How to disable camera sound on any Huawei Smartphone

Updated on October 1, 2019

These are the instructions to disable camera sound on any Huawei Smartphone by renaming the shutter sound file.

Requirements: Your Huawei Smartphone should be rooted and have at least 10-20 percent of battery to perform the trick.

Disable camera sound on any Huawei Smartphone

Step 1: Root your Huawei Smartphone. In case your Huawei Smartphone is already rooted then skip this step.

Step 2: Download and install Root Browser Application on your Smartphone.

Root Browser Installed on Huawei Smartphone

Step 3: Open Root Browser Application on your Huawei Smartphone. Once Root Browser Application is launched you will be able to see the following screen:

RootBrowser Launched on Huawei Smartphone

Step 4: In Root Browser, Open System > Media > Audio > UI Folder.

RootBrowser Huawei System Folder RootBrowser Huawei Media Folder RootBrowser Huawei Audio Folder

Step 5: Once you reached in the UI folder, Long Tap on the Camera_shutter.ogg file.

Select Camera-shutter.ogg

Step 6: Now, Select Rename option.

Huawei Camera_shutter.ogg Rename

Step 7: Now rename Camera_shutter.ogg as Camera_shutter.ogg.old.

Huawei Camera_shutter.ogg Renamed

Step 8: Now, Root Browser will ask for the SuperSU permission. Tap on the Grant Button to continue.

Rootbrowser SuperSU permission

Step 9: Now you will be able to see the Camera_shutter.ogg file is renamed as Camera_shutter.ogg.old.

huawei camera_shutter.ogg renamed

Step 10: Now restart your Huawei Smartphone.

Step 11: Now Open Camera and try to take picture. Now you will not hear the annoying Camera sound anymore. Congratulations.

Readme Once:

[*] Dont get Confused: In case you find Shutter.ogg or Shutter_multiple.ogg instead of camera_shutter.ogg then also rename it as Shutter.ogg.old or Shutter_multiple.ogg.old.

[*] Device should be rooted: Your Huawei smartphone should be rooted to rename the Camera Shutter Sound. There is no other method available to rename the camera Sound without rooting the device.

[*] Reversible Process: If you need the camera sound then again do the same procedure and rename the Camera_shutter.ogg.old to Camera_shutter.ogg, it will bring back the camera sound.

[*] Huawei Stock Firmware: If you are looking for the Original Stock Firmware then head over to the Download Huawei Stock Firmware Page.

[*] Huawei USB Driver: If you are looking for the Original USB Driver then head over to the Download Huawei USB Driver Page.

[*] Do not delete: Please do not delete the camera_shutter.ogg or any shutter sound from the UI folder as because it will help you to get back the camera sound whenever you want.

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