blu C5Driver
Blu C5 (2017)Driver
Blu C5 LteDriver
Blu C5LDriver
Blu C5XDriver
Blu C5X C0010LLDriver
Blu C6Driver
Blu C6L C0030Driver
Blu C6L C0300UUDriver
Blu C110Driver
Blu D534LDriver
Blu D600Driver
Blu DashDriver
Blu Dash 3.2Driver
Blu Dash 3.5Driver
Blu Dash 3.5 D160Driver
Blu Dash 3.5 D343LDriver
Blu Dash 4.0Driver
Blu Dash 4.5Driver
Blu Dash 4.5 (2016)Driver
Blu Dash 5.0Driver
Blu Dash 5.5 D470UDriver
Blu Dash C MusicDriver
Blu Dash GDriver
Blu Dash G D490LDriver
Blu Dash JRDriver
Blu Dash JR D140Driver
Blu Dash JR TVDriver
Blu Dash LDriver
Blu Dash L A050UDriver
Blu Dash L2Driver
Blu Dash L2 D251LDriver
Blu Dash L3Driver
Blu Dash L3 D931Driver
Blu Dash L4Driver
Blu Dash L4 LTEDriver
Blu Dash L5 LTEDriver
Blu Dash MDriver
Blu Dash M2Driver
Blu Dash M2 D090LDriver
Blu Dash M2 D090UDriver
Blu Dash MusicDriver
Blu Dash Music 2Driver
Blu Dash Music 4.0Driver
Blu Dash Music 4.5Driver
Blu Dash Music JRDriver
Blu Dash Play Mini L190aDriver
Blu Dash XDriver
Blu Dash X LTEDriver
Blu Dash X PlusDriver
Blu Dash X Plus LTEDriver
Blu Dash X2Driver
Blu Dash X2 D110LDriver
Blu Dash XLDriver
Blu Dash XL D710UDriver
Blu Diamond MDriver
Blu Diamond M D210LDriver
Blu E150QDriver
Blu Elite 3.8Driver
Blu Energy DiamondDriver
Blu Energy Diamond MiniDriver
Blu Energy JRDriver
Blu Energy JR E070Driver
Blu Energy MDriver
Blu Energy M E110LDriver
Blu Energy XDriver
Blu Energy X LTEDriver
Blu Energy X LTE E0010UUDriver
Blu Energy X PlusDriver
Blu Energy X Plus 2Driver
Blu Energy X2Driver
Blu Energy XLDriver
Blu G HD LTE S0250UUDriver
Blu G0010WWDriver
Blu G070Driver
Blu G5Driver
Blu G5 PlusDriver
Blu G6Driver
Blu G8Driver
Blu G9Driver
Blu G9 Pro G0230WWDriver
BLU G90Driver
Blu G150Driver
Blu G170QDriver
Blu Grand 5.5 HDDriver
Blu Grand 5.5 HD G030UDriver
Blu Grand 5.5 HD IIDriver
Blu Grand MDriver
Blu Grand M G070EQDriver
Blu Grand M2Driver
Blu Grand M2 G290QDriver
Blu Grand M2 LTEDriver
Blu Grand M3Driver
Blu Grand M3 G0070WWDriver
Blu Grand M3 G00710WWDriver
Blu Grand Max G110Driver
Blu Grand MiniDriver
Blu Grand XDriver
Blu Grand X G090Driver
Blu Grand X LTEDriver
Blu Grand XL LTEDriver
Blu J6Driver
Blu L220BDriver
Blu Life 8Driver
Blu Life 8 XLDriver
Blu Life 8 XL L290LDriver
Blu Life MarkDriver
Blu Life MaxDriver
Blu Life Max L0110UUDriver
Blu Life OneDriver
Blu Life One (2015)Driver
Blu Life One MDriver
Blu Life One XDriver
Blu Life One X (2016)Driver
Blu Life One X2Driver
Blu Life One X2 L0091UUDriver
Blu Life One X3Driver
Blu Life One XLDriver
Blu Life One XL X030QDriver
Blu Life PlayDriver
Blu Life Play 2 L170aDriver
Blu Life Play 2 L170iDriver
Blu Life Play MiniDriver
Blu Life Play SDriver
Blu Life Play S L150LDriver
Blu Life Play S L150UDriver
Blu Life Play XDriver
Blu Life ProDriver
Blu Life PureDriver
Blu Life Pure MiniDriver
Blu Life Pure XLDriver
Blu Life ViewDriver
Blu Life View 8.0Driver
Blu Life View TabDriver
Blu Life X8Driver
Blu Life XLDriver
Blu Life XL L050UDriver
Blu MagicDriver
Blu Mix X PlusDriver
Blu N070Driver
Blu N150Driver
Blu Neo 3.5Driver
Blu Neo 4.5Driver
Blu Neo 5.5Driver
Blu Neo Energy MiniDriver
Blu Neo Energy Mini N130Driver
Blu Neo Energy Mini N130UDriver
Blu Neo XDriver
Blu Neo X LTEDriver
Blu Neo X LTE N00110UUDriver
Blu Neo X MiniDriver
Blu Neo X Mini N150UDriver
Blu Neo X N071Driver
Blu Neo X N071LDriver
Blu Neo X PlusDriver
Blu Neo XLDriver
Blu P60WDriver
Blu P200Driver
Blu P200iDriver
Blu P270LDriver
Blu P271LDriver
Blu Pure ViewDriver
Blu Pure XLDriver
Blu Pure XRDriver
Blu Pure XR P0030UUDriver
Blu Quattro 4.5Driver
Blu Quattro 4.5 HDDriver
Blu Quattro 5.7 HDDriver
Blu R0051UUDriver
Blu R010PDriver
Blu R1 HDDriver
Blu R1 HD R0010UUDriver
Blu R1 HD R0030UUDriver
Blu R2Driver
Blu R2 LTEDriver
Blu R2 LTE R0150EEDriver
Blu R2 LTE R0170WWDriver
Blu R2 PlusDriver
Blu R2 R010PDriver
Blu S1Driver
Blu S5Driver
Blu S110LDriver
Blu S110UDriver
Blu S390UDriver
Blu S550QDriver
Blu S590QDriver
Blu S610PDriver
Blu S650PDriver
Blu SelfieDriver
Blu Selfie S470IDriver
Blu Selfie V030LDriver
Blu Sport 4.5Driver
Blu Star 4.5 S450LDriver
Blu Star 4.5 S450ULDriver
Blu Studio 5.0Driver
Blu Studio 5.0 CDriver
Blu Studio 5.0 C D536LDriver
Blu Studio 5.0 C HDDriver
Blu Studio 5.0 CEDriver
Blu Studio 5.0 EDriver
Blu Studio 5.0 HD LTEDriver
Blu Studio 5.0 HD LTE Y534QDriver
Blu Studio 5.0 IIDriver
Blu Studio 5.0 LTEDriver
Blu Studio 5.0 SDriver
Blu Studio 5.0 S IIDriver
Blu Studio 5.0 S II D572iDriver
Blu Studio 5.3Driver
Blu Studio 5.3 IIDriver
Blu Studio 5.3 SDriver
Blu Studio 5.5Driver
Blu Studio 5.5 HDDriver
Blu Studio 5.5 SDriver
Blu Studio 5.5CDriver
Blu Studio 6.0 HDDriver
Blu Studio 6.0 LTEDriver
Blu Studio 6.0 LTE Y650QDriver
Blu Studio 7.0Driver
Blu Studio 7.0 IIDriver
Blu Studio 7.0 LTEDriver
Blu Studio 7.0 LTE S0010UUDriver
Blu Studio CDriver
Blu Studio C 5 + 5Driver
Blu Studio C 5 + 5 LTEDriver
Blu Studio C 5.0 D830UDriver
Blu Studio C 5+5 D890UDriver
Blu Studio C 8+8Driver
Blu Studio C 8+8 LTEDriver
Blu Studio C 8+8 S0170UUDriver
Blu Studio C HDDriver
Blu Studio C MiniDriver
Blu Studio C Mini D670UDriver
Blu Studio C Super CameraDriver
Blu Studio EnergyDriver
Blu Studio Energy 2Driver
Blu Studio GDriver
Blu Studio G HDDriver
Blu Studio G HD LTEDriver
Blu Studio G HD LTE S0250UUDriver
Blu Studio G HD S170LDriver
Blu Studio G LTEDriver
Blu Studio G MaxDriver
Blu Studio G MiniDriver
Blu Studio G PlusDriver
Blu Studio G Plus HDDriver
Blu Studio G Plus HD S030QDriver
Blu Studio G2Driver
Blu Studio G2 HDDriver
Blu Studio G3Driver
Blu Studio G4Driver
Blu Studio GD790QDriver
Blu Studio J1 S050QDriver
Blu Studio J1 S051QDriver
Blu Studio J2 A150QDriver
Blu Studio J5Driver
Blu Studio J8Driver
Blu Studio J8 LTEDriver
Blu Studio J8M LTEDriver
Blu Studio M HDDriver
Blu Studio M LTEDriver
Blu Studio M LTE S0230UUDriver
Blu Studio M4Driver
Blu Studio M6 S730PDriver
Blu Studio MaxDriver
Blu Studio Mini LTEDriver
Blu Studio OneDriver
Blu Studio One PlusDriver
Blu Studio ProDriver
Blu Studio Selfie 2Driver
Blu Studio Selfie S0070UUDriver
Blu Studio TouchDriver
Blu Studio Touch S0210UUDriver
Blu Studio ViewDriver
Blu Studio View XLDriver
Blu Studio View XL S790Driver
Blu Studio XDriver
Blu Studio X MiniDriver
Blu Studio X PlusDriver
Blu Studio X Plus J610Driver
Blu Studio X Plus J6010Driver
Blu Studio X8 HDDriver
Blu Studio XLDriver
Blu Studio XL LTE S0190UUDriver
Blu Studio XL2Driver
Blu Studio XL2 S0270UUDriver
Blu T0010UUDriver
Blu T470Driver
Blu TangoDriver
Blu Tank 4.5Driver
Blu Tank Xtreme 4.0Driver
Blu Tank Xtreme 5.0Driver
Blu Tank Xtreme ProDriver
Blu Touch Book 7.0Driver
Blu Touch Book 7.0 LiteDriver
Blu Touch Book 7.0 Lite P50Driver
Blu Touch Book 7.0 PlusDriver
Blu Touch Book 9.7Driver
Blu Touch Book M7Driver
Blu Touchbook 8.0 P220Driver
Blu Touchbook G7Driver
Blu Touchbook M7 P271LDriver
Blu Touchbook M7 Pro P290LDriver
Blu U851Driver
Blu V0090EEDriver
Blu V0090LLDriver
Blu V050Driver
Blu V051Driver
Blu V303XDriver
Blu View 1 B100DLDriver
Blu Vivo 4.3Driver
Blu Vivo 4.65 HDDriver
Blu Vivo 4.8 HDDriver
Blu Vivo 5Driver
Blu Vivo 5 MiniDriver
Blu Vivo 5 Mini S4033Driver
Blu Vivo 5 Mini V050EQDriver
Blu Vivo 5 V0050UUDriver
Blu Vivo 5RDriver
Blu Vivo 5R V0090EEDriver
Blu Vivo 5R V0090UUDriver
Blu Vivo 6Driver
Blu Vivo 8Driver
Blu Vivo 8 V0150LLDriver
Blu Vivo 8 V0150UUDriver
Blu Vivo 8L V0190UUDriver
Blu Vivo AirDriver
Blu Vivo Air LTEDriver
Blu Vivo Air LTE V0010UUDriver
Blu Vivo Go V0390WWDriver
Blu Vivo IVDriver
Blu Vivo OneDriver
Blu Vivo One PlusDriver
Blu Vivo One Plus 2019Driver
Blu Vivo One Plus V0290WWDriver
Blu Vivo S V0160WWDriver
Blu Vivo SelfieDriver
Blu Vivo XDriver
Blu Vivo X V0230WWDriver
Blu Vivo X5Driver
Blu Vivo XIDriver
Blu Vivo XI PlusDriver
Blu Vivo XI Plus V0310WWDriver
Blu Vivo XLDriver
Blu Vivo XL PlusDriver
Blu Vivo XL2Driver
Blu Vivo XL2 V0070UUDriver
Blu Vivo XL3Driver
Blu Vivo XL3 PlusDriver
Blu Vivo XL4Driver
Blu Vivo XL5Driver
Blu X LinkDriver
Blu X8 HD S530Driver
Blu Z3 Music Z150Driver
Blu Z3 Zoey Z090Driver
Blu Z4 Z192Driver
Blu Z5 Z210Driver
Blu Z5 Z211Driver
Blu Z5 Z212Driver
Blu Z110Driver
Blu Z213Driver
Blu Zoey 2.4 Z070LDriver
Blu Zoey Flex 3G Z170LDriver
Blu Zoey Flex Z130Driver
Blu Zoey Flex Z131Driver
Blu Zoey Smart Z230LDriver

Readme Once:

[*] The above drivers are officially provided by BLU Mobile Inc. If in case any of the above drivers did not work for you, then you can complain to BLU Mobile Inc Officially or report to us using the comment box below.

[*] For Windows Computer Only: With the help of the above drivers, you can easily connect your BLU smartphone and tablets to the Windows computer only.

[*] BLU Stock Firmware: If you are looking for the original Stock Firmware, then head over to the BLU Stock Firmware page.

[*] Request Driver: If you are looking for any specific driver that is not listed above, then you can request it through the comment box below (do not request driver from the contact page or else it will be ignored).

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